BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
7 May 2015, City Halls
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BBC SSO 2014-15 Season Shostakovich 15 at City Halls

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Shostakovich 15 at City Halls
Thu 7 May 2015 Grand Hall
Shostakovich 15
Shostakovich 15



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Some composers fade peacefully into old age: others do things rather differently. The 71 year-old Janáček took a massive orchestra, lined up eleven more trumpets and let fly with his extraordinary Sinfonietta: a huge, brassy shout of joy that has to be heard live to be truly believed. Shostakovich, meanwhile, wrote a final symphony that seems to ask as many questions as it answers – and simply refuses to sit still and be taken seriously. Perhaps the brilliantly witty First Piano Concerto that Shostakovich wrote at the other end of his career will shed some light; but with BBC SSO guest Garrick Ohlsson joining Alpesh Chauhan as soloist, entertainment, at any rate, is guaranteed.

Prelude: 6.45pm in the Recital Room
Writer and broadcaster Stephen Johnson introduces the concert.

Post-Concert Coda (approximately 10 minutes after the main concert):
Garrick Ohlsson performs two works for solo piano by Scriabin, the Poème Op.32, No.1 of 1903 and the Sonata No.5 in F♯ major, Op.53 of 1907.