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  1. Joy shines through pain at One Love MCR

    Music fans stand together at One Love Manchester
    Image caption: We Stand Together

    Well what an evening of music that was.

    From Ariana's all-star friends to a special surprise appearance from a famous son of Manchester (guess who?), via a dancing policeman.

    We hope you enjoyed our coverage.

    Scroll down for powerful performances from Coldplay, Little Mix, Justin Bieber Katy Perry, Take That & Robbie (blimey that seems like a long time ago now) and much much more, as well as reaction from the fans inside Old Trafford.

    We'll back back with another edition of Music News LIVE on Tuesday.

    Until then...One Love everybody.

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  2. One Love Manchester: Some final images from the night

    Before we go here are a few more pictures from on stage over the night, namely Take That, Miley, Pharrell and Robbie.

    Take That
    Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus
    Robbie Williams
  3. Fans reactions to the show

    While the audience for the gig in Manchester was huge globally, the show was about those 14,000 ticketholders who attended Ariana's original concert on 22 May, the 22 victims who didn't make it home and their families and those injured in the suicide bombing.

    Here are some of the fans who made a trip back to see the singer, less than a fortnight after that attack.

    Video content

    Video caption: Ariana fans who were at the gig on 22 May react to One Love Manchester.
  4. One Love Manchester: Re-live the action

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    From Marcus Mumford and Take That kicking off proceedings to Ariana's tear-jerking finale and everything in between (including a dancing police man and an emotional Bieber), here's some of the night's social media highlights.

  5. More than £2m raised by One Love Manchester

    The show is over but the impact of the One Love Manchester event is just beginning to be felt.

    The British Red Cross has confirmed more than £2m has been raised over the last three hours of tonight's gig through text and online donations.

    Over £10 million have been raised for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund so far.

    Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande (left)
  6. One Love Manchester: In more pictures

    One Love Manchester
    One Love Manchester
    One Love Manchester
    One Love Manchester
    One Love Manchester
  7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow...


    ...there's a lot of people trying to keep it together right now.

    The show's finale had a profound impact on a lot of people, us included, after a difficult few weeks for the people of this country.

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  8. No other words necessary

    Video content

    Video caption: Somewhere Over The Rainbow is the final song at One Love Manchester

    Some people watching the One Love Manchester event may never have heard an Ariana Grande song before tonight but this was a serious special way to end the show.

    Unbelievable to think it's taken just over a week to pull together.

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  9. A world's first? Liam and Coldplay together on stage

    Some fans had hoped the One Love Manchester gig might have seen a reunited Gallagher brothers perform together.

    Sadly, that wasn't to be but fans were treated instead to Chris Martin and Coldplay singing back-up vocals on a powerful Live Forever.

    Check it out below.

    Video content

    Video caption: Liam Gallagher's One Love Manchester's surprise guest
  10. Goosebumps for show finale

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    Ariana has just broken down into tears towards the end of performing the Judy Garland Wizard of Oz classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow in the evening's finale.

    Not a dry eye in the house.

    Top work Ariana and everyone involved.

    As Ariana fans / Arianators will know, she's been performing the track since she was 14. Check it below.

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  11. Ariana sings One Last Time in tribute to fans

    Mark Savage

    Music reporter

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    Ariana Grande has invited the entire cast of tonight's astonishing, moving show back on stage to join her in a rendition of One Last Time.

    The song - from her 2014 album My Everything - became the unofficial anthem of fans following the terror attack on 22 May. In the UK, the single re-entered the charts at number 11, considerably higher than it's original peak of 24.

    Although it was originally written about the end of a relationship, the lyrics have become symbolic of Ariana's bond with her fans, and as a farewell to the people who lost their lives in Manchester: "So, one last time, I need to be the one who takes you home."

    Shortly before tonight's concert, the star announced One Last Time would be re-released as a benefit track on iTunes.

    All proceeds from the song's sales will go to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

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  12. Noel Gallagher...

    ...isn't here.

    Not on stage anyway (much to a lot of people's disappointment below).

    So in his stead Chris Martin took on the role of Noel for the falsetto bit in Live Forever, which Liam dedicated to "the beautiful people" who lost their lives.

    Liam proves once again that he has the finest collection of cagouls on the planet, sporting a burnt orange number.

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  13. 'Love, love, love, love...'

    Not The Beatles but so says Justin Bieber and who are we to argue?...

    Video content

    Video caption: Justin Bieber rallies the crowds at One Love Manchester
  14. Coldplay: Kings of the grand gesture

    Mark Savage

    Music reporter

    Video content

    Video caption: Coldplay serenade Ariana Grande with their take on Don't Look Back in Anger

    Say what you like about Coldplay, they know what to do in front of a giant crowd.

    This is a big-hearted, multi-coloured hug of a set. Fix You is the obvious choice, Chris Martin's fragile optimism matching the mood of Manchester; while Viva La Vida is simultaneously fervent and hymnal (not an easy feat to pull off). Whatever the lyrics mean - and I'm still not sure - the song simply brings the crowd together.

    The big confetti cannons and Chris Martin's eager puppy showmanship make this one of the standout performances in a night of standout performances.

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  15. Surprise time: Heeeeere's Liam

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    Liam Gallagher lives his life in the citehhhhhhhhhhh...but we didn't know he was gonna be in this city tonight. Not officially anyway.

    The rumours (for once) turned out to be true as Liam Gallagher is in the place blasting out another Oasis classic for the crowd.

    He came on stage to a speech by former world boxing champion Muhammad Ali and burst straight into Rock 'n' Roll Star.

    Come on Noel, any chance?

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  16. Katy urges people to tell strangers they love them

    Katy Perry was one of the many voices tonight calling for unity and asked for human contact between fans.

    "The person next to you, look in their eyes and say I love you," she told the crowd.

    Cue slightly awkward moment in the Music News Live office...

    Video content

    Video caption: Katy Perry stages a love in at One Love Manchester
  17. Ariana fans 'excited and nervous' at One Love Manchester

    BBC Newsbeat

    Video content

    Video caption: Jasmine and Lydia are here to support the families. And Molly was at the Ariana Grande gig

    Newsbeat have been out in the crowd and speaking to the fans in attendance.

    Jasmine and Lydia came to support families while And Molly was at the Ariana Grande gig two weeks ago and "wanted to come for closure".

    "We aren't scared and we're going to continue with our lives."

  18. Ariana's mum hugs the fans

    Joan Grande

    Joan Grande has been making her way through the crowd - stopping of course for hugs and photos with fans.

    She said her daughter was “incredibly” brave, adding: “She’s an amazing girl..."

    She then quickly corrected herself: "...Woman”.

    Awww, we guess she'll always be her baby.