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Bhagam Bhag (2006)

With films like Hera Pheri and Garam Masala behind him, Priyadarshan does indeed have a good track record for comedy. However, Bhagam Bhag draws on a now staid formula. Akshay Kumar is teamed up with Govinda as they take a travelling theatre troupe to London. With too many characters, much buffoonery and a convoluted plot, Bhagam Bhag is a tedious comedy of errors with a dubious thriller sub-plot. An almighty waste of time.

Bunty (Akshay Kumar) and Babla (Govinda) work in a theatre company run by Chaturvedi (Paresh Rawal). So impressed by their performance, Taneja (Asrani) invites them to bring their show to London. However, when the heroine (Tanushree Dutta) quits the show, the troupe, are left without a leading lady. Their quest for a replacement in London sees the bumbling characters unwittingly embroiled in a series of misadventures that result in mayhem and murder.


Clearly on the comeback trail, Govinda plays second fiddle to Priyadarshan protégé, Akshay Kumar. It’s clearly Kumar’s film and while he dominates the frame, Govinda is afforded some of the film’s funnier sequences. But that’s not saying a lot. The humour is of the slapstick variety and while there is apparently an audience for such escapist fare, Bhagam Bhag is ultimately a hotchpotch of lame gags and bad acting. Lara Dutta should have known better, while Tanushree Dutta is clearly grateful for any role she can get.

When the high points of a film are Lara’s wardrobe and the oft-featured tourist sights of London, there’s clearly not a lot to recommend it. This film will have you running out of cinemas.

End Credits

Director: Priyadarshan

Writer: Poonam Joshi

Stars: Akshay Kumar, Govinda , Lara Dutta, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Tanushree Dutta

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy

Length: 157 minutes

Cinema: 22 December 2006

Country: UK

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