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By Kev Geoghegan & Paul Glynn

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  1. Never Forget

    Video content

    Video caption: Twenty-two years ago on 13 February 1996, Take That announced their split

    That's us done for another day of MNL.

    Scroll down to find out who's rocking Reading + Leeds, Isle of Wight and Tramlines festivals this year and a review of (nudge, wink) Kendrick Lamar's highly-charged UK gig last night.

    Plus Jack White is searching for a rock 'n' roll savour, the Smashing Pumpkins might be looking for a new bass player and we introduce your new favourite band with a Japanese name.

    Enjoy your pancakes tonight and whatever anyone tells you plain old lemon and sugar is not boring - it's classic.

    We'll leave you with a bit of Take That, exactly 22 years to the day from their original split.

    We can forgive but we can never forget...

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  2. Franz Ferdinand, The The and Friendly Fires to play Festival No.6

    Franz Ferdinand

    Let's end today as we started, with more festival news.

    It may be our fourth festival lineup post of the day (scroll down for Reading + Leeds, IoW and Tramlines) but Festival No.6 is no less deserving of a mention.

    The artsy event, which takes place in Portmerion, Wales from 6-9 September, will feature The The, Friendly Fires and Franz Ferdinand.

    You can check out Friday's MNL for reviews of the Glasgow band's new album Always Ascending as well as their recent 6 Music session.

    Watch below and the lineup shall reveal itself as the sound of The Horrors washes over you...

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  3. Newbie Tuesday #14: Yonaka are embracing the darkness

    Kev Geoghegan

    Music News LIVE reporter


    Okay first thing's first, the name, it has to mean something right?

    "It means the dead of night in Japanese," explains singer Theresa.

    "The name came before the music really, I have a friend who is half-Japanese and I was like, 'Midnight would be a really great name,' and he said, 'Oh, it's yonaka in Japanese,' and it was like 'bang, that's great'.

    "I think it was the darkness in it, everyone gets sad sometimes, without sounding like a loser.

    "I think sometimes there's this unspoken thing about being sad and feeling like crap and it was this release into a different writing area that we found."

    Following in the footsteps of bands like Wolf Alice, Slotface and their seaside town compatriots Dream Wife, Brighton-based Yonaka mix heavy guitar riffs with melodies and oddly danceable drum beats.

    They first came to the attention of the BBC, uploading to BBC Music Introducing in The South in 2015.

    They played on the Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend the following year and signed to Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart’s Hometown Records.

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    They have since singed with Atlantic Records and released their debut EP Heavy last year.

    "We mix up genres, Theresa continues, we use electronic music, we love also playing very loud. Pop, hip hop, rock."

    "We all met at uni in Brighton," she says as drummer Rob adds: "We all came together pretty instantaneously. There was definitely a spark very early on."

    Which is just as well because the band's debut live performance came about a month after their formation, though the exact date is something the singer contests.

    "I booked us a gig really soon cause I thought if we have to do it then let's do it," explains Theresa.

    "She was like, 'Right guys, I've got us a gig and we've got a deadline of a month," says guitarist George.

    "It was a bit longer than that," argues Theresa, "like three months..."

    George continues, "We got the big room at Brighton Electric."

    "It was a great show," says Theresa.

    In fact, it is the band's live show which has been making waves. Read any Yonaka gig review and you'll find the word 'raucous' somewhere.

    "Our favourite track to play is Bubblegum because we just jump around, it's been getting a really good response," says Theresa.

    "It's always our set ender," agrees Rob. "It just feels perfect."

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    The band - who are playing Primavera Sound in Barcelona this summer- have some harsh words for unscrupulous UK promoters though.

    With Brexit fast approaching, many young bands are increasingly concerned about the potential costs involved in touring, particularly outside of the UK.

    "It's still a struggle for us and we have the luxury of a major label behind us," says Alex. "For the likes of our friends' bands who aren't signed, it's not easy.

    "Playing in Europe, they treat you so much better, they look after you. I'm not moaning about the UK but there's always one promoter who will give you a hard time for no reason, whereas everyone there is so lovely so it's such a shame that young bands may find it harder to experience that."

    We'll all surely be seeing more of Yonaka in the UK and elsewhere this year. But what do the band themselves want to see more of throughout 2018?...

    Video content

    Video caption: Yonaka, the Brighton band with the big noise

    Yonaka are playing the Garage in London on 28 February.

    Read Newbie Tuesday #13: Alternative Arabic hip hop / electro from the heart of 47 Soul

  4. The Beatles trip to India - 50 years on

    Rolling Stone magazine

    The Beatles

    February 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's historic trip to India trip, which helped to change the course of popular music.

    Too much? We don't think so...

    The milestone will be marked by an exhibition in the band's hometown of Liverpool.

    Rolling Stone magazine in the US has also dug up the rather passive aggressively-titled '16 things you didn't know' about their fateful trip.

    From a 'Lord of the Rings' movie pitch, to the genesis of the White Album via ashram life, Donovan's guitar playing, the Maharishi and Ringo's British belly.

    Read more.

  5. Investigation into 'sexual battery' by Seal dropped



    The R&B singer was accused in January of having groped an actress during a visit to his home.

    However, according to TMZ, the LA County District Attorney's office have now dropped the investigation, citing a "lack of witnesses or evidence to corroborate allegations"

    Actress Tracey Birdsall alleged that the 54-year-old “lunged at her” in his kitchen.

    Seal “vehemently denied” the allegations.

  6. Watch Shamless new Haus music video

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    Despite the sound of their name, this new north London outfit are knocking out some fine indie music with an electronic feel.

    Shameless is the follow-up to their S W Y S EP and you can check out the video above.

    We'll bring you our chat with singer Ashley from the end of the band's UK tour in next week's Music News LIVE.

  7. 'Entertainment as a whole is sexist'

    Video content

    Video caption: on sexism: ‘Humanity has issues’

    The Black Eyed Peas frontman and latterly The Voice UK coach believes that sexism and inappropriate behaviour runs throughout the entertainment industry and wider society in general.

    His comments come after widespread sexual abuse claims against men within the film industry.

    Will - who lets not forget wrote the delightful tune My Humps (My hump my hump my hump my lovely lady lumps) in 2005 - told the BBC's VIctoria Derbyshire: "You're gonna watch the [lingerie designers] Victoria's Secrets awards at the same time as you talk about women empowerment.

    Quote Message: It's hypocritical, every way you look at it.

    Watch the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News Channel.

  8. Johnny Hallyday's children contest exclusion from his will

    Laura Smet (left) is contesting the award to Hallyday's fourth wife, Laeticia (right)
    Image caption: Laura Smet (left) is contesting the award to Hallyday's fourth wife, Laeticia (right)

    The children of French rock star Johnny Hallyday are contesting his will after he left everything to his fourth wife Laeticia and their adopted daughters.

    In a statement, actress Laura Smet said she was "stupefied and hurt" after learning she had been left nothing from her father's estate.

    His biological son David is also contesting, the AFP news agency said.

    The singer, who was hugely popular in his native France, died in December aged 74 from lung cancer.

    Ms Smet, 34, said she was shocked to be left without even a souvenir in her father's will, "not even the sleeve of the song Laura", which was dedicated to her.

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    In a letter addressed to her father and published in French media, she complained she had not "been able to say goodbye".

    "I would have preferred all this to stay with the family, unfortunately, in our family it's like this," she wrote.

    Read more.

  9. Jessie Ware kicks off War Child week of gigs

    Jessie Ware

    The singer-songwriter was the first artist to perform as part of the charity's Brits week, which sees nominated acts play venues in London and Manchester in the lead up to next week's Brit awards.

    Jessie sang in front of just 400 fans at the intimate Bush Hall in west London's Shepherd’s Bush. in order to help children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict.

    The rest of the week will see shows from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Laura Marling.

    Jessie Ware
  10. Bat For Lashes scores and directs a short film...

    Scene from new Dita advert

    Well, it's an advert really, for US sunglasses firm Dita.

    It features The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley becoming infatuated by a bloke who is made of stars (above).

    No, it doesn't make much sense to us either but you can check it out at YouTube for some dreamy synths.

  11. Mary J Blige to star in series based on books by My Chemical Romance singer

    Mary J Blige and Gerard Way

    Mary J. Blige will follow up her Oscar-nominated turn in the movie Mudbound with a starring role in a new Netflix series, based on the graphic novels written by Gerard Way.

    The Umbrella Academy follows the estranged members of a dysfunctional family of superheroes known as the Umbrella Academy

    Mary's co-stars include Ellen Page and Irish Misfits star Robert Sheehan.

    She will play a ruthless and unorthodox gay hitwoman called Cha Cha who travels through time to kill assigned targets.

    If The Simpsons has taught us just one thing, it's that messing with the fabric of time never goes well.

  12. Noel Gallagher hits out at his own grime-loving 'posh' kids

    Noel Gallagher

    Noel is not shy of a family feud and this time he's gone after... well...his own kids.

    The former Oasis man's sons Sonny and Donovan are apparently big fans of the UK grime scene but their multi-millionaire old man has questioned their new-found urban credentials.

    Given that it's Pancake Day we'll replace all of Noel's swear words, from his Rolling Stone interview, with the word 'flip'.

    Noel said: "They're still urban as flip.

    "They're grimed out of their little [backsides] at the minute. They are. Honestly, they are.

    Quote Message: I called my 10-year-old this evening, and he answered the phone, and this is what he said to me: 'Sup?' He's like a posh, middle-class flipping kid from flipping England. 'Sup?' I'm like...flip off. I'm in New York paying for your flipping school for you – that's what’s up.

    Cheers dad.

    The 50-year-old has announced that he'll follow Britney Spears and Lionel Richie to Scarborough this summer.

    He'll also play another outdoor gig at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

    Elsewhere on planet Gallagher, brother Liam is going straight to the top...

    ...of the Radio X roof for a gig.

    Luckily, he has a fine collection of jackets to select from as it's not warm up there.

    Liam followed in the footsteps of famous rooftop giggers U2 and The Beatles to blast out a few solo and Oasis numbers for fans and competition winners.

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    But wait a minute, is that a makeshift roof over his head?

    Some might say that's cheating.

    Right John?

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  13. J Hus does a Fiddy in the Live Liddy

    BBC Radio 1

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    Doesn't really work, that does it?

    Nevermind, we were riffing and that's the risk you take sometimes.

    The London rapper dropped into the Live Lounge yesterday as the first of five British breakthrough nominees at next week's Brit awards, to perform for Radio 1 this week.

    He covered 50 Cent in an outfit worth a million dollars and you can check it above.

    Next up at Noon is Mercury Prize-winning piano man Sampha.

    What will he have up his silky smooth golden sleeve?

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  14. Courtney Barnett shows off her multi-instrumental skills in album tease

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    Aussie slacker Courtney Barnett has teased some new music with a mysterious new video which sees her wander through an abandoned studio, trying out a few instruments and singing snatches of songs.

    It ends with the message Tell me How You Really Feel, which sounds like a definite album title.

    In the spirit of that title, here goes... Having recorded one of the albums of 2017 with her pal Kurt Vile and one of the best debut albums of 2015, we are well up for some new music from her.

    Will that do Courtney?...

  15. Reading + Leeds line-up reaction: 'The inner emo is screaming...'

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    OK so many of you have been having your say online about the newly-announced bill for the August Bank Holiday double header.

    Scroll down to find out the who, when, where and why of it.

    Jade, Finlay and Charatie below are looking forward to having their socks firmly rocked off...

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    Others (probably Yorkshire-based) are disappointed not to find the returning Arctic Monkeys on the list, while some have suggested that it needs a little updating.

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  16. Rock music is missing 'wildness' says Jack White

    Jack White

    Amen to that.

    Quote Message: Rock’n’roll needs an injection of some new young blood to really just knock everybody dead right now.

    ...said the 42-year-old, while promoting his third solo album Boarding House Reach.

    The former White Stripes axe man was speaking to The Kevin & Bean Show on US radio station KROQ and suggested a new wave of rock is “brewing”.

    Jack went on; "Since rock and roll’s inception, every 10, 12 years, there’s a breath of fresh air and a new injection of some sort of what you could, I guess, call 'punk attitude' or something like that. A wildness.

    "Things get crazy and then they get crazy for a couple years, and then they kind of get subtle, and then you’ve gotta wait for the next wave to come through and get people really excited and screaming about it again."

    Listen to the full show, in which Jack also tells the DJ that Tribe Called Quest rapper Q Tip tipped him off as to who to hire on drums for the new record.

    And check out the experimental groovy jam track of three; Corporation, below.

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  17. Kendrick Lamar rolls out the big guns for politically-charged UK show

    Annabel Rackham

    BBC Entertainment reporter

    Kendrick Lamar
    Image caption: Kendrick Lamar at The 60th annual Grammys

    Fresh from four wins at the Grammys, Kendrick Lamar took to the stage for the first of two dates at London’s O2 last night - to remind fans, if they needed reminding, of the power and impact of his latest album, Damn.

    Tracks like Humble and Loyalty were a big hit with the sold-out crowd, who recited the lyrics back to Kendrick, prompting him to shed a tear at points during his otherwise extremely energetic performance.

    Interval periods were filled with an 80s-style martial arts movie where the star's alter-ego, Kung Fu Kenny, fought his way to enlightenment - eventually finding his ‘Glow’, which seemed to represent how he had found his place in the music industry.

    The interludes provided moments of humour, but did not take away from the persistent political message of Kendrick’s songs.

    The 2012 single m.A.A.d City told how he'd experienced gun crime growing up in Compton, whilst the Black Lives Matter anthem Alright showed how little had changed in the intervening years.

    The LA rapper, who was earlier supported by James Blake, ended his performance with a rendition of God before the departing crowds were treated to his recent SZA collaboration, All the Stars, taken from the Black Panther soundtrack - which he also curated.

    It was a reminder of the influence Kendrick has had not just on music over the last year but on the culture around it too (and he'll do it all over again in London tonight).

    The hip hop star recently became the latest musician to tell fans, and now photographers, to put their cameras away during his performance, in order to safeguard the sanctity of the live show... but some of these rebels below took pictures anyway.

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  18. Craig D, Noel G and Stereo P to headline Tramlines

    Craig David

    By 'eck, it's a good morning for music fans in Yorkshire.

    As well as Leeds, Tramlines in Sheffield have announced some huge names for their 10th anniversary festival at Hillsborough Park from 20-22 July.

    Noel Gallagher will bring his cosmic pop on the Saturday night followed by Craig David's UK Garage VIbes on the Sunday.

    Stereophonics get the party started on the Friday and you can check out the rest of the lineup, which includes Blossoms, De La Soul and Jake Bugg below.

    Fun fact: Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK - so probably should have a few festivals then.

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  19. Smashing Pumpkins explain 'missing' bassist from reunion line-up

    Rolling Stone magazine

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    OK, so the reunion still hasn't been OFFICIALLY announced by the band, but their clock is still ticking down to Thursday and that rumoured long-awaited reconciliation of three-quarters of their classic lineup.

    Now, Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlain have issued a statement explaining why their original bassist D'Arcy Wretzky won't be taking part.

    Recently, she has claimed that she was not asked on tour, saying: "I know this is a huge disappointment for me, as well, but it’s not going to happen [with me]."

    "In reuniting The Smashing Pumpkins, the band's dedication remains to its fans and its music," said the band in their latest statement.

    "To that, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and William Corgan haven't played a show with D'arcy Wretzky for over 18 years. But it's not for a lack of trying.

    Quote Message: Despite reports, Ms. Wretzky has repeatedly been invited out to play with the group, participate in demo sessions, or at the very least, meet face-to-face, and in each and every instance she always deferred.

    The band added they "wish her all the best".

    Read more.

  20. Camila, Manics and Chic added to IoW lineup

    Camila Cabello

    So after yesterday's BBC Biggest Weekend tickets went on sale and this morning's Reading + Leeds announcement, your summer festival plans could be shaping up nicely.

    Other fests are available of course and that includes the Isle of Wight 2018.

    While she may be wearing red above, Cuban solo star Camila Cabello will head to the IoW, alongside Welsh rockers the Manic Street Preachers and Nile Rodgers' Chic.

    Someone's even bought her a rose ahead of Valentine's Day, look...

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    CC will perform on the same bill as previously-announced headliners Liam Gallagher, The Killers, Depeche Mode and Kasabian at the event from 21-24 June.

    Check out the full list of new names below.

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