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  1. We're off to get battered...

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    .. in a strictly pancake sense, of course.

    That's all we've got time for on MNL today folks.

    Scroll down for James Blunt's touching Q Awards story tribute to late Prodigy star, Keith Flint, find out why Kanye is legally not allowed to retire and how Morrissey is heading to Broadway.

    Plus Lil Peep's pal is our Newbie Tuesday featured artist and there's new music videos from Ibibio Sound Machine and Four Tet and Sigrid in the Live Lounge.

    Enjoy your pancakes tonight.

    We'll leave you this totally crepe joke, from the people at Radio 1Xtra.

  2. There are still 239 days until Halloween, Mac DeMarco

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    That really is him underneath that terrifying cowboy snake makeup in the frankly bizarre promo for his new chilled out single, Nobody.

    It's taken from his forthcoming album, Here Comes the Cowboy - due out in March.

    As we reported on Monday, he's curating his own event at Dreamland in Margate, Kent in June.

    We hope he leaves the prosthetics at home or you won't recognise him.

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    Aussie singer-songwriter Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, has also shared a funky new groove, Sanity, which also comes with its own bizarre video, shot in the Canary Islands.

    Check it out above

    The track is taken from his second album (recorded under his own name) Run Fast Sleep Naked, which is due out on 26 April.

  3. Viagogo threatened with legal action

    Crowd at a gig

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has threatened to take the secondary ticketing site to court, claiming it has not been compliant with a court order forcing it to be more transparent about where tickets are coming from.

    The CMA said it has "warned Viagogo it is still not compliant with the court order we secured, requiring improved information be displayed about the tickets listed for resale on its site."

    It added: "Although some improvements have been made since we first demanded action to address areas of non-compliance, further checks have shown there are still issues of concern."

    The ticket seller was given a deadline of 17 January to comply with a series of changes.

    Geneva-based Viagogo told the BBC shortly after that deadline it was "compliant".

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  4. Sugababe Heidi was 'terrified' about being papped

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Video content

    Video caption: Sugababe Heidi Range on spending her 20’s “terrified” her cellulite would be photographed

    Former Sugababe Heidi Range has told BBC Radio 5 Live that she spent her 20's “terrified” that her cellulite would be photographed by paparazzi.

    Speaking to Emma Barnett, Heidi said she’d always struggled with her self-image.

    "Most women have cellulite but you're made to feel ashamed of that," she said, "so there was that pressure.

    "But the pressure now on young girls, I've got a one-year-old daughter and it terrifies me that she will have that pressure on her."

    She added that she was "constantly on a diet," during her pop star days.

    Watch above.

  5. The Killers pay tribute to Luke Perry

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    The Vegas band have paid tribute to the late actor, who was confirmed dead yesterday, aged 52.

    Perry, who was best known for his role in Beverly Hills 90210, also appeared as a cowboy in the music video for The Killers' 2011 Christmas track, ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!

    "So sad to lose Luke Perry," they wrote on Instagram, in a post that included the aforementioned video (see above).

    "He did an amazing job in ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! for no compensation, because all went to charity.

    "An honour to have him in the video. He will be greatly missed."

  6. Sigrid channels Dua and Calv

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    The Norwegian pop star and BBC Sound of 2018 winner popped by Radio 1 earlier to perform her latest single Don't Feel Like Crying.

    As is tradition in the Live Lounge, she also sang a cover version and plumped for the Brit-winning duo's song above.

    One cover is all it takes in the Live Lounge.

    We'll bring the full video when we have it.

  7. Jonas Bros doc to air on Amazon

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    The returning band of brothers, who seem to have acquired a mystery fourth member (above - any ideas?) are to be the subject of a new Amazon documentary.

    It will apparently go behind the scenes and chronicle the band's first new music in six years, which came in the form of new single, Sucker.

    Kevin, Nick - Jonas, not Grimshaw - and Joe said in a statement: “Our fans are the best in the world and have shared in our journey as the Jonas Brothers and us as individuals.

    “In releasing this documentary we wanted to make sure we partnered with an innovative platform, like Amazon, that could reach our fans around the world.”

    It helps they probably got well remunerated by Jeff Bezos (Amazon's founder and world's richest man).

  8. Lil Peep's pal is not your new 'favourite sad true underground vapour wave funk artist'

    Newbie Tuesday #67 Bexey would rather make hits than friends

    Kev Geoghegan

    Music News LIVE reporter


    In November 2017, east London rapper Bexey lost his best friend, American rapper Lil Peep to an accidental drug overdose.

    The pair first met on Soundcloud, bonding over a love of each other's sparse, emo hip hop and went on to record, tour together and even live together.

    Speaking to Music News LIVE in the months following Peep's death, Bexey - whose real name is George Mejer - said the emotions were still pretty raw.

    "I don’t know if there’s a word for it," he said.

    "I wouldn’t call angry, it’s just an intense emotion. It's every possible feeling at all times."

    The story was further complicated after a video emerged, shot by Bexey, of an apparently lifeless Peep on board their tour bus. Defending himself at the time, he claimed his friend was snoring and appeared to be asleep.

    It's not something he will talk about now but he addressed the controversy in a track, Letter to Peep, almost immediately in the aftermath of the 21-year-old's sudden death.

    "I wrote it all out in about two minutes overflowing with emotion," he explains.

    "I have to express myself always or I literally will go crazy, I have to let it out, there’s too much going on in my head you know I don’t have many friends to talk to. I don’t really like bothering people either so my microphone is my friend, my best friend.

    "I have to let everything out - especially that. I can’t sit there with that in my head.

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    Bexey, 22, was raised in a housing estate in Romford, east London and first got into music through his older brothers who were heavily into grime.

    His parents broadened his tastes, Thin Lizzy on his dad's side and disco on his mum's (Rick James, Keith Sweat).

    "I started off rapping in the playground, we recorded on our phones and clashed each other, like battled each other with lyrics.

    "I started recording songs when I was about 15 or 16, nothing serious, but when I got to around 17 I knew this was it and dedicated my life to it."

    While his music now could not accurately be categorised as grime, he says there are still traces of it.

    "Maybe in my flow, an aggressive flow. I think everyone that listens to grime, even if they don’t make grime music, they still have that aggressiveness they can tap into because I was like nine-years-old and listening to lyrics about kicking off doors and waving guns and I’ve always loved it."

    Bexey's music is hard to pigeonhole, taking inspiration from southern trap hip hop beats and emo rock on tracks like Villain Tears (which comes with a language warning).

    "I describe what I do as magic, not to be big-headed but that’s how I view it. Sometimes I won’t even release the songs but it’s like therapy for me. When I go to my room and put the lights off and candles on and let it out it’s like magic.

    Quote Message: Someone tweeted me a few years back and was like 'Bexey is my favourite sad, true underground, vapour wave, funk artist'. I’m like, 'bro you just listed 12 things that don’t make any sense.'

    What is beyond dispute is Bexey's ability to connect with fans in live shows. His headline slot at a fairly intimate London venue saw him prowl the front of a small stage as his fans "or family" as he constantly refers to them sang feverishly to every song and mobbed him whenever he approached them.

    "That’s my favourite thing, to be on stage, to be in the room with my people, they're like my extended family," he says.

    "Some people don’t understand the music, they're like 'this is weird, what is this?' But me telling the world how I feel without holding back, there’s people out there, like me, who relate to it."

    And the reason for his confidence on stage comes from a youth spent training as a boxer.

    "If I have a show, the adrenaline kicks in and I used to box so I learn to use my nerves to my advantage. You can let your nerves overtake you in a boxing ring or you can use them and be like, 'No I’m gonna show you.'

    He's been working on new music but adds he's trying to avoid oversaturation, citing artists like Danny Brown and Kid Cudi - who release music sparingly.

    "When they don’t release music for a year then drop an album, it’s more special.

    "I’ve got his [Cudi] lyrics from Passion Pain and Demon Slayin' (the title of his 2016 album) tattooed on my arm.

    "He is a huge, huge inspiration, he’s like my hero. When I listen to him and the things he talks about, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, demons... when I hear that it's like he’s talking to me."

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    Despite his brash stage presence and colourful physical appearance, Bexey describes himself as an introvert who prefers his own company, particularly when the mood to write and record strikes.

    "I don’t like to force it but when there's intense emotion, I could be out with my friends and I can be like, 'I need to go home and let this out'. I don’t want to sit around and waste time when I can make hits."

    Read Newbie Tuesday #66 How frenetic Freshers' Week helped Fur capture 'timeless sound'

  9. Four Tet puts out Nelly Furtado-inspired banger

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    Here's one from Friday that you may have missed, amidst all the tonnes of new music.

    UK DJ Kieran Hebden - aka Four Tet - as finally released his floor-filling track, Only Human, under his own initials, KH.

    The cool kids among you may have heard this on dancefloors across Europe already but he's had to wait until now to put it out officially after getting permission to use a sample of Nelly Furtado's Afraid.

    Listen to a snippet of the track, which was Annie Mac's recent Hottest Record, above.

  10. Keep calm and listen to ISM

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    Here's an early slice of summer for you right now, courtesy of UK Afro-funk act Ibibio Sound Machine with their new single, Guess We Found a Way.

    It's taken from their new album, Doko Mien, which is out 22 March.

    The title means “tell me” in the southern Nigerian language Ibibio.

    The band kick-off their tour tonight in Brighton and return to the UK in the summer for a host of gigs including Live at Leeds, All Points East festival in London and Boardmasters in Newquay.

    Listen above but be warned, your productivity this morning may sag as a result.

  11. Marshmello shows he's not soft


    So while Moz is off to Broadway, another misunderstood artist, Marshmello, has landed himself a sweet new deal in Las Vegas.

    The DJ with the fluffy head has snagged a two-year residency at the new KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort.

    It's the same venue Cardi B is hosting her own residency.

    The contract is worth a reported $60m, and he'll now follow Drake, Lady Gaga and a host of younger-leaning acts to Sin City.

    Marshmello, who has released tracks with Selena Gomez, Anne-Marie and Bastille, will be in the DJ booth from 6 April.

  12. Sigrid is coming

    BBC Radio 1

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    More specifically, the Norwegian pop star is on her way into the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

    The 22-year-old releases her long-awaited debut album, Sucker Punch, this Friday and you'll get a taste of it today as she'll perform Don't Feel Like Crying, as well as a mystery cover.

    Tune into Radio 1 from Midday.

  13. Madonna marks 30 years of 'controversy' over Like A Prayer


    The Queen of Pop has taken to social media to celebrate 30 years of her Like A Prayer video, which looks completely tame nowadays but caused a huge fuss in 1989 - particularly within the Catholic church who wanted it banned.

    "30 years ago today," she wrote on Insta, "I released Like a Prayer and made a video that caused so much controversy because I kissed a black saint and danced in front of burning crosses!

    "Happy Birthday to Me and Controversy!"

    Fun fact, Leon Robinson, the black actor who played the saint in the video went on to to play Darius in the Disney movie Cool Runnings.

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  14. James Blunt: Keith Flint hugged me when everyone hated me

    James Blunt (l) and Keith Flint

    Yesterday we were rocked with the news of the death of Prodigy frontman Keith Flint at the age of 49.

    A statement from the band suggested he had taken his own life at his home in Essex though the police have yet to confirm a cause of death.

    Tributes poured in for Keith, who - as well as being a much-loved electro-rock god -, apparently ran a local pub and regularly took park in Parkrun on a Saturday morning.

    Not your average rock star.

    Singer James Blunt, who never disappoints on Twitter, has shared a heart-warming tale about the late star, whose wildman onstage persona now seems at odds with his real life character.

    "At the Q Awards years ago," wrote James, "when Noel Gallagher was saying he was leaving Ibiza because I’d moved there, and Damon Albarn refused to be in the same picture as me, and Paul Weller was saying he’d rather eat his own [expletive] than work with me, Keith Flint came over, gave me a hug, and said how thrilled he was for my success."

    He added:

    Quote Message: Keith, I only met you once, but I shed a tear at the news of your death. In our business, there are no prizes for being kind, but if there was, that Grammy would be yours.

    Read more: Keith Flint - stars and fans recall the Firestarter's soft side

  15. Corey Feldman says Michael Jackson documentary is 'one-sided'

    Corey Feldman

    The former child actor, who was friends with Michael Jackson when he was teenage star, has called Leaving Neverland - the controversial documentary which suggests the late singer was a child molester - is "one-sided".

    Writing on Twitter, Feldman, 47, said that as much as two men who have accused Jackson of sexual assault "deserve to have their voices heard", there is "no chance of a defence from a dead man".

    He said the allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck are "where it becomes La La land instead of Neverland," adding the only time Jackson ever talked about sex was "a few warnings about how sex was scary and dangerous".

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    The two-part film will air on Weds/Thurs on Channel 4 after first airing in the US on HBO earlier this week.

    Feldman has long alleged Hollywood figures molested young actors including himself and Corey Haim and filed a report with police in 2017 after vowing to expose an alleged paedophile ring in Hollywood.

  16. Kanye is not allowed to retire - his contract says

    Kanye West

    They say that one of the biggest killers of old people is retirement...

    Well, that's not something the rapper and producer needs to worry about now, as - in the context of a new legal action - he is legally prevented from retiring under the terms of his record contract.

    Kanye is currently trying to extricate himself from his deal with EMI, which he first signed in 2003 and has since signed several extensions.

    The rappper says it is "lopsided" and claims he has been underpaid. He also argues it is a infringement on his rights as a California law - known as the De Haviland Law - states it is illegal to keep anyone locked into a personal service contract for more than seven years.

    The name comes from Gone with the Wind actress Olivia de Havilland, who used it to win her freedom from the Warner Bros studio in the 1940s.

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    Kanye says under the terms of his contract he must "remain actively involved in writing, recording and producing" songs and albums and "at no time during the term will you seek to retire as a songwriter, recording artist or producer".

    EMI is trying to get the case moved from state court to a US federal court, which has jurisdiction over copyright law.

    In more positive Kanye news, the star has indeed been hard at work putting on his Sunday Service shows, which seem to be going well.

    He's even covered a British house music classic (above).

  17. Moz on Broadway


    Morrissey is to do a Bruce Springsteen and perform a string of shows on Broadway this summer.

    That's Broadway in America by the way, not Broadway near Salford Lads Club.

    The 59-year-old will play seven shows at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in Midtown Manhattan from 2-11 May.

    The shows are described in a press release an “intimate yet exciting exploration of Morrissey’s expansive career from his early days to his upcoming new record”.

    The Mancunian miserablist releases his protest-themed covers album, California Son, on 24 May.

    “Another milestone in an already storied career," it goes on, "longtime fans of Moz will get a rare opportunity to see the star branch out into new territory and take the stage like never before.”

  18. How subscription is replacing ownership

    Ariana Grande

    First up today, owning your film and music collection is becoming a thing of the past.

    Sorry to be so blunt fellow Luddites but stats are stats.

    More money was spent on subscription services like Spotify and Netflix last year than on physical DVDs and CDs, according to new figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association.

    In music, subscription now accounts for 62% of total revenues; while video on demand has a 55% market share.

    Video games show a similar trend, with online subscriptions generating more than downloads and disc sales.

    "New digital services have created a 'Generation Rent' for whom access models seem natural," said ERA CEO Kim Bayley.

    "It is nothing less than a revolution in the entertainment business."

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  19. Flippin 'eck it's Tuesday

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    Can you believe it's Pancake Day already?

    If you're excited about that fact music fans then why not take the BBC's quiz.

    Our frying pans will be out in force later for sure, but before that:

    • Actor Corey Feldman defends Michael Jackson against "one-sided" doc
    • Another big music star is confirmed for a Vegas residency and one for Broadway
    • New music from Ibibio Sound machine and Four Tet
    • A Newbie Tuesday artist who definitely isn't "sad true underground vapour wave funk"

    UK rapper Scroobius Pip is less keen about being told when he's allowed to eat his pancakes...

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