BBC Philharmonic
13 Nov 2015, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
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BBC Philharmonic 2015-16 Season Bernstein: Power and Peace

BBC Philharmonic
Bernstein: Power and Peace
19:30 Fri 13 Nov 2015 Main Auditorium
Yutaka Sado conducts Bernstein, Mozart and Schumann
Yutaka Sado conducts Bernstein, Mozart and Schumann



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Leonard Bernstein was a composer at the crossroads of the 20th century – and when he conducted his Jeremiah symphony for the first time in 1944, it got the whole of the USA talking.

It’s just as powerful today: and guest conductor Yutaka Sado, a graduate of Bernstein’s Pacific Music Festival, feels passionately about it. It’s an unforgettable start to a concert of Bernstein’s favourite works. Schumann’s Second Symphony is all about romance, full of darkness, light and secret messages to Schumann’s beloved Clara: Sado will wear its heart very much on his sleeve. In between, Ronald Brautigam brings all his flair for 18th century music to one of Mozart’s most deliciously playful concertos. Mozart loved this piece so much that he taught his pet starling to whistle the tune!