We know what festival food you should recreate at home

Whether you’re more likely to be found eating jerk jackfruit at Glastonbury, tucking into a burger at Leeds or drinking Pimm’s at Glyndebourne, we think we know more about your festival food favourites than you’d imagine.

For festival fans, this summer will be like no other. With mass gatherings unlikely to go ahead, we’ll have to create all the fun of the festival at home. Although we’ll massively miss discovering our new favourite food truck while a band plays in the background, there are some perks to the situation:

  • You don’t have to queue for food
  • If your meal’s not quite what you expected, you can season it or add toppings without any fuss
  • If you want seconds, you don’t have to trudge back across a muddy field
  • If you go to bed hungry, you can get up and go to the kitchen for a late-night snack – no tripping over guy ropes here.

So now you’re feeling inspired to create a festival feast at home, there’s one major question looming: what to make? We’ve created a personality quiz that will deliver the perfect festival recipes for you based on your answers. It’s all highly scientific*, of course.

So go on, see whether you’re a loaded fries or Goan fish curry, cinnamon doughnuts or caramel and banana pancakes, gin-and-tonic granita or Pimm’s lolly, type of person.

*By which we mean absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever. But it’s fun right?