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Naksha (2006)
12aContains moderate fantasy violence

In Naksha Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi and Sameera Reddy embark on a perilous quest to discover the hidden truth behind an ancient map. Director Sachin Bajaj boldly attempts to bring an Indiana Jones style adventure to the masses, but with jarring action sequences and a tedious plot, Naksha is a feeble imitation. Uninspiring dialogue and hammy performances abound, and when the three leads join in an impromptu song and dance number with a tribe of pygmies, there's little hope of redemption.

The plot finds our hero Vicky stumbling upon a map, which, 20 years earlier, his father had attempted to destroy before his untimely death. But don't be fooled by the glossy Sahara-inspired poster: the action sequences here are not nearly death-defying enough to evoke edge of the seat anticipation and the humour is distinctly lacking.

While there is something in the dynamic between Oberoi and Deol, this probably stems from the fact that Deol is intensely likeable, particularly when placed next to the inexplicably irritating Oberoi, who is hammy, even by Bollywood's standards. Reddy's participation in the stunt sequences meanwhile, is eclipsed by her evident commitment to looking good in a dress.


The filmmakers should be applauded for daring to dabble in the adventure genre so rarely attempted in Indian cinema and there’s a good deal of ingenuity in the allusions to Indian mythology. But the vacuous plot renders Naksha little more than a superfluous jaunt through the jungle with dancing pygmies in tow. While searching for the Naksha, they truly lost the plot with this one.

In Hindi.

End Credits

Director: Sachin Bajaj

Writer: Milap Zaveri, Tushar Hiranandani

Stars: Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Jackie Shroff, Sameera Reddy, Mridula Chandrashekhar, Sudarshan Sharda, Suhasini Mulay, Navni Parihar

Genre: Bollywood, Action

Length: 122 minutes

Cinema: 08 September 2006

Country: India

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