Graham King
Graham King


Producer Graham King has lived and worked in Hollywood for over 20 years. He spent five years learning the ropes at 20th Century Fox in the early 80s before moving on to an LA sales company, Cori Films. It was only after forming his own company, Initial Entertainment Group, that he started producing movies, however. The little-known kids' pic Ping! (with, ahem, Judge Reinhold) was followed by the Oscar-winning Steven Soderbergh drugs drama Traffic.

Now he works with some of Hollywood's major players, including directors Michael Mann (Ali) and Martin Scorsese (Gangs Of New York, The Aviator), and A-list stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Nicole Kidman (he has production deals with all three). Currently producing The Departed (again with Scorsese), he's hoping to return to the UK in 2006 with his remake of the 60s Michael Caine crime comedy Gambit.


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