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  1. Sorry Not Sorry

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    But we're off. See you guys later - especially you Demi.

    Don't forget to tune in to BBC One at 19:30 GMT tonight to see Miss Lovato perform on Sounds Like Friday Night, alongside Plan B, Stefflon Don and Stereophonics.

    Until then scroll down to learn the five key things we learnt this week on Music News LIVE, plus reviews of Taylor Swift's new album, more from Sam Smith's big BBC Special, news of big rock headliner for next summer and new music from Sigrid and Elbow.

    See how the Bury band's Christmas Beatles cover compares to a few others down the years.

    We'll leave you with Demi's cover of a top Hozier tune while we both log off and head to *church ourselves.


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    *By church we mean the pub.

  2. What does our music reporter think of Taylor Swift album?

    Video content

    Video caption: Is Taylor Swift's Reputation intact?

    By now, we assume, most of you will already have formed your own opinions on the new TS album.

    If you could find a copy that is, all you full paid-up music streamers.

    But we know you're all dying to discover what a man paid to be an expert on all things pop has to say...

    So here's our man Mark Savage with his first musings on Reputation.

  3. Met police to remove controversial 696 risk assessment form

    Police van

    The Met police in London have announced plans to shelve a controversial risk assessment form for live music venues which had been accused of unfairly targeting grime and UK garage nights.

    Form 696 was introduced in 2005 in response to a number of shootings at promoted club nights across the city.

    But there have been claims the form - which asked for the ethnic make-up of the audience attending and the music genre being played - was used in a "racist" way to target grime artists.

    The Met Police denied the voluntary form targeted certain genres of music.

    Speaking in 2016, British rapper Giggs (pictured below), who had several live shows blocked over safety concerns said: "They need to work with us. If they think there's a threat then help us - put some police out there and work with us rather than just shutting us down.


    "That's what needs to change. We're ready, it's down to them."

    In a statement, Superintendent Roy Smith, said there was no doubt "a number of serious incidents have been prevented through the effective exchange of information, advice and intelligence".

    But he added: "We also recognise recent concerns raised by members of the London music industry, particularly around a perception that events associated with some genres of music were disproportionately affected by this process.

    “We have taken the decision to remove the Form 696 and instead develop a new voluntary partnership approach for venues and promoters across London.

    A version of form 696 has been adopted by 16 other forces in England.

  4. 5 Things We've Learnt This Week

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    1) Diddy changed his name again. Or Diddy not?

    While celebrating his 48th birthday on Saturday, the rapper - who had perhaps enjoyed a few refreshments, shall we say - revealed (above) he would no longer be answering to any of his previous names including Puffy, Diddy or Puff Daddy.

    Instead, he said, he would now be known as simply....Love. Or Brother Love, if you must.

    "I know it's risky, 'cause it comes off as corny to some people," he said.

    "But I've decided to change my name again.

    "I'm just not who I am before."

    It caused a stink online and the original Brother Love - aka the former manager of old WWF Wrestler The Undertaker - urged the rapper to "find a new gimmick".

    After a proper night's sleep and a cold shower, Diddy backed down, calling the whole thing a joke (below).

    Well he'll never be a stand-up comedian but we still LOVE... erm... whatever his name is...

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    Paris Hilton

    2) Paris Hilton is releasing her second album

    A short 11 years after the release of her self-titled debut record, the US socialite-turned DJ (don't laugh - she's smashing it) is returning with another record.

    She's described it to Time magazine as "deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop."

    Paris's musical tastes have clearly evolved since her last attempts at pop stardom, which actually saw her score a number five UK single with this little ditty (below). Remember?

    Okay, let's move swiftly on.

    Read more.

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    Bee Gees

    3) The Bee Gees musical is in the works

    Opening Night Fever hit the Music News LIVE office yesterday when the band that everybody claims as being from their town announced a musical account of their story was coming soon...

    The group's sole surviving member Barry Gibb, who will exec produce the show, called the project a "wonderful opportunity" for his family.

    "It's another adventure for us and a chance to throw the spotlight on all my brothers and finally the real story of us will be told."

    Barry played the Sunday afternoon 'legends slot' at this summer's Glasto, ahead of Nile Rodgers' Chic, and here's how he got there (below), with the trio going from Beatles apes to disco kings, via psych, pop and more.

    Read more.

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    Marilyn Manson

    4) Marilyn Manson justified a gun stunt at US gig following mass shooting

    The shock rock singer this week defended pointing a prop gun into his audience at a gig in California just hours after the mass shooting at a church in Texas, which left 26 people dead.

    The stunt apparently happened during his song We Know Where You **** Live, when he pointed the fake gun at fans in San Bernadino while singing into a microphone that was attached to it.

    Manson released a statement explaining it was an “act of theatre” and that the use of the prop weapon had been approved by police.

    "In an era where mass shootings have become a nearly daily occurrence," he said.

    "This was an act of theatre in an attempt to make a statement about how easily accessible semi-automatic weapons are.

    Quote Message: My art has always been a reaction to popular culture and my way to make people think about the horrible things that happen in this world.

    Decide for yourselves how entertaining this particular piece of 'art' was.

    Read more.

    Tobi Sunmola

    Last but by no means least...

    5) Everybody should look/listen out for Tobi Sunmola

    This week saw the start of our brand new feature Newbie Tuesday (see what we did there?), which will aim to introduce us all to some of the best new musical acts.

    The inaugural spotlight was shone on Manchester rapper/singer Tobi Sunmola.

    The 23-year-old, who spent the first 16 years of his life in his native Nigeria before moving to the north-west of England, mixes hip hop/grime/gospel/electronica and released his captivating self-produced debut EP Childhood Culture earlier this year.

    Speaking of his musical upbringing, Toby said: "I used to go home and watch music videos by Kanye and Sade and try and break down all the instruments they used in the songs.

    "So, from an early age, I was fascinated by the idea of how songs were made."

    Check him out below and we'll bring you #2 next week. Tuesday to be precise. Obviously.

    Read more.

    Video content

    Video caption: Tobi Sunmola performs Run Free at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016
  5. Are Westlife releasing new music next week?

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    Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without them would it?

    The above tweet seems to suggest a release date of next Friday as an in-no-way airbrushed blemish-free Mark Feehily gazes in wonder at a starry sky.

    Very little on the detail front though.

    The news was "confirmed" by Northern Ireland broadcaster U105 below, after they apparently spoke to X Factor judge and band manager Louis Walsh.

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  6. What makes a great band T-shirt

    BBC 6 Music

    Video content

    Video caption: Celebrating T-Shirt Day's 10th anniversary, Deyan Sudjic & Sebastian Conran talk t-shirts

    Initially the T-shirt was made to be worn as underwear before being championed by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean.

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of T-Shirt Day, 6 Music headed to the Design Museum in London to get to the bottom of what makes a great band t-shirt.

    Watch museum director Deyan Sudjic and designer Sebastian Conran - who worked with The Clash (and lived with Joe Stummer) - recall the history of the band T above.

    Frankly, unless you can wear one like Brando, then should you really bother?...

    Marlon Brando
  7. New Music Friday: Bradley Walsh, Sia, The Corrs & Seal return

    Bradley Walsh

    Ok so we've had a dabble with Taylor's new album and heard new tracks from Sigrid, J.Derulo and a festive cover from Elbow.

    Now let's roundup some of the days other new releases.

    First up Bradley Walsh (above) has returned with the follow-up to his top-selling UK debut album of 2016; Chasing Dreams, which outsold the likes of Blossoms and Zayn.

    The new record ; When You’re Smiling, sees The Chase TV show host tackle numbers by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

    Here's Bradley doing his best Nat King Cole (below).

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    Our favourite band of Irish siblings (cue the outcry...) The Corrs are back today too with their seventh studio album Jupiter Calling.

    This musical Dundalk family still going strong after 27 years together.

    Wonder if they'll be giving Elbow a spin over their spuds and sprouts at The Corr family Christmas this year?

    Check out latest single SOS below.

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    Providing the other piece of bread (along with Bradley) in this Corrs sandwich is Seal.

    He's back with an album of swing Standards and threatening to put a spell on us all.

    "This is the album I've always wanted to make" says the 54-year-old in a message to his fans (below).

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    So make your own mind up who you'd rather hear singing songs by the rat pack: A legendary R & B soul singer, or the funny man off the telly.

    Last year the answer was emphatically the latter.

    Each to his own.

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    One more pre-festive treat for you to finish this round-up (scroll down for Elbow's efforts).

    The irrepressible Sia who, fresh from leaking her own nude picture just to chuck a spanner in the works of the paparazzi, has shared another song from her Christmas album.

    The totally appropriately named Snowman.

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  8. How does Elbow's Golden Slumbers cover compare with others?...

    Guy Garvey and Jennifer Hudson

    While the jury is still out on the annual emotional manipulation that is the new John Lewis Christmas ad (scroll down), it's clear the lads from Bury have once again produced two and half minutes of stirring music with their cover of the Beatles' Golden Slumbers.

    But how does their version of the Abbey Road classic, with its string section and Guy Garvey's soothing tones, compare with other versions of the track.

    Here are a five more, for your consideration...

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    Jennifer Hudson

    The Grammy and Oscar-winner sang one of the most recent covers of the song on the soundtrack to animated movie Sing and it's pure Hollywood musical stuff.

    Horns, strings, a massive R*B voice, they even add a chorus line when the songs splits into Carry That Weight.

    This is the kind of cover song that has Disney execs crying into their cornflakes.

    George Benson

    George Benson

    In 1970, R&B singer George sang the song as part of an entire album covering The Beatles' Abbey Road, called The Other Side of Abbey Road.

    Perhaps as a nod to Sir George Martin's musical addition to In My Life, George's trademark silky smooth vocals are accompanied by harpsichord and, in a departure from the original, the song segues into a instrumental cover of You Never Give me Your Money before coming back to Golden Slumbers.

    Somehow, it works.

    The Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees

    The brothers Gibb and Peter Frampton covered the song for the critically maligned 1978 film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    It's as faithful a cover as you can find, but hits that mid-seventies easy listening groove early on before the inevitable Carry That Weight singalong.

    The soundtrack album was beset with problems, according to Maurice Gibb, Crew members walked around openly carrying around bags of cocaine and it garnered some pretty awful reviews.

    But it still went multi-platinum in the US. Go figure.

    Neil Diamond

    Neil Diamond

    Dressed in a white diamond studded shirt, an earnest Neil Diamond covered the song for his greatest hits live gig in Los Angeles in 1988.

    "It's one of my favourite Beatles songs and each time I do it, I dedicate it to the memory of John Lennon."

    You know John wasn't even present for the recording of that one Neil? Just checking.

    It's a true fact that Neil Diamond can only ever sound like Neil Diamond.

    He gets a standing ovation but it sounds little too Vegas for our tastes.

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    Finally...Mumford & Sons

    In 2009, the Mumford's gave the song their best acoustic nu-folk shot on 6 Music for Radcliffe and Maconie.

    This is one of the better covers you will hear, despite a slightly-troubling musical shift into full blown barn dance for the Carry That Weight section.

    Fiddles at the ready gents....

  9. T-remendous efforts music lovers

    BBC 6 Music

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    So have you spilt tea over Stormzy yet? Got coffee on Adele? Or stained the Stones with beans and egg?

    Hopefully you've avoided all of those perils and are working/studying/relaxing nicely in your favourite band T-shirt, to mark 6 Music's annual sartorial salute to our musical heroes.

    Supermodel Kate Moss above has draped herself in Iggy, while DJ Lauren Laverne has gone for The Breeders. Steve Lamaq is having a bit more trouble deciding but his show is not on until later this afternoon, so he's got time yet.

    Scroll down to see what a few more celebs, including former Manchester United captain and indie rock 'n' roller Gary Neville, have gone for...

    Whatever you went for, wear it with pride.

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  10. Singer to release album co-written by Artificial Intelligence

    Taryn Southern

    "It requires a fair amount of human collaboration. You can't just press a button and create magic."

    Youtuber Taryn Southern has just released a song she wrote with the help of artificial intelligence.

    Called Break Free, it's a brooding ballad and while Taryn wrote the lyrics and melody, the backing track was built by her laptop.

    "My new collaborator is not human," she told our music reporter Mark Savage. "It's an AI algorithm".

    Read more.

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  11. Jason Derulo has fun in the sun on new track

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    Only two weeks ago he was shooting hoops with presenters Greg James and A.Dot for the first ever Sounds Like Friday Night on BBC One.

    Now Jason has wasted little time in leaving the UK winter behind to head back to *sunny LA to hang out with some scantily clad women on a boat in the video for his new track Tip Toe, which features rapper French Montana.

    Check out a snippet of the video above and a bit more of the track below.

    *Quickly googles flights to California...

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  12. Sam Smith crashes wedding during BBC special

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    Were you one of the 1.8 million people who tuned in last night to see Sam, like Harry Styles before him, get the BBC treatment?

    The man's a natural isn't he?

    Watch above as Sam surprises two brides on their big day. Wonder if he was this nervous before he won the Oscar?

    As well as turning up as a surprise performer, Sam's spent the week being a right prankster.

    Check out five things we learnt from Sam's big show, as he thanks you all from the bottom of his (three crying emojis) heart.

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  13. Guns N' Roses announced as final Download headliner

    Gun N' Roses

    Woah woah woah - Sweet Child of Mine.

    Next year's Download rock festival will see Axl Rose, Slash and co perform on the same bill as Ozzy Osbourne and Avenged Sevenfold.

    G n' R will be welcomed to the jungle that is Donington Park in Leicestershire on the weekend of 8-10 June 2018.

    Check out the festival website for more details.

  14. Sigrid holds back the tears after Hottest Record 'honour' falls on her

    Everybody's favourite new *Scandinavian pop star Sigrid had the Hottest Record last night on Radio 1 with her new track Strangers.

    Emotions were high in the studio as DJ Annie Mac poured praise on the 21-year-old Norwegian, who said she it was "very special" and "an honour" to be given such VIP treatment and she intended to cherish the moment.

    Watch her let out a roar of excitement (below) and listen to the track (above).

    *Don't worry Slotface,Tove Lo, and MØ, we haven't forgotten you...

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  15. Elbow perform Beatles cover in new John Lewis ad

    Guy Garvey

    Love it or hate it, the annual commercial schmaltzfest that is the John Lewis Christmas ad has been released and this year it's soundtracked by Elbow and 6 Music DJ Guy Garvey's dulcet tones.

    It's a cover of the Beatles classic Golden Slumbers from Abbey Road.

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    The ad, which you can of course find online or on a telly near you, features the festive friendship between a small boy and the monster named Moz (sadly, not played by Morrissey) who lives under his bed.

    Reaction has been largely positive, though it's not to everyone's taste...

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    Read more.

  16. Taylor Swift's Repuatation is out now

    Reeeeead all about it. Reeeeeead all about it.

    Tay Tay's Reputation is on the line today after her eagerly-anticipated sixth album hit the shops. It doesn't appear to have hit a lot of the major streaming services yet however so you might to have get round your friends house to listen to it - just like in the good old days.

    Unless of course you were up at 5am for Radio 1's special listening party, which saw Taylor chose her favourite tracks.

    If you missed it fear not as you can listen again above.

    Those who have heard it appear to have been impressed...

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    Ironically - given the cover picture shows Taylor in front of a back drop of newspaper cuttings about herself - shall we take a quick look at some of the early reviews?

    Why not.

    In the US, Rolling Stone magazine gives it four stars, saying: "Taylor Swift ditches tabloid drama on most intimate LP Yet," adding he new LP "shows the darker, deeper side of the pop mastermind."

    It goes on to say her new tunes "explore a timely question: What happens to your identity when you step back and stop defining yourself by how strangers see you?"

    Good for you Taylor.

    Over here The Guardian agrees on the quality, four stars again, calling the record "superb songcraft meets extreme drama."

    It disagrees, however, about the ditching the tabloid drama part, writing: "It may be mired in bitterness and gossip, but the pop star’s songwriting smarts and lyrical prowess are impossible to deny on her sixth album."

    Finally The Independent goes for four stars too, saying: "Each of the 15 songs on Reputation tackles how Swift is perceived by the people who know her - and the people who don’t."

    Now you can make an informed decision on whether to pop it in your ears.

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  17. Happy Band T-Shirt Day!

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    Morning all!

    BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Chris Hawkins looks how we feel this morning and he was up a lot earlier! Fair play though, he's still remembered to rock this little Charlatans number for band T-Shirt Day.

    We'll bring you news today of Tim Burgess's band's new phone app plus of course New Music Friday brings Taylor Swift's sixth LP into the world (though you might have to go out and physically buy it - gulp!) and a new one too from Irish folksters The Corrs.

    Comedian turned crooner Bradley Walsh is back too with the follow-up to his top-selling debut album from last year and on the singles Jason Derulo teams up with rapper French Montana.

    Later on we' reveal five of the best things we've learnt this week from the music world.

    So if you're sitting comfortably - in your favourite T - then let's begin.

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