BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
9 May 2014, St Andrew’s in the Square, Glasgow
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Tectonics 2014 Opening Night Concert

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Opening Night Concert
Fri 9 May 2014 St Andrew's in the Square
Tectonics Glasgow 2014 opens with an evening of short pieces.
Tectonics Glasgow 2014 opens with an evening of short pieces.

Concert Information

Part 1

Tectonics Glasgow 2014 opens with an evening of short pieces that encompass composition, collaboration, improvisation and movement. Featuring many of the weekend’s composers and performers and special guests. Produced by AC Projects with the BBC SSO.

Bill Wells and members of the
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Scotland’s jazz iconoclast opens the festival with a new arrangement of his recent work, Summer Dreams, commissioned by AC Projects for the Otoasobi Project, and here accompanied by players from the BBC SSO and his fellow National Jazz Trio of Scotland collaborator Aby Vulliamy.

Klaus Lang
The Austrian composer and performer with an extract from Ugly House, his solo work for harmonium.

Jer Reid and Solène Weinachter
[Collective Endeavours]
‘Fracking’. The performer and composer continues his work with dancer Solène Weinachter (as Collective Endeavours) in co-creating this new dance/music piece.

Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir plays Persona by Þráinn Hjálmarsson.

Pile of Fourths with Pitchbends
A simultaneous performance of two works by David Behrman with members of the BBC SSO, together with Catherine Lamb, Marcus Weiss, Bill Wells and Aby Vulliamy.

Weiss plays Tenney
Virtuoso saxophonist Marcus Weiss plays Saxony by James Tenney.

Part 2

Christian Wolff
The composer, who turns 80 this year, playing a selection from his Keyboard Miscellany.

Richard Youngs – solo voice
A special solo vocal set from one of music’s remarkable forces. Youngs says: “Singing unaccompanied started as a self-imposed challenge. Over the years it has become part of what I do. Whether I am on my own or in front of an audience, I like to sing. This Tectonics slot will be a short, sharp distillation of my music for solo voice”.

Catherine Lamb and Klaus Lang
The composers take to the stage of St Andrew’s in the Square with music
for viola and harmonium.

Vernon and Burns
Once described as “two BBC staffers having a bit of fun with tapes from the radio archive”, Vernon and Burns will produce a new radiophonic work which seamlessly incorporates a number of apparently disjunctive sounds, such as Sri Lankan insect recordings, motorway Dictaphone tapes and learn-to-type rhythm records, into an enigmatic narrative.

Anneke Kampman’s new work poses questions around probability, neuroscience and philosophy of mind, applying mathematics to tape, analogue synthesisers and sequencers.

Thurston Moore and Takehisa Kosugi
The evening ends with a collaboration between Thurston Moore and the Japanese composer and violinist Takehisa Kosugi, a relationship first heard on Sonic Youth’s album SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century.

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