Frighteningly good ways to celebrate Halloween at home

Worried this October 31 will be a ghost of Halloweens past, with your usual trick or treating or party cancelled? If you’re (blood-)thirsty for a spooktacular celebration, ditch the tricks and give your household a treat with these skele-fun baking ideas! This year the celebration falls on a Saturday, so you can make a whole weekend of it!

Vampire breakfasts

  • Spooky pancakes: Give your pancakes or fluffy American pancakes stalks so they looks like pumpkins, and decorate them with a chocolate sauce cobweb or spider shapes.
  • Use pumpkin flesh (or any squash) to make Halloween waffles. You don’t even need a waffle iron, just a griddle pan! #squashgoals
  • Put pumpkin spice in all sorts of breakfast favourites, from the top of your coffee to fragrant porridge and pancakes. If you want to make your own, mix together 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon with ½ teaspoon each of ginger, allspice, ground cloves and grated nutmeg (but surprisingly no pumpkin!).

Have a household Halloween party

Scary Halloween cookies

Trick or treating and big parties may be off, but there are fang-tastic activities to do in the comfort of your own home.

  • Who said treasure hunts were just for Easter? Plan one for kids, but with Halloween cookie mummies instead of bunnies.

  • Try a Halloween cocktail or mocktail. We’ve got a wicked mocktail for kids and boozy ones for adults!

  • Have a toffee apple party. You might not be bobbing for them with friends this year, but you can still eat one! Get a selection of toppings so everyone can make their own piece of edible art.

  • Be a lazy bones and have a movie night with Halloween party food. There are plenty of Halloween programmes to choose from on CBBC, or for adults iPlayer has some epic horror choices – you won’t even have to share the food with a crowd!

  • Make a ghoulish dinner for the kids, with spaghetti worms and zombie eyes (green dyed eggs). Nigella's squash and sweet potato curry with black rice, or Nadiya's blended purple beetroot pasta, scream Halloween for a grown-up meal.

Spook up your cake

Cobweb cake

Put edible eyes and gummy worms on everything, from cakes, cookies and brownies to sausage roll mummies. Custard creams make great tombstones, and you can create cobwebs from melted marshmallows – click the cobweb cake above for a video showing how it’s done!

Transform cake into a ghoulish treat with orange, green, purple and black food colouring. Make spooky decorations for a Halloween cake or Halloween cupcakes. Lay a sheet of fondant over your cake for a simple ghost cake. If you’ve found the perfect frightful Halloween design on the internet, use our sponge cake calculator to make the cake size you want. MUAHAHA.

Halloween cupcakes

The trick is to treat yourself

Make the fudge, chocolates, cake or biscuits of your dreams / nightmares. If you’re really nice, you can drop a little bag of the goodies to friends and neighbours too. Much like a reverse trick or treat, ‘ghosting’ or ‘boo-baskets’ for ghoulfriends will be all the rage in 2020. You can still dress up to deliver them!

Homemade sweets