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  1. Bye everyone

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    That is all we have got for you today but scroll back down for Brian May's rant over his Instagram suspension, Jay Z's call for justice, Demi Lovato in the Live Lounge and Alice Cooper on reuniting with his band after 40 years.

    Plus we meet Matt Maltese, a crooner for the dark night of the soul, as part of our new series Newbie Tuesday.

    We'll leave you with this latest video from Jack Black, following on from his challenge to Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, over use of the Led Zepp classic Immigrant Song.

    We're not sure where this leaves us but we do note something a little bit awkward...(Unless we are mistaken) Is that the legend that is Cate Blanchett?.. who just happens to be in the new Thor movie Ragnarok.

    Time to pick a side Cate....

    Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett
  2. King Gizzard announce free new FOURTH album of the year


    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    That's King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard to give them their full title.

    In fitting with their sensational naming conventions, their latest LP Polygondwanaland arrives on Thursday and guess what? It's absolutely gratis.

    In an incredibly socialist press release, the band are encouraging fans to do whatever they like with their FOURTH album of the year.

    They write: “Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes. We do not own this record. You do.”

    According to US publication Pitchfork, the band promised to release five albums this year so they are on track so far.

    We're awaiting the inevitable psych-crimbo fifth album.

    Here's album opener Crumbling Castle (below), if you have a spare 10 minutes that is for a proper wig out.

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  3. MOBO & NHS lauch B Postive choir


    The organisers of the Mobo awards have teamed up with the NHS blood and transplant team in a bid to drive registrations of young black blood donors.

    The B Positive campaign - named after a blood type more common in black people - aimsto drive registrations of blood donors, particularly from 17-35 year-olds and those from Black communities, who are more likely to develop genetic blood conditions, such as sickle cell disease.

    With this in mind, they've created the B Positive choir; a 60-strong ensemble comprised of individuals who either live with sickle cell or families, friends and supporters of those who are affected by the disease.

    Lady Leshurr

    The choir will perform at the 22nd annual Mobos at the First Direct Arena in Leeds on 29 November.

    The campaign comes off the back of last year's Represent campaign, headed up by 2016's best female winner, Lady Leshurr (above).

  4. Clean Bandit take on Sisqo and Dua Lipa in the Live Lounge

    BBC Radio 1

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    We're noticing a trend in the Live lounge with bands who are not content with doing just one cover but manage to squeeze in a mini-mash-up.

    Rae Morris did it earlier this month with Post Malone and Camila Cabello and now Clean Bandit have done the same, mixing up Dua Lipa with Sisqo, a man so obsessed with women's underwear that he wrote a song.

    Check out a clip above, the full version will be available tomorrow.

  5. Newbie Tuesday: #2 Matt Maltese

    Kev Geoghegan

    Music News LIVE reporter

    Video content

    Video caption: Matt Maltese performs live at Reeperbahn, presented by Introducing and PRS Foundation.

    Today we have the second edition of our brand new feature looking at some of the hot new artists you really ought to be checking out.

    And it's 23-year-old Berkshire singer-songwriter Matt Maltese.

    Part chamber pop in the style of The Divine Comedy, part Jarvis Cocker meets Nick Cave sleazy lounge singer, his often apocalyptic doom laden-sounding material - with names like As the World Caves In, Guilty, and Vacant in the 21st Century - belie a savage sense of humour.

    The aforementioned As The World..., which you can watch below, was written imagining the British Prime Minister and US President getting... um... down and dirty after launching nuclear warheads.

    You put your final suit on / I paint my fingernails / Oh we're going out in style babe / And everything's on sale

    We creep up on extinction / I pull your arms right in / I weep and say goodnight love / While my organs pack it in

    "It's kind of how I like to approach the dark things that happen in life, but I try to use humour that doesn't take away from the seriousness," he says.

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    The singer, who played the final show of his current UK tour in London on Monday night, introduced one song relaying a tale about getting off with someone else's girlfriend and waking up hungover to go ice skating with his mum.

    Another track includes lyrics extolling the virtues of vodka and cranberry as a diuretic.

    Odd topics but met with some enthusiasm at a packed out worker's club in east London.

    "I've done quite a few support tours and they were great but they always feel a bit like riding someone else's wave," he tells us ahead of the gig.

    "We've had full rooms and it's been bizarre and special, it's been great."

    The singer, who first uploaded his music to BBC Introducing Berkshire at the age of 16, comes from a musical background with a grandfather who was "a semi-pro jazz trumpeter". He's been likened to a British equivalent of arch storyteller Father John Misty and said his tastes do lie with those other artists who explore humanity's darker sides.

    "I'm a huge fan of old Americana, songwriters like Leonard Cohen and dark pop music like John Grant and Nick Cave," he admits.

    Mat Maltese

    A self-deprecating presence on stage, if he seems a little shy in real life, Matt says self-excoriating lyrics like I'm a self-obsessed mess.. and Tonight I'll be drunk / And act like a punk / And you'll sit and laugh while I throw up... are easier to sing from behind the security of a piano.

    "People can hazard a guess at how autobiographical something is, so you can hide behind dramatic effect and you're the only one who knows how autobiographical it is, which is quite fun".

    He's already released a couple of EPs and says his debut album will follow "hopefully next year".

    "I'm neurotic enough about one song and now I have another 13 to be neurotic about. It's quite a feat but I'm really looking forward to it."

    Read more: Newbie Tuesday #1 Tobi Sunmola.

    Video content

    Video caption: Matt Maltese performs live at Reeperbahn, presented by Introducing and PRS Foundation.
  6. Aldous Harding named album of the year

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    So we know that Christmas must be just around the corner (sorry not sorry, as Demi would say) when the first of the many musical end of year lists arrives.

    Credit then to Rough Trade who have gone earlier than most with their list of the top 20 albums of 2017, necessarily ruling out Noel Gallagher and anyone else whose album drops after today.

    Credited are Ryan Adams, Mercury-winning Sampha and - wait a minute! - Bjork? Her album isn't even out yet...that's having your cake and eating it.

    Anyway, top of that list is intense Kiwi singer Aldous Harding's LP Party, which is a fine choice if you ask us.

    Here's why...Rought Trade write: "Echoing the likes of Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Jesca Hoop, Aldous Harding’s album title should be taken with a sizeable grain of salt.

    Quote Message: Instead of energetic pop anthems, understated vocals make you quieten down and nestle into your speakers to catch every word."

    Adding: "The lasting spell of this album will leave you enraptured, keep your ear to the ground for Aldous Harding."

    Check out our chat with Aldous at this year's Green Man Festival and her performance on Jools Holland above.

  7. Ronnie Wood: From guitar licks to licks of paint

    Today Programme

    BBC Radio 4

    Video content

    Video caption: Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood's paintings will feature in a new book

    Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has described his painting Sad Guitar as a combination of his two greatest loves, music and art.

    Speaking to Radio 4's Today programme, Ron said: "One inspires the other and they keep feeding each other."

    The painting will feature in a collection of art works in his new book Ronnie Wood: Artist.

    Listen above.

  8. Alice Cooper: It was a band separation - not a divorce

    BBC 6 Music

    Video content

    Video caption: Alice Cooper speaks to Elizabeth Alker

    The original Alice Cooper lineup are on tour in the UK right now for the first time in 46 years.

    The last time was during their 1971 tour, before they split in 1975.

    Alice himself - aka Vince Furnier has been speaking to 6 Music's Elizabeth Alker about getting the old band back together after all these years, to play on two tracks on his new album Paranormal and then hitting the road.

    "We never broke up with any bad blood," he insisted.

    Listen above.

    They play Birmingham tonight, followed by gigs in Manchester and London later this week.

  9. Rostam says he was a later bloomer... in a musical sense

    BBC 6 Music

    Video content

    Video caption: Rostam tells Mark how learning piano as an adult influenced his music

    Vampire Weekend co-founder and newly minted solo star Rostam has been speaking about how his lack of early classical training helped shaped his musical tastes.

    He told 6 Music's Radcliffe and Maconie how he didn't actually learn to play until he was in his late teens.

    "I was late to the party in the piano game and I think it influenced how I wrote music and thought about music and played instruments."

    Check out Gwam from the his album Half-Lightm which was released in September, and also note how quickly he walks.

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  10. Watch Susan...sorry, Demi Lovato cover Sam Smith in Live Lounge

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    How did you get on with Demi's Britishness test? (Scroll down)

    You've either got it or you haven't I guess.

    One thing Demi has got is star quality in bucket loads though. The host of Friday's #SLFN was in the Live Lounge yesterday and she had a crack at "sweetheart" Sam Smith's Too Good at Goodbyes.

    She's even hinted very subtly (above) that she might not be averse to teaming up in the future. We hope same gets the hint.

    Watch her full performance below.

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    Meanwhile Demi has tweeted about a comical encounter with Seal in a lift.

    Seal the singer - not the marine mammal (though that would be funnier still).

    The 54-year-old returned on Friday with his new album of swing Standards and while doing the rounds was introduced to Demi.

    Look what happened...

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    What's in a name anyway Demi?

  11. LCD Soundsystem announce UK dates for 2018

    Video content

    Video caption: James Murphy's roadshow takes the audience to dizzying new levels on the Other Stage.

    For a band that played a farewell concert in 2011 which was documented on film, James Murphy's band have been enjoying a pretty healthy retirement.

    The played Glasto in 2016 (above) and released a new album earlier this summer, which topped the US chart, and have announced a massive world tour for 2018, taking in dates in the UK.

    LCD will play at the All Points Festival in east London on 25 May and in Glasgow on 27 May.

    Following a date in Berlin, the Brooklyn band will also play Malahide Castle in Dublin, which - as we all know - is but a short hop from the UK mainland.

  12. A-list indie rock 'n' roll scenes on way to Warrington

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    It's a case of Manchester on tour as Noel Gallagher's HFB's, The Courteeners and Blossoms head down the M62 (probably M56 in Blossoms case - but let's not get bogged down in logistics) for the Neighbourhood Weekender in Warrington.

    Some top Scouse acts including Miles Kane and The Coral will come from the other direction and meet them in the middle.

    The festival has moved from Manny to Warrington's Victoria Park for next year on the weekend of 26/27 May.

    Tickets are on sale Friday and you can check out the full lineup so far above.

  13. Jay-Z calls for justice


    The rapper's 4:44 tour took him to Miami on Sunday night and he continued to use the platform to protest against social injustice in the United States.

    Many NFL players players have been criticised for taking a knee during the pre-match playing of the national anthem in protest about the treatment of black people.

    Jay-Z has previously dedicated songs to the likes of player and black rights campaigner Colin Kaepernick, who began the knelt protests.

    Players have been criticised by the US President and others for taking action but Jay says they are just pointing to their human rights.

    "When people are kneeling and putting their fists up in the air...That's not a black or white thing, it's a human issue," he told crowds in Miami, according to TMZ.

    "It's about injustice. And that's not a black or white thing, it's a human issue."

  14. Taylor Swift makes plans for New Year's Day live on US TV

    Taylor Swift

    Although it largely involves "cleaning up bottles with you", which is testament to a great friendship.

    We'd put the bin out for Taylor on our way home that night maybe but hanging around until the next day to start the year with recycling shows true commitment.

    The track is taken from Taylor's new album Reputation and you can watch her playing the piano and singing on Jimmy Fallon's show above.

    Yesterday she was accused by fans of lip synching on Saturday Night LIVE, so we hope she's singing.

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    She's also just announced a slew of US tour dates if you happen to be across the Atlantic next summer.

    In other news, Taylor has officially credited BBC Music reporter Mark Savage online, in the continuation of her media cuttings theme that dominated the satirical Have I Got News For You-esque artwork for the album.

    We think Mark can now take the rest of the week off.

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  15. Brian May's Instagram taken down by woman named Barbara

    Brian May

    First up today, Queen guitarist Brian May has been left fuming after a woman called Barbara caused his Instagram account to be temporarily suspended after she reported him for copyright violation.

    The guitar wizard took a screen grab of the incident in a subsequent post, once back online, to express his dis-May.

    He posted the picture below with a lengthy lament, in which he concluded: "What an incredibly unfriendly act from you Barbara!"

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    He wrote: “Well, this is what I woke up to:

    Quote Message: How RUDE! I’m usually very careful to credit anyone whose photos I post – but in this case, at the end of the day, I must have forgotten.

    “What an incredibly unfriendly act from you, Barbara!”

    Brian will have to more careful in future with any material he posts online.

    If not, social media chiefs might continue to say: "We will, we will block you."

  16. Feels like Tuesday morning

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    Morning all and welcome back to Music News LIVE.

    Today we'll have news of Jay Z calling for justice, Queen guitarist Brian May finds himself in a social media storm and Noel Gallagher gives us his views on our world leaders.

    Plus we'll have another new TV performance from Taylor Swift (the lip synch police will be watching this one closely).

    While we get up and running, see if you can pass the Britishness test put to Demi Lovato on Sounds Like Friday Night.

    We make no apologies for this early exam either.