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  1. Time to play

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    Well, folks...

    With GCSE results, 6 Music's Rave Day and naughty Stefflon Don smoking cannabis in a music video, we can safely say it's quite literally either been a day of highs and lows.

    Scroll down for that, and a whole lot more.

    We'll leave you with the delightful story of a baby Foo taking on Dave Grohl's Play challenge (above) and Dave's heart-warming response (below).

    We've got high hopes for Charlie.

    See you tomorrow for New Music Friday.

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  2. Alex Cameron: Writing songs is like peaking through a keyhole

    Paul Glynn

    Music News LIVE reporter

    Alex Cameron

    Last month, with the sun cracking the flags, our thoughts turned to the most pressing matter of: Who's made the song of the summer?

    After much heated debate in the office we cast our net wider and asked some UK festival headliners for their suggestions (after all, they should know).

    "Alex Cameron" declared Killers frontman Brandon Flowers at Latitude, without hesitation.


    The track, which features on the Australian singer's 2017 album Forced Witness, finds the protagonist in a dilemma over illicit lust.

    Speaking to us before his performance at Green Man's Walled Garden stage on Friday night, Alex attempted to deconstruct its appeal.

    "There's something risky about someone in a compromising position morally and potentially even legally" he explains.

    "There’s a reckless rock 'n' roll spirit contained in a contemporary safety net because the character wants to act on an urge but can't."

    Due to Alex's rather, ahem, gritty songwriting style we can't bring you that particular track here sadly, but you can try another one off the album, Runnin Outta Luck, below instead.

    "It’s a gift and a curse" jokes Alex.

    "People seem to really enjoy my songwriting but radio struggles to play it.

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    "I think that I didn’t want to use metaphors or playful symbolism to talk about dark things.

    "The most inspirational thing was how darkly men can behave, mostly towards women.

    "That was on the forefront of my mind when I was writing it."

    He adds: "And the other thing is I'm just a white guy in a very progressive industry which I love being a part of and I think I've got to, in some way, stake my claim as being progressive in my storytelling and challenging certain ideas."

    For full disclosure, Flowers is such a fan of Cameron's that he actually invited him to co-write five songs on The Killers last album, Wonderful Wonderful before returning the favour on the Aussie's own aforementioned record.

    The last thing on the songwriter's mind, quite rightly, when he's creating for himself or anyone else for that matter is whether or not the song will be allowed to make it on to a BBC website.

    He's far too busy searching for some kind of truth among the character-driven chaos.

    Quote Message: When I'm writing a song and I'm in it, it feels like I'm peaking through the little keyhole and I'm trying to get into the other room where everything is happening. I suppose it's kind of like having to find the right password or something, knock on the door with the right secret knock.
    Quote Message: I always feel like the songs exist before I've written them. I'm just piecing them together and grabbing things that might work in the experiment.
    Angel Olsen
    Image caption: "Legitimate talent" Angel Olsen

    One thing that worked for sure was asking US singer/songwriter Angel Olsen to duet on another track, Stranger's Kiss, which again contains a naughty word, thus ruling us out.

    The pair were digital pen pals for a while, exchanging demos before Alex asked her to "steal a verse" of his then 3/4 finished track and "take it for a ride".

    "She nailed that performance on that song - she’s so fragile that your scared of her" he says.

    "She has struck me time and time again live as a legitimate talent of a generation.

    "As time goes on she’ll be appreciated in a cult way and a famous way."

    As for himself, the animated singer, who now lives in Queens, New York - but feels most at home on stage - is concerning himself with being the best version of himself that he can be.

    Quote Message: Growing up as a kid in an extremely competitive environment it was just always on my mind about being caring and understanding and not settling for cliches.

    "And constantly trying to better yourself as a person and being sounded by people that you respect

    "The way forward I do believe is for equality and understanding and respect in a big way."

  3. BTS beat Harry Styles' Twitter record


    South Korean boy band BTS will appear in the 2019 edition of the Guinness World Records - twice.

    The group have the record for the most Twitter engagements, with each tweet having a jaw-dropping average of 330,624 retweets, replies, likes or other interactions.

    The previous record was held by Harry Styles, with an average of 147,653.

    The pop idols' song DNA also has the record for the most viewed music video online in 24 hours by a K-pop group, with 21 million views.

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    BTS have a fiercely loyal fan base, and these weren't the group's only milestones this week.

    The video for their 2015 track, Dope, surpassed 350 million views on Monday, making it the group's third video to exceed that tally on YouTube.

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    It's been a huge year for the group. They also received a record breaking 1.5 million pre-orders on their new album Love Yourself: Answer and became the first Korean act to perform a stadium show in the US.

    Check them out above, if you haven't already to see what all the fuss is about.

  4. Sia and Scott Walker set to score new Natalie Portman film

    Sia and Scott Walker

    Sia and Scott Walker are teaming up on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie, Vox Lux, starring Natalie Portman.

    Directed by Brady Corbet, Vox Lux stars Portman as a pop singer who is negotiating chaos in her personal life before ascending to pop stardom.

    The film, which will see Sia make her composing debut, also co-stars Jude Law as Portman's character's manager.

    Vox Lux is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on 4 September and will also be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival later in the month.

  5. Echo & The Bunnymen to re-work old hits with 'strings and things'

    BBC 6 Music

    Video content

    Video caption: Echo and the Bunnymen release new song and re-work old indie hits

    The Liverpool band's singer Ian McCulloch has been speaking to 6 Music's Matt Everitt about their forthcoming album of re-imagined hits.

    The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon, out on 5 October, features new versions of Bunnymen classics like The Killings Moon and Nothing Ever Last Forever transformed with "strings and things".

    It also features two new songs, including the brilliantly-named Somnambulist (below).

    Listen above as Ian explains how the track was inspired by his "out-of-body-experiences" while sleepwalking as a kid.

    Ian said: "It used to make me feel the most alive I've probably ever felt in a weird way."

    Listen above.

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  6. A new music video from Sting and Shaggy

    Sting and Shaggy

    Here's a mellow one for a Thursday afternoon.

    Sting & Shaggy have just dropped the official video for their collaboration, Just One Lifetime, taken from their joint album, 44/876.

    Scratching your head about that title? It's the pair's respective telephone country codes (44 for the UK, Sting’s birthplace and 876 for Jamaica, Shaggy’s homeland). I know, right?

    The animated vid was created by a British illustrator who's done a lovely job of directing, producing and animating the jolly tune.

    The track drops ahead of the start of the duo's North American Tour.

    Have a watch below...

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  7. Stars to take part in tribute to Courtney Love

    Courtney Love

    A star-studded tribute concert has been announced in honour of Hole singer, Courtney Love.

    It'll be held in Hudson, New York and is part of a fundraiser called "A Tribute: Celebrating the Magic and Power."

    Hosts will include REM's Michael Stipe, actors Chloë Sevigny and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, the National’s Aaron Dessner, director Miles Joris-Peyrafitt, photographer Ryan McGinley.

    The event will be produced and creative directed by Courtney's former Hole bandmate Melissa Auf der Maur, alongside artist Joe Mama-Nitzberg, and will include conversations, readings, videos and performances that will “shine a light on all of the ways that Love has influenced culture and inspired women and marginalized people.”

    In a statement, Auf der Maur said, “Courtney’s legacy is vital to the voice of women in our culture. The passion she brings to her life and art fuels and inspires the long fought battle for the empowerment of alternative voices as they take centre stage at last!”

    If you fancy making the journey to New York State, tickets for the event on 27 October can be bought online.

    Let's take a trip down memory lane, and remind ourselves of Courtney's legacy.

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  8. Stefflon Don's naughty music video forces school to apologise

    Stefflon Don in school uniform

    A North London private school says it's seeking legal advice after getting complaints about a "highly inappropriate" music video filmed on its grounds.

    Stefflon Don used Mill Hill School to film the video for her new song, Pretty Girl.

    One scene depicts the rapper smoking cannabis in her dorm, and she can also be seen swearing at another student.

    The school has apologised and says it is "investigating" how the video was allowed to be made.

    In the video for Pretty Girl, Mobo winner Stefflon Don plays a new girl entering a pretty unwelcoming environment. After struggling to make friends, the 26-year-old gets into a very sweary argument with another student during a row on the football pitch and appears naked in a shower scene.

    Finally she appears to make some friends when she depicts getting high in her dorm room with some other girls.

    The video for the song was released on Monday. Here's a sneak peek:

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    Mill Hill School was criticised by the chairman of the Campaign For Real Education for allowing it to be shot on its grounds.

    "The message being sent by this video popularises everything which good schools should be against - drug-taking, swearing, and overt sexuality," Chris McGovern said.

    "These are all things which schools should be trying to guide pupils away from, not promoting them. Parents who are paying fees for their children to go there will be appalled."

    Stefflon Don

    The school says it gives permission for shoots on its grounds so that it can raise money for its "charitable objectives".

    In a statement it said: "The head and the governors are investigating how a highly inappropriate film was allowed to be made at the school.

    "We include in all hire agreements the requirement that parties should not bring the school into disrepute, and we are seeking legal advice on the matter."

    It's not clear whether the school knew about the content of the film before accepting the booking but they say "strict controls are in place" and that in this case "these controls were breached".

    The school has also apologised for the offence caused.

  9. Throwback Thursday: When Spandau Ballet were going for gold

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    Today's #TBT goes out to anybody collecting their GCSE results today, as you're all gold star students in our book.

    As we told you earlier, Ross William Wild performed his first TV duties this week as Spandau Ballet's new singer (scroll down).

    He'll have to fill Tony Hadley's sizeable shoes, which you can find walking through the desert above.

    Enjoy and good luck peeps.

  10. Whyte Horses: 'I'm making my own fantasy band'

    Paul Glynn

    Music News LIVE reporter

    Whyte Horses
    Image caption: Whyte Horses with Dom (left)

    Until about five years ago Whyte Horses chief Dom Thomas didn't really write any songs.

    He was busying himself travelling the world in search of new music to play during his DJ sets and to put out on his label Finders Keepers.

    However there were, it seems, always one or two records that were just out of reach.

    Instead of an endless search for the missing pieces of his vinyl-shaped puzzle, the music mad Mancunian decided to simply write them himself instead.

    "It was all born out of frustration - I just sort of took the bull by the horns" he explains, backstage at the Green Man festival ahead of the 12 piece's Friday night gig.

    "I just didn’t hear any songs that touched me.

    "And I wanted to make my fantasy band and I'm on the way to doing that now.

    "I can be an egotist and say Whyte Horses are my favourite band because it was designed like that.

    "It's not a fluke – its just graft and songwriting.

    "I really believe in my music and I don’t need anyone to tell me it's good."

    He adds: "More people need to do that. Too many bands do what’s expected of them.

    Quote Message: Make the record that’s missing in your life or your ultimate fantasy record. Instead of writing two great songs and then filler.
    Quote Message: It should mean everything and the test for every Whyte Horses song is it has to make you feel something.
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    The band with an ever-changing lineup arrived in Wales as a 12 piece to perform songs from their two albums, 2016's Pop or Not and this year's follow-up Empty Words.

    Their 13th member providing live visuals for the blissed out crowd at the Far Out stage.

    It sounds like a lot of work for a lot of people.

    "It's easier for us – there’s more people to hide behind. You don’t have to play your notes right!" jokes the guitarist.

    "It's very layered as I'm really into 60s production.

    "We’re not a retro band - I hate that label - but I do like a lot of the gear, nice amps and compressors and whatever else.

    "Having a layered sound is everything to us and it's our sound, so we can't really get by with less than 10 people, it doesn’t sound big enough or layered enough."

    There'll be considerably more than that on stage with them at their show at London's Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre on 13 September, as a star-studded collection of guests including La Roux (who featured on the last album, below), Badly Drawn Boy and The Go! Team will share vocal duties - alongside kids from the St. Bartholomew's Choir, who sang on an alternative version of their debut record.

    The man in the Horses' saddle believes that if you're going to create a fantasy world then you might as well dream big.

    "I don’t waste time on things that aren’t going to be brilliant.

    "I started later and I haven’t got time to mess about."

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  11. Duncan James rejoins Chicago cast 10 years later

    Duncan James

    It's been an exciting time for the boys of Blue:

    Simon got married, Lee joined Strictly, Antony lost a "transformational" amount of weight, and now Duncan James is rejoining the cast of West End musical, Chicago.

    Duncan will be playing the role of Billy Flynn, a role he originally played in 2008, joining Alexandra Burke starring as Roxie Hart.

    Catch him at London's Phoenix Theatre from 10 September 2018.

  12. Lost Mick Jagger/Carly Simon duet found after more than 45 years

    Mick Jagger
    Image caption: Hands up if you want to hear it

    The ballad, thought to be called Fragile, was recorded in 1972 but never made it into the public domain.

    Now according to AP It's now been found on a tape owned by a Rolling Stones collector named Matt Lee.

    Lee has apparently not said where the tape came from but did reveal he had sent a digital copy of the song to suitably-named US publication Rolling Stone as they promised to pass it on to Carly.

    “I’m not doing it for the money,” he was reported to have said.

    “I’m a collector. My motive for sending it to Rolling Stone was to pass it to Carly.”

    Let's hope that Carly passes it on to the rest of us then too, eh?

    Carly Simon
    Image caption: Carly Simon attends a Mick Jagger party in New York in 1981
  13. Kev Parker would love to work with 'godlike' Daft Punk

    Kevin Parker of Tame Impala

    Tame Impala last released an album in 2015 but mastermind Kev P has kept himself busy, working with the likes of Mark Ronson, SZA and Lady Gaga.

    Now after being asked by Billboard who would be his dream collaborator, the Aussie psych rock disco star said his favourite rapper has been replaced by some French electro pioneers.

    Parker said: "Kanye held the number one spot there - he was the answer to that question for a long time."

    He went on: “Daft Punk... I hold them in absolutely legendary regard.

    "They’re so god-like to me, but I don’t even know what I’d do or how I’d do it with them.”

    Please guys, let it happen.

    Read more.

  14. Taylor Swift’s Reputation US stadium tour tops her own previous record

    taylor swift

    When it comes to stadium tours, Ms Swift is clearly doing something right.

    Billboard has reported that her The Reputation Stadium Tour is now ranked as the highest-grossing US tour by a woman, excluding residencies.

    Who did she beat for the top spot? None other than... (you guessed it) Taylor Swift - and a record previously set by the 1989 World Tour.

    Across the 27 domestic dates that have been reported to Billboard so far, Swift has brought in $191.1 million (£148 million), with an additional $11.1 million (£8.6 million) earned in Canada.

    The 1989 World Tour grossed $181.5 million (£141 million) in the US, and $250.7 million (£195 million) worldwide.

    Each of Taylor's US shows is reportedly averaging a whopping $7 million (£5.45 million). That's, like, a mansion's worth a night, right? We've definitely chosen the wrong profession...

    To put it plainly Taylor should be filthy stinking rich by now, so if you end up on a night out with her like Ed Sheeran and Future did for one music video from her last album then you can let her get the round in.

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    However, over here in the UK, our BBC Music reporter, Mark Savage, explored why some of Taylor's concert tickets actually ended up being given away for free, and why there were plenty of empty seats each night.

    Check out why this happened, and what impact this could have on her total sales byreading here.

    Taylor has 11 dates left to play in the US and will then play seven shows in Australia, New Zealand and Japan in the autumn.

  15. Dance music fans are digging the All Day Rave

    BBC 6 Music

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    Today BBC Radio 6 Music are marking 30 years of club culture by playing big 'choons' all day long.

    The Second Summer of Love in 1988 saw the rise of acid house music in the UK.

    Listening back to some of the bangers that have been released since that historic summer, it seems, is making many of you very happy indeed.

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  16. Gabrielle: 'I've been playing mum!'

    BBC Radio 2

    Video content

    Video caption: Gabrielle chats to Craig about touring, new music and her love of Rick Astley.

    Pop star Gabrielle has been telling Radio 2 DJ Craig Charles all about her current single Shine and why there’s been such a long wait for new music.

    Her new album Under My Skin - her first since 2007 - came out on Friday.

    "I've been on the school run, playing mum!" she told Craig.

    "And in between that I haven't completely been away because I have been doing shows on and off for years and I have been writing constantly.

    "The actual act of writing towards a proper album didn't happen until last year."

    She also discussed her love of Rick Astley, how she’s always nervous backstage and her continued appreciation of how her fans still love all the old stuff.

    Listen above.

  17. Drake gets political and also brings out Travis Scott at hometown gig

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    The people of Toronto were treated to a surprise guest appearance by US chart-topping rapper Travis Scott onstage with Drizzy last night night.

    "Make some noise for Travis Scott", said Drake.

    "Number one album in the world."

    Travis's album Astroworld is number one in both Canada and the US - Nicki Minaj fans ain't best pleased.

    Watch some fan-shot footage above.

    According to Billboard, the Canadian singer/rapper went on to discuss how the multi-cultural nature of his home city Toronto made him the man he is today.

    “I’m forever grateful, everywhere I go, I carry the values of this city with me.

    “Every night that I go and I do a show in America, I tell them, ‘This is how the world is supposed to work.'"

    He added: "You see, tonight, we got 17,000 people inside one building from all races, from all places, and all we are doing is just listening to music, and smoking and drinking - and enjoying our lives. And I want you to know that that’s something that I learned right here in Toronto.”

  18. More Disclosure tracks

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    We should probably just call this Disclosure week.

    Or full Disclosure might be better.

    After dropping Moonlight on Monday and Where Angels Fear To Tread on Wednesday, last night Love Can Be So Hard has now joined the fold.

    Quote Message: We’re taking you on a throwback 80’s vibe with this one... inspired by our love of 80’s pop artists like Alexander O’Neil and Luther Vandross, we chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head!

    You can have a listen above. And check out another release of theirs which dropped this morning over on YouTube if you fancy.

  19. Steven Tyler demands Trump stops playing Aerosmith songs at his rallies

    Steven Tyler

    We're starting to think that US President Donald Trump - or at least his campaign manager - is a bit of a die-hard Aerosmith fan.

    In 2015, Steven Tyler's legal team warned the then-Republican presidential candidate over his use of Dream On on the campaign trail.

    Now, Steven has again sent President Trump a cease-and-desist letter for using the band’s music without permission at a political rally - this time using their 1993 hit Livin' on the Edge at a rally on Tuesday.

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    The letter said:

    Quote Message: By using Livin’ On The Edge without our client’s permission, Mr. Trump is falsely implying that our client, once again, endorses his campaign and/or his presidency, as evidenced by actual confusion seen from the reactions of our client’s fans all over social media.

    The band take up a Vegas residency next year.

    We're thinking Mr President - who has previously been warned by The Rolling Stones for using their track You Can't Always Get What You Want as his walk-on music - may not be on the guest list.

    Check out the track in question below, which contains the lyrics:

    There's somethin' wrong with the world today / I don't know what it is /

    Something's wrong with our eyes

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  20. Charges dropped against Uganda pop star

    Bobi Wine greets supporters
    Image caption: Bobi Wine beat candidates from the main political parties in last year's by-election to become an MP

    Uganda's dropped charges against Bobi Wine, an MP and pop star, reports say.

    The move follows protests in Uganda and calls by global stars such as Chris Martin, Angelique Kidjo and Damon Albarn (below) for his release.

    Mr Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, had been due in a military court to face charges of unlawfully possessing firearms.

    It's unclear if the independent MP will instead be charged in a civilian court.

    Mr Wine's lawyers say he has been seriously assaulted in detention, which the military denies.

    Read more.

    More than 80 artists, including Chris Martin (L), Angelique Kidjo (C) and Damon Albarn (R), want Bobi Wine freed
    Image caption: More than 80 artists, including Chris Martin (L), Angelique Kidjo (C) and Damon Albarn (R), want Bobi Wine freed