The snack hack that could save you £400

So you’ve done the right thing. You’ve swapped your sugar-laden chocolate bar for a healthier fruit and/or nut option, but at what cost?

It’s not uncommon for a single energy bar or ball to cost in the region of £1.80 for 40 grams. If you’re grabbing one as a healthy afternoon snack five days a week, that quickly adds up to £468 a year!

The healthy snack bar market is booming. In 2017 it was valued at £365 million, growing by 1.5 percent in a year.

This growth is not surprising when you look around the impulse-buy section of supermarkets. Just by the tills, next to the crisps, you’ll often see energy balls, protein bars and ‘raw’ health food bars in their bright packaging.

Yes, they are generally better for you than a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, but can you really afford to spend so much on snacks? Invest in bags of dates, nuts, oats and seeds and in just 10 minutes you could make your own energy balls or raw brownies for as little as 26p for a 40g portion. That could save you just over £400 a year.

See our Eat Well For Less video below to find out how to make your own fruit and nut snacks and save cash!

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