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By Frances Cronin and Kev Geoghegan

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  1. It's been very.

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    That's us for this fine Tuesday, we hope you've had fun.

    Scroll back down for Sting rolling up his sleeves to save his Ship, Sam Smith's priceless reaction to Fifth Harmony splitting, Nile Rodgers on the unifying power of music, Take That on a roof and our latest Newbie Tuesday almuni - Norwegian funk and soulstress Fieh.

    We'll leave you with a brand new video from BBC Sound of 2018 contenders Pale Wales.

    And remember, you can still catch their performance at this year's SXSW festival in Texas.

    See y'all tomorrow.

  2. Boy George announces new Culture Club music

    Billboard magazine

    Boy George

    Boy George has revealed there is a new Culture Club album on the way, as well as a massive US tour.

    They were rumoured to have recorded an album called Tribes in 2017 but it was never released.

    George told Billboard: "I really love this record, I think it’s a really great Culture Club record, I think it’s one of the best records we’ve ever made, it just feels like us, but less uptight."

    They've been playing one of their new songs at their two LA shows in the States - Different Man is about Sly Stone and George says it's been going down a storm.

    "People have never heard it and they’re loving it. People are really responding to it, it’s got such a great groove to it."

    He also revealed he's currently filming a reality show chronicling his move from London to Los Angeles.

  3. Diddy/Love and Jay Z creating app

    Love and Jay Z

    Diddy or Love as he now likes to be known has been telling GQ how he and Jay Z are working on a new app to promote black businesses.

    It would allow users to look at an area see where the black-owned and black-friendly businesses are.

    “This is not about taking away from any other community. We'll still go to Chinatown. We'll still buy Gucci!”

    “But the application will make it possible for us to have an economic community. It's about blacks gaining economic power.”

    “I want to be an authentic, unapologetic warrior for black culture and the culture of the street and how it moves. My thing is most importantly to change the narrative of the black race. I can't relate to anything that isn't about that.”

    John Jeremiah Sullivan spent a whole day with him for the interview - find out what a day in the life of Diddy/Love entails here.

  4. Janelle Monae is 'standing up to bullies'

    Janelle Monae

    The singer has been talking to Radio 1's Annie Mac about writing her new album Dirty Computer.

    "I'm angry at many of the things that I hear coming out of the mouths of people in the position of power," she told Annie Mac. "I'm tired of the abuse of power. I'm tired of so many things.

    She told her her aim with the album is to celebrate people who've been "pushed to the margins of society".

    "I wanted to make an album for all the dirty computers of the world. Those who are told that they have bugs and viruses, that they need to fix themselves, that they need to clean themselves.

    "Dirty computers [should] see their bugs and viruses as attributes, as features, as characteristics that help make society great and inclusive."

    "You do have to stand up for those who can't often stand up for themselves - so I do feel a responsibility to knock the hell out of the bully."

    Janelle Monae

    She admitted wrote her track Django Jane as a "response to the sting of feeling like my rights as a young black woman... are constantly being trampled on".

    Read more about the new album, #MeToo and her friendship with Prince here.

    Dirty Computer will be released on 27 April.

  5. Chester Bennington's widow pays tribute on his birthday

    Chester Bennington

    It would have been Chester Bennington's birthday today. The Linkin Park lead singer took his own life at the age of 41 in July last year.

    In his memory, his widow Talinda has been encouraging fans to make sure people know the five signs of emotional health.

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    Five signs of emotional well being
  6. Jay Z and Beyonce add UK dates to their tour

    Jay Z, Ivy Blue and Beyonce

    Try to control yourselves, Bey Z are bringing their OTR II tour to the UK in June.

    In fact, the whole thing is kicking off in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium on 6 June.

    Then it travels to:

    • 09-06 Glasgow, Scotland - Hampden Park
    • 13-06 Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium
    • 15-06 London, England - London Stadium

    Tickets go on sale at 0900 on Friday.

    Jay and Bey's first OTR (On The Run) tour of 2014 took nearly $110m in box office receipts.

    Wonder if the little lady in the middle (pictured above) will be doing the warm-up set?

  7. Camila Cabello wows fans in Chile...except for one

    Camila Cabello had a mysterious stage invader at her Lollapalooza Chile set.

    The woman walked across the stage and looked like she took something out of her mouth (chewing gum?) and put it in Camila's hair.

    The former Fifth Harmonizer hasn't commented on it yet but her fans were outraged.

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    Camila however was focusing on the positive thanking fans for showing her "so much love"

    "Feeling the magic of my Latin people is probably one of the things I needed most and you made me feel at home."

    Camilla is going down a storm on her South American dates - the crowd in Argentina brought her to tears.

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  8. BBC Trending: Hate music on YouTube

    BBC Monitoring

    The world through its media

    Video content

    Video caption: YouTube admits it has a neo-Nazi music problem

    BBC trending have carried out an investigation into how easy it is to find music on YouTube which actively promotes racial hatred, violence and bigotry.

    Watch the video above to see what happened when the team used official procedures to flag up 100 music videos, featuring neo-Nazi bands and songs - which breached the platform's own guidelines on content.

    Read more

  9. Lazarus musical to make it to the big screen

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    A film of Lazarus, the stage musical based on the music of David Bowie is to be screened with a live musical accompaniment in New York this summer.

    The footage comes from the play's London run at the Kings Cross Theatre in 2016.

    The live event, which will use the same band - handpicked by Bowie himself, that played on the play's original run on Broadway will take place at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on 2 May.

    The cast features Dexter's Michael C. Hall as Thomas Jerome Newton (the alien played by Bowie in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth) with Amy Lennox and Sophia Anne Caruso (who you can hear above)

  10. Newbie Tuesday #19: Football's loss is music's gain thanks to Fieh

    Kev Geoghegan

    Music News LIVE reporter

    Sofie Tollefsbøl

    Football's loss is music's gain in the case of 22-year-old Sofie Tollefsbøl, who - along with her seven-piece backing band - form the core of Fieh.

    "I used to play a lot of soccer when I was a kid because my father and also my mother were both trainers and thought soccer was the best for us to be doing, plus a lot of skiing and stuff," she explains.

    "I carried on playing until I was about 17 but that's when I started singing and figured out I wanted to do music.

    "I didn't want to play soccer professionally and had a choice of going to study sports or music and I chose music, which I'm happy about now."

    There aren't many R&B stars-in-the-making who hail from small towns of about 1,000 inhabitants in vast forests north of Oslo, Norway.

    But raised on a diet of funk, Outkast, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Kanye West and most importantly Amy Winehouse, Fieh have managed to become a blend of all of them.

    Plus a healthly helping of Curtis Mayfield and Billie Holliday.

    Speaking ahead of her band's debut UK show in London (they had only played one other gig outside of Norway - in Sweden), Sofie said: "I'm excited for sure, a little nervous and a little tired because we arrived really early.

    "It's special to us, we are huge fans of British music, so to be here in London and as a huge Amy Winehouse fan, walking the same streets as she did, just to be here is amazing".

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    Sofie began releasing her Garage band-produced demos on Soundcloud in 2015, while she was still at high school.

    It has since grown into a full band with two backup singers, a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, a trumpeter and a keyboardist.

    All are still students on the jazz programme at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

    Fieh's first single Glu, an ode to young female empowerment chimes with Don't Kill My Vibe, the breakout single by another Norwegian singer in the spotlight, the winner of the BBC's Sound of 2018 poll, Sigrid.

    Quote Message: Old ways, they might fade / But they're sticky like glue / Young girls ways No, you don't know you, don't you / All these old men can not tell me what to do from Glu by Fieh
    Glu by Fieh

    "I didn't even think about it when I heard the song," laughs Sofie. "I noticed her lyrics but I didn't see the similarity to mine but then after a while it sounded the same vibe.

    "I wrote the song a long time ago but it seems like it works like some kind of call for girl power."

    She added that Sigrid's growing success has been a source of pride for all Norwegians

    "She is very much celebrated and appreciated in Norway too, she has a great voice."

    The respect is clearly reciprocated as Sigrid included Fieh's track in a Radio 1 Artist Takeover.

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    With summer festival season around the corner, Sofie first has the thorny issue of exams to sit in May, but in June and August is playing shows at festivals across Norway.

    With a new found focus on equal gender representation at music events, she says it's an issue which has been a problem everywhere.

    "In Norway, a couple of weeks ago, we saw a line-up for a jazz festival with 30 bands and not one single woman. I can't believe nobody noticed, like why didn't they fix this?

    "I think female jazz musicians are coming together and writing lists of female artists and sending them to festivals.

    "It shouldn't be so hard but I guess we'll have to do the job ourselves."

    Read Newbie Tuesday #18: Why Soccer Mommy calls out her male friends

  11. Sir Ringo's knighthood tips from Sir Paul

    Prince William and Sir Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr

    The former Beatle has admitted he was a bit "shaky" picking up his knighthood from Prince William at Buckingham Palace earlier.

    Back in 1965, he was at the palace with the rest of the band to pick up their MBEs.

    Speaking after today's investiture ceremony, he told the BBC's Colin Paterson that he'd had dinner with Sir Paul McCartney last week in LA who had given him advice on how to behave at the ceremony - "just to keep smiling" was his tip.

    Sir Richard Starkey/Ringo joked he'll be wearing his medal for breakfast but admits he doesn't know whether he's going to use the title day-to-day...

    Video content

    Video caption: Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr receives his knighthood for services to music
  12. Cardi B talks #MeToo

    Cardi B

    Cardi B has been giving her opinion on the #MeToo movement.

    She told Cosmopolitan magazine that, while she's glad to see the public outcry over sexual harassment in Hollywood, she doubts much will change much in the hip-hop world.

    She said a lot of "video vixens" have spoken about it and no one cared.

    "I bet if one of these women stands up and talks about it, people are going to say, ‘So what? You’re a ho. It don’t matter.’”

    And she's not convinced about the men who publicly embraced #MeTo:

    “These producers and directors, they’re not woke, they’re scared.”

  13. So, who fancies a little dance?

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    It is lunchtime after all.

    Check out this live remix mash-up of Moby and Fatboy Slim from Youngr aka 29-year-old Dario Darnell aka Kid Creole's son.

    Yes, that Kid Creole.

    We defy you not to tap your feet

  14. Arise Sir Richard Starkey...

    Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach at Buckingham Palace

    Or should we say Sir Ringo?

    The former Beatle has been to Buckingham Palace to receive his knighthood.

    He took his wife Barbara Bach to the Investiture ceremony and made his classic peace and love sign when he emerged to reporters.

    We'll be hearing from Ringo on what he made of it all later.

  15. Johnny Cash's unpublished words

    Johnny Cash With Wife June And Son John

    John Carter Cash - seen in the picture above with his dad Johnny Cash and his mum June Carter Cash - has been talking to Chris Evans about putting his father’s poems, lyrics and letters to music in a collaborative album.

    We told you last month about the album Johnny Cash, Forever Words, which includes Elvis Costello, Alison Krauss, Willie Nelson, the late Chris Cornell and Cash's eldest daughter, Rosanne Cash.

    John Carter Cash said they found around 2000 papers in his dad's office after he died in 2003.

    Out of these, they worked out around 250 were unpublished poems and song lyrics.

    Quote Message: It became a passion for me, these words, and it was almost as if he was speaking to me once again. I saw the depth of his life that was in these words that no-one had ever seen.

    Video content

    Video caption: John Carter Cash speaks to Chris about the album Johnny Cash: Forever Words.

    The 16-song record is released on 6 April this year.

  16. Pitbull to address the UN on topic of clean water

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    Doesn't he scrub up well?

    Not sure he'll need the full evening suit but we're sure Armando Christian Perez aka rapper and entrepreneur Pitbull will be suited and booted when he addresses the United Nations on World Water Day this Thursday.

    The Grammy-winner is to be named Clean Water Here Global Ambassador and will receive an award for his humanitarian efforts to promote access to safe, clean water.

    “Our leaders need to understand that economy and environment are not mutually exclusive. One is not more important than the other.

    "Try counting your money while holding your breath, starving and dehydrating at the same time. All life needs water,” said Pitbull.

  17. Take That take to the roof top

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    Gary, Howard and Donald performed on the top of the Theatre Royal Haymarket where their musical The Band is heading in December.

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    You can watch their performance below.

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    However, there was criticism on social media when, at the end of their performance, they released dozens of balloons into the sky.

    Many people on Twitter pointed out the stunt was not exactly great for wildlife and the environment.

    Today, the musical's official Twitter feed put out an apology.

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    Take That also later appeared on The One Show where they revealed they're are planning a world tour next year to support a Greatest Hits album that will include three new songs.

    They also told The Sun that a film of their musical is "definitely" going to be made and could start shooting as early as next year.

    "We don’t know who will be the direc­tor as yet, but we’re working on a deal now. It’s really exciting but we appreciate there’s a few hurdles to overcome first.

    “Brad Pitt is playing me, obviously,” said Gary (modest) Barlow.

  18. Nile Rodgers: Music 'speaks to the souls of a million strangers'

    BBC Radio 2

    Video content

    Video caption: Nile Rodgers chats to Jo at South by Southwest.

    The Chic guitarist and producer has been speaking to Jo Whiley at the SXSW festival about his sterling career which has seen him work with EVERYBODY from David Bowie to Daft Punk to Lady Gaga to Madonna.

    "I will be the first to tell you I honestly don't know what the the factor of my success is, but I'm booked to do music almost a year in advance. I don't now where I'm going to be," he said.

    But, he added: "I love it".

    Nile and his band are due to headline the Wilderness festival and Brighton Pride this summer.

    Listen to Jo's SXSW highlights.

  19. Sam Smith has primal reaction to Fifth Harmony 'split'

    Sam Smith

    The British singer and committed Harmoniser has reacted with a mix of shock, sadness, bewilderment and fury judging by the sheer number of exclamation marks in his tweet following the news that the band are going on hiatus to focus on solo careers.

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    Thankfully, if he feels in need of someone to talk to, there are plenty of fans of the girl group who reacted to the news in a similar manner.

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  20. Dua Lipa's teeth drama is over

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    We told you last week that Dua Lipa had to pull out of supporting Bruno Mars in Australia to have her wisdom teeth removed.

    Now she says she's ready to get back on stage.

    "First day waking up totally unswollen, last day of antibiotics and last day of soups I HOPE!"

    "I’ve caught up on sleep and my tan but im ready to get back on stage tomorrow!!!"

    Dua says she's been bored in bed (our hearts bleed...) but has posted updates on Instagram thanking her friends for looking after her as she deals with "the worst pain ever".

    She even posted a picture of the offending teeth which i'm sure you're dying to see.

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