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  1. Lovely Rita...

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    When are you free to take some M-tea-V with me?

    Okay that's your lot today.

    Scroll down for lots of action and reaction from the MTV EMAs this weekend including performances from Stormzy (once he found his way out of the ladies loo that is), Eminem and U2.

    Plus Bryan Adams reveals some trade secrets and Jack Black challenges Thor to a battle of the jams and much much more.

    We'll leave you with Rita Ora taking a break from presenting the aforementioned awards bash to.. erm... performing at it.

    Get those overtime sheets in Rita.

    See you tomorrow for more Music News LIVEliness.

  2. Battle of the Immigrants

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    Jack Black is waging war against Thor.

    The actor has called out fellow movie star Chris Hemsworth for his use of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song in the trailer for the movie Ragnarok.

    Back in 2003, Black memorably recorded a video from the set of School of Rock begging Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to allow the producers to use the song in the movie.

    They agreed.

    Now, as far as Jack is concerned, that gives him sole rights on the classic track.

    "You don't get to do that and get away with it, bro. I'm calling you out, Thor," he said in an Instagram post

    "This is a challenge, I challenge you to a battle of the jams."

    Now, Chris has responded and seems to be confused by the offer (below).

    "I don't know what that means, like, I like jam on toast,"

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    We hope to see some kind of duel between them - Jack's axe versus Chris's hammer.

    Fore those of you who don't know it (shame on you) here is the contentious song in all its glory.

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  3. BBC announces U2 special

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    Bloomin heck.

    After Harry Styles and Sam Smith, the BBC has only gone and announced another live music special, this time featuring stadium rockers U2.

    U2 At The BBC will be broadcast in December with presenter Cat Deeley.

    And it's going to be recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.

    The band are expected to perform some of their biggest hits, alongside brand new tracks from forthcoming album Songs of Experience, such as You're the Best Thing About Me (above).

    The band let BBC cameras backstage at the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil last month, where they ended their recent Joshua Tree Tour anniversary tour.

    Scroll down for more on U2, including their Trafalgar Square performance for the MTV awards this weekend.

  4. Bryan Adams' personal guide to his Ultimate collection

    Paul Glynn

    Music News LIVE reporter

    Bryan Adams

    This month saw the release of Bryan Adams' new greatest hits collection Ultimate.

    The Canadian rocker - who is also a keen photographer don't-cha-know and did the artwork (above) himself - compiled 21 tracks, including two new ones Ultimate Love and Please Stay, which you'll be able to hear performed live when his tour reaches the UK in May 2018.

    Bryan, who has also been busy writing "entirely new" tunes for a musical stage adaptation of the film Pretty Woman, popped into the BBC for a quick chat and revealed the real stories behind just a few of his most loved hits.

    Warning: You're going to want to be sitting down for some of these...

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    (Everything I Do) I Do It for You

    Let's start with the track that uses parenthesis so well and did kind of alright in the charts too.

    (EID)IDIFY, which Robin Hood fans will certainly remember, was released in 1991 and topped the UK chart for 16 weeks. That's 1-6 people. 1-6.

    More than 26 years on, it remains a UK chart record.

    Not even chart-slayer Ed Sheeran has managed that - although he came close with Shape of You, which managed 14 weeks at the summit. Drake went one better having One Dance up there for 15 weeks.

    That's one massive dance but still not enough to topple Bryan's classic ode to the selflessness of love.

    But was he nervous about losing his record?

    "No - good on them if they can get there," said Bryan.

    "If they do, they do - it's bound to happen isn't it? It's inevitable that somebody will topple it one day."

    "When it came out it went to number one and then I went on tour," he remembers.

    "When I came back, it was still number one!"

    That's basically the musician's equivalent of returning home from work and finding you've left the heating on.

    Except the energy company are paying you per hour...not the other way around.

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    DJ Sammy's dance remix of another Bryan love song soundtracked many a first lads/girls holiday in Magaluf/Benidorm/Zante (insert your own location) at the start of the noughties.

    Basically, take the original heartfelt ballad (above), add a menacing beat drop and then Rob's your dad's brother.

    But what did Bryan make of it?

    "Good. Really good - what can I say - it's just different.

    "I wish everyone would remix them all right now!"

    And the wildest B.Adams cover he's ever come across?

    "I heard a mashup between one of my songs and Metallica. That was pretty cool."

    More hell than heaven that by the sound of it, but whatever works.

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    The Summer of 69

    This news may come as a dagger to the heart of any old hippies out there but turns out this track is not actually about 1969 at all.

    The number refers to something rather more rude.

    "That song is not about 1969" he said.

    "Use your imagination. It's obviously a song about nostalgia. The 69 reference is not about a year [you know] Making'll get's a metaphor"

    Oh, my days.

    So innuendo aside, did Bryan know at the time that he'd penned such a guitar/karaoke classic?

    "No. I just thought it was a cool vibe. That song didn't even get in the charts in the UK - it's a funny song that.

    "The thing about that song when I was recording it, was it took three goes before I was really happy. Even when the fader was coming down and I was mixing it, I still wasn't sure if it was right."

    He added: "I was going for something quite powerful and exciting.

    "The first time we recorded it, the intro wasn't quite right, so we went back and demoed it again - we got a new drummer in and tried it until we got it right."

    We (and anyone at a karaoke night) are so glad that you did.

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    When You're Gone - featuring Mel C

    Listen up Spice Girls fans.

    According to Bryan this most excellent of cameos from your favourite sports fan Mel C (above) nearly didn't happen at all.

    "When I was first doing it, I asked Sheryl Crow to do it and never heard back from her!

    "It was getting to the point where I thought 'should this still be a duet?'

    Sheryl Crow & Bryan Adams
    Image caption: You're the one that I want

    "I was in LA at the time and got in the lift at the hotel and in walked Mel and I said 'hey Mel!' and she said 'Hi'.

    "I'd met her years ago on Top of the Pops when their first single broke out.

    "I said: 'We should sing something together' and she said 'I'd love to!'

    "Then I said: 'I've got one for you!'"

    We're sure you'll agree that Sporty absolutely smashes the vocal on this one.

    But apparently anyone can sing a Bryan Adams tune.

    "Honestly with my voice.. I feel like if I can sing it, anyone can sing it*. My shows prove it - you go to my show and everyone can sing along."

    He added: "I did that other one with Sting and Rod Stewart back in mid 90s we didn't all sing at the same time, it was recorded over two or three different days but it just sounded like we were all in the room."

    *Clears throat [cough, cough]... Baby When You're Gonnnnnne...ahem.

    Mel C (l)
    Image caption: Can you believe he asked Sheryl before me?
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    Ultimate Love

    Like a true pro though, when asked which of his career-spanning new tracklist is his favourite, Bryan went for a new one.

    Of course he did.

    A little political number which you can hear above and goes:

    Ain't no winners when you're dropping bombs / Why can't we all just get along?

    Why not indeed.

    "My favourite right now is the title track Ultimate Love and it's not even a hit!

    "I guess it's just the state of affairs of today and all the different tweets that are flying around, I was just inspired by that.

    "I've been in America a lot lately as I'm writing a musical in New York and obviously I love America but these are funny times.

    Quote Message: I think it's kind of a duty of most musicians to try and say something, you can't just sit back and read it every day and not be influenced by it.

    "It just comes up. We're all looking for something. The idea of looking for love - the ultimate love. I had this idea for this song so I just bunged it on the record."

    Oh Bryan, with these extra tracks you are really spoiling us.

    Ultimate by Bryan Adams is out now.

  5. Some of the weird things we learned from 1Xtra Live in Manchester

    Manchester Arena played host to 1Xtra Live on Saturday night.

    Artists including Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, Mercury-nominee J Hus and Stefflon Don (above) were among the artists who played the 21,000-capacity venue.

    Here are some of the top facts Newsbeat learned at the event, the best being that Steff is not singing about bacon on her songs Hurtin' Me.

    "A lot of people think I'm saying 'bacon'. They think it's 'breakfast in Baydon, I got your bacon'."

    Hope she isn't telling porkies...

  6. Some more from the MTV awards...

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    Fresh from her co-hosting duties on BBC One's Sounds Like Friday Night, Demi Lovato performed the irresistibly catchy Sorry Not Sorry at the MTV EMAs on Sunday night.

    You can still check out her BBC Performance on iPlayer and watch her attempts to assimilate into British culture.

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    It just wouldn't be a 2017 award ceremony without Camila Cabello, who has taken the pop world by storm with her chart banger Havana.

    It helped earn her win for best pop artist, though the highlight for Cam was meeting a certain grime star who doesn't know the difference between the men and women's toilets.

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    And The Killers' Brandon Flowers brought his A game to the event but then what else would you expect form The Man?

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  7. How Elton John's plane helped his band stay together

    BBC Radio 2

    Video content

    Video caption: Previously owned by Led Zeppelin - it had bathrooms, a shower and a working fireplace

    Well, you know what they say, 'the band that flies together'...

    That's Sir Elton's justification for having his own private plane during the 1970s, well that and the fact that Led Zeppelin had one.

    The singer's been talking to Radio 2's Johnnie Walker about his five decades working with lyricist Bernie Taupin to craft some of the best known songs of the 20th Century.

    "It was changed my life completely," he said of the pair's first meeting.

    Sir Elton also talked about how he writes the melodies to accompany Bernie's words and his memories of performing dressed as Donald Duck.

    Try and imagine Ed or Sam (scroll down) trying that one out.

    Listen to the full interview.

  8. Taylor Swift performs live (?) acoustic number on SNL

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    Taylor Swift may have missed out on an MTV award in the UK on Sunday night but she was pretty busy with her schedule in the US anyway.

    The singer dropped by the Saturday Night Live studios to perform a couple of tracks from her new album Reputation (check out our arts editor Will Gompertz's take on it).

    You can watch her acoustic rendition of Call It What You Want above.

    Her flawless delivery got some fans questioning the authenticity of the performance...

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  9. Teenage fan joins Wold Alice on stage and plays guitar beautifully

    BBC Newsbeat

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    Newsbeat have been speaking to the teenage Wolf Alice fan from Fort William in the Scottish Highlands who joined the band on stage at their gig in Glasgow over the weekend.

    Sixteen-year-old Freya Macdonald had never played in front of an audience before.

    She was picked to play the guitar with the band after front woman Ellie Rowsell asked female fans to get in touch.

    "I had the time of my life, I wish I could do it all over again," she said.

    Well in the words of Eminem (scroll down for more on him), sometimes you only get one shot, Freya.

    Well done.

    Read more.

  10. MTV EMAs: What we learned on the red carpet

    Steven McIntosh

    Entertainment Reporter

    Image caption: Camila Cabello looked like a literal angel on stage thanks to some helpful lighting

    It was good news for fans of MTV, Europe, music and awards ceremonies on Sunday night as the MTV Europe Music Awards took place at London's Wembley Arena.

    You've probably already seen the winners list and watched the performances - but there's some other stuff you might not have heard about.

    Such as James Bay's fashion makeover and Stormzy accidentally using the ladies' loos.

    Here's our red carpet round-up.

    Read more.

    Here's VIP special guest (and former world's most expensive footballer) Paul Pogba and his crew getting ready for the event backstage.

    Manchester United fans will be relieved to note how well their injured midfielder was moving around on the night.

    He and GoT star Natalie Dormer gave out the award for Best Song to Shaun Mendes, for There's No Holding Me Back.

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  11. Björk on her descent into 'heartbreak land'

    BBC 6 Music

    Video content

    Video caption: Björk on how heartbreak wove itself into her music, and the importance of letting go…

    Everybody's favourite avant garde Icelandic artist Bjork spoke to 6 Music this weekend about how heartbreak wove itself into her new music and the importance of just letting go.

    Her new album Utopia is out on 24 November and the 51-year-old says she is once again "carving co-ordinates into the ether" and putting all her "cards on the table" with this honest musical account of her most recent break-up.

    Listen above as she explains her creative process and how the songs revealed themselves to her like a "descent into heartbreak land".

    The world is always a little better knowing that Bjork is out there making sense of it for us.

  12. Spice Girls set for return next year?

    The Sun

    Spice Girls
    Image caption: Spice up your life!

    An added injection of spice could soon make its way back into our musical diets next year, if rumours are to be believed.

    That's as 90s pop sensations Spice Girls are said be plotting a comeback for 2018.

    All five of the girls - now women - including Posh, are to reunite for a TV special and brand new album, according to The Sun.

    Say you'll be there if they do...

  13. Sam Smith lands first US number one album

    Billboard magazine

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    Sam Smith could be forgiven for nursing a massive hangover today after his new record The Thrill of It All earned him his first ever US number one album.

    The sold 237,000 equivalent copies with 185,000 in traditional sales.

    His previous effort, debut album In the Lonely Hour, peaked at number two in 2014.

    It's the seventh biggest opening week of 2017 in the US following Ed Sheeran, Pink, Kendrick, Drake, Jay Z and Logic.

    That's some pretty good company.

    It pretty much goes without saying that the record went to the top of the album charts over here too.

    After scoring his second UK #1, Sam told Official Charts, “My heart is so full and happy with this news".

    "Thank you to every single person who has got The Thrill Of It All – this is a dream come true for me, thank you.”

  14. Ed Sheeran back on stage after 'depressing six weeks'

    Video content

    Video caption: Ed Sheeran back on stage after 'depressing six weeks'

    Unlucky Ed Sheeran returned to the stage for the first time since breaking both arms and a rib in a cycling accident in London.

    He told a crowd in Singapore the past six weeks had been "the most depressing of his life".

    Sheeran had to cancel or postpone several dates on his Asian tour but he's now back doing what he does best (better than anyone according to MTV Awards - scroll down).

    "I've never been in a situation where I have not been able to play music," he added.

    Watch above.

    Video by Simon Atkinson. Concert pictures courtesy Priya Suraindran.

  15. Michael Buble to play BST in Hyde Park next year

    Michael Buble

    Mickey Bubbles (his words) will play the annual summer jam in Hyde Park on Friday 13 (yikes!) July.

    He joins the likes of Pink Floyd man Roger Waters and Bruno Mars on the bill, which is already shaping up nicely.

    It looks set to be Michael's first big UK gig after taking an extended break from music after his son Noah fell ill with cancer last year.

    Tickets go on sale on Friday

    Read more.

  16. Chuck Mosley: Original Faith No More singer dies aged 57

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    Chuck Mosley, the original singer for alt-metal band Faith No More has died at the age of 57.

    Chuck recorded the band's first two albums but was fired over increasingly erratic behaviour caused by a slide into drug addiction.

    He did a stint as the singer of hardcore punk band Bad Brains before embarking on a solo career.

    "After a long period of sobriety, Charles Henry Mosley III lost his life, on November 9th, 2017, due to the disease of addiction," his family said in a statement.

    "We’re sharing the manner in which he passed, in the hopes that it might serve as a warning or wake up call or beacon to anyone else struggling to fight for sobriety."

    Faith No More added in a statement on their Facebook page: "It’s with a heavy, heavy heart we acknowledge the passing of our friend and bandmate, Chuck Mosley.

    "He was a reckless and caterwauling force of energy who delivered with conviction and helped set us on a track of uniqueness and originality that would not have developed the way it had had he not been a part."

    The band, who recently played a handful of reunion shows with Chuck, added: "His enthusiasm, his sense of humor, his style and his bravado will be missed by so many."

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  17. Bono urges fans to unite & protest as U2 play MTV gig in Trafalgar Square

    Paul Glynn

    Music News LIVE reporter

    U2 in Trafalgar Square.

    U2 frontman Bono urged fans to protest against "human wrongs" and declared London to be "the capital of the world" during an emotive short set at the city's historic Trafalgar Square.

    The Irish rockers played nine tracks (interestingly none from seminal 1987 album The Joshua Tree) at the outdoor gig arranged by MTV, ahead of last night's EMA awards (scroll down) which saw them pick up a gong for international icon.

    On the night before remembrance Sunday, Bono dedicated the performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday to "the military on both sides" and then declared the capital to be "open."

    "London is open. Open heart" he cried.

    The singer played preacher man again over the end of It's a Beautiful Day, riffing:

    "It's a beautiful day. Human rights, curing our human wrongs.

    Quote Message: And when women of the world unite to re-write history...That’s a beautiful day.
    U2 perform at Trafalgar Square

    After treating the crowd to a snippet of David Bowie's Rebel Rebel at the end of Vertigo, the band began to walk off stage before their leader called them back quickly for the encore.

    "We can save time and not go through the ritual."

    He then thanked the music channel for "always being supportive" and also Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for understanding the cosmopolitan make-up of the place.

    "This is the capital of the world" he exclaimed. "And this is an Irish man saying that!"

    Before launching into classic track One, he added: "This Mayor understands what that means. 300 different languages. Each of us thinking our way is the one way.

    "That’s not gonna fly in the 21st Century anymore. We have much more in common than divides us.

    Quote Message: This square comes from a noble tradition of protest and we want to honour those protests.
    U2 perform at Trafalgar Square

    Bono - draped in an Irish flag - then gave a shout out to Nelson Mandela and the suffragettes, before declaring: "Protesting works - slowly.

    "People say we’re part of the problem, not the solution. But I don’t agree with that.

    "Irish people are very stubborn about our independence..."

    The band then played new track Get Out of Your Own Way - which will appear on forthcoming album Songs of Experience - for a second time, as anti-war and anti-racism placards were handed out and the MTV cameras were switched on.

    "This song is a protest song - about yourself."

    Check out the performance, which ended with Bono bellowing out of megaphone bearing EU stars, below.

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  18. Eminem debuts new track (minus Beyonce)

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    The GOAT is back and performed his new single Walk on Water.

    In a nod to the MTV EMAs' British setting, his performance started off in Stanley Mitchell's Revival Pub (a nice reference to both his hit song Stan and his forthcoming album).

    "I walk on water, but I'm not Jesus," sang Beyonce stand-in Skylar Grey in the chorus (WHERE WERE YOU BEY??).

    "I walk on water, but only when it freezes, cause I'm only human just like you".

    The track covers Em's familiar themes of self-examination, doubt, critics, the pressures of fame and the pursuit of perfection.

    In short, it's another cheery ode from Slim Shady.

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    The rapper picked up an award but seemed a bit mystified how he won over artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Post Malone.

    "I'm not really sure how I got this because I haven't had an album out in a few years," he said accepting the trophy.

    "I got one coming though," he added.

  19. MTV EMAs 2017: Shawn Mendes scoops three awards

    BBC Newsbeat

    Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes beat Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to scoop the best artist prize at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards in London on Sunday night.

    The Canadian singer also won the best song for There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back and the biggest fans awards at the event held at Wembley Arena.

    Tay Tay had been nominated for six awards but won absolutely nada.

    Look what that made some of her fans do online...

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    Ed did win best live act though and his pal and former collaborator Stormzy won best act for the UK and Ireland.

    He also locked himself in the toilet after realising he was in the ladies loo by accident.

    He even managed to document the whole saga on Snapchat, posting that he could hear Anne Marie brushing her teeth in the sink. Yikes.

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    Luckily, he made it out in time to perform on stage on top of a police car.

    There was a nod to Stormzy too from global icon winners U2. While picking up their award singer Bono grabbed the mic and performed an impromptu a Capella version of the rapper's latest single Blinded By Your Grace.

    Four Irish legends so well worthy of four shocked face emojis.

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    We'll tell you more about U2's special outdoor gig at a historic site, that was filmed for the awards, shortly.

    Eminem premiered his new track Walk on Water, with fellow US singer Skylar Grey filling in on the Beyonce parts.

    "What did you do at work today honey?"

    "Oh nothing really, just stood in for Beyonce."

    Well played.

    Big winners on the night, which was hosted by Rita Ora, included the following:

    Best song: Shawn Mendes for There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

    Best artist: Shawn Mendes

    Best look: Zayn Malik

    Best new act: Dua Lipa

    Best pop: Camila Cabello

    Best video: Kendrick Lamar

    Best live: Ed Sheeran

    Best electronic: David Guetta

    Best rock: Coldplay

    Best hip hop: Eminem

    Best alternative: Thirty Seconds To Mars

    Biggest fans: Shawn Mendes

    Best push: Hailee Steinfeld

    Best world stage: The Chainsmokers for Live from Isle of MTV Malta 2017

    Global Icon: U2

    Read more and check out the full list of winners.

  20. One love


    Morning all.

    We hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as global icons U2.

    Today we'll tell you about their MTV EMA award and special outdoor gig, plus round up some of the other awards and performances on the night from Wembley Arena, from a brand new track from Eminem to the likes of Stormzy, Rita Ora and Liam Payne.

    Michael Buble has announced a massive outdoor gig in the UK next summer, his first since he took a career break and do the Spice Girls wannabe back together or not?

    Plus Taylor Swift celebrates her new album release appearing on Saturday Night Live in the US, Ed Sheeran returns to the stage after breaking both arms and Bjork recalls her childhood in Iceland on 6 Music.

    Right. it's a beautiful day for music news, so don't let it get away.