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Live Updates

By Frankie Ward, with Jamie MacLeod

All times stated are UK

That's it! What an epic end to an incredible week

A huge thank you to the teams here in Florida - you've inspired not just our nation, but the world.

And we're hearing that the UK might need to hire an extra plane to carry the extra weight of the whopping 131 medals won by the UK Armed Forces Team.

To celebrate - and "play us out" on the live page, here's the moment the sporting events officially ended at the end of the wheelchair basketball final.

Until Toronto 2017 - goodbye, and thanks for joining us!

The magical end of the sporting events at the 2016 Invictus Games!

Can you believe it was only yesterday that the UK knocked the ball out of the court?

 Alex Krol and Andy MacEarlean emerged victorious over the Kiwis Glenn Barnes and David Sheriff in the wheelchair tennis final winning 6 games to 1.

The New Zealanders had already knocked the UK's Luke Sinnott and Fergus Hurst out of the competition in its preliminary stages. But if vengeance had been gained by the UK, it didn't show on the court. Instead there were tears of pride from Krol's wife Jayne, and plans to party shared by MacEarlean's parents.

Alex Krol and Andy MacEarlean reveal the secrets of their gold medal-winning partnership.

Commentator and former top ten player Jayant Mistry looks back on the highly-anticipated match:

Jayant Mistry looks back on the wheelchair tennis final between the UK and New Zealand.

Read the full match report

That unforgettable wheelchair rugby bronze medal match...

First up, let commentator and wheelchair rugby Paralympian Steve Brown fill you in on the semi-final between the UK and Denmark:

Commentator Steve Brown recaps the UK vs Denmark wheelchair rugby face-off.

And Rory Carson reports:

The wheelchair rugby was one of the highlights of the inaugural Invictus Games. After defeating Italy and Australia comfortably in the pool stages, the UK, led by team captain Stewart Robinson, missed out on the opportunity to repeat their gold medal performance after being defeated by an impressive Denmark side. Captain Mark Peters was the star of the show as he led his side to a deserved 31-26 victory with a powerful display. The UK had found themselves 7-3 down within the opening 2 minutes and never recovered.

Rory Carson

In the bronze medal match, the UK had a point to prove - Charlie Walker in particular - and prove it they did:

UK and Australia competed for Bronze while the USA and the Danes went for Gold. The UK team, sore from their semi-final loss, inflicted a hammering on Australia as they racked up a 47-4 victory, with most of the points coming from talisman Charlie Walker.

Rory Carson

We spoke to Invictus Games newcomer Chris Middleton about his latest addition to his medal collection after the match.

The wheelchair rugby player celebrates his bronze.

In the final, the hosts knocked down Denmark again and again to cinch yet another gold for their trophy cabinet

The USA and the Danes [match] finished 28-19 and in the end it was a comfortable victory. Dane Mark Peters tormented the UK side in the semi-finals but was nullified by American captain Anthony Mcdaniel.

Rory Carson

Eddie Butler's review of the closing ceremony

The legendary commentator has discovered a surprising new musical love...

Eddie Butler

BBC Rugby commentator

It was the grand farewell and, like all closing ceremonies, a little long... Nobody cared; it was party time. There's something the arrival of darkness at a closing event - it bring a little bit of atmosphere, and a little bit of sadness.

The mood was lifted by the music - would I ever have said I was a devotee of Flo Rida? It seems I am. (Please don't tell him, for his credibility's sake.) And by the passing of the baton to Toronto.

Harry's games go on. And the next time you have a snuffle, think; Invictus.

That ridiculous UK swimming medal haul in full

Click the links for extra video content from the champion swimmers

The "fastest man in the pool" shares his ambition for the rest of the swimming event.
  • Fiona Bullen (ISC) swam her way to gold in the 50m backstroke and silvers in the 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle
  • Catherine Nightingale (ISD) took gold in the 50m backstroke and bronze in the 50m freestyle
  • Paul Vice (ISA) won gold in the 50m backstroke and the 50m breaststroke, taking silver in the 50m freestyle
  • Ryan Seary (ISB) went sucessfully for gold in the 50m backstroke and later won bronze in the 100m freestyle
  • Adam Nixon (ISB) won gold in the 50m breaststroke and silver in the 50m freestyle
  • Ian Taylor (ISD) won gold in the 50m breastroke
  • Luke Reeson (ISC) earned gold in the 4x50m freestyle relay and silver medals in the 50m backstroke and 
  • Fergus Hurst (ISC) took gold with the team in the 4x50m freestyle relay and silver in the 50m freestyle
  • Jen Warren (ISB) won silver medals in the 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, and 100m freestyle
  • Susan Warner (ISB) won bronze in the 50m backstroke
  • Nathan Jones (ISC) came back from a painful crash in the cycling event to win bronze medals in the 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle
  • Anna Pollock (ISB) took bronze medals in the 50m breaststroke and the 100m freestyle

Multiple medal winner Fiona Bullen talks us through her amazing comeback from emergency spinal surgery less than six months ago:

Queen of the pool Fiona Bullen talks through her wins so far.

Read the swimming report in full

Micky Yule made the most of the closing ceremony

The powerlifter's surely had the time of his life in Florida!

View more on twitter

A reminder of the epic sitting volleyball result

First up, the story of the UK vs Georgia semi-final, as told by commentator Chris Mitchell, and the sports team's Rory Carson:

The commentator recounts the nail-biting match between Georgia and the UK

​In the first semi-final of the sitting volleyball reigning champions UK faced off against Georgia and the match was much closer than expected. Led by Charlie Walker the UK took the fist set 25-15. Georgia who had four months of full-time training, won the second set 25-23 and in the final set Britain regained composure secure a place in the final with a 15-8 final set victory.

Rory Carson

Safely through to the final against the USA, the  defending champions faced the first of their tough team sport finals against the hosts, who had previously defeated Holland in two sets (25-10, 25-17)

Rory Carson reports:

In front of a partisan home crowd the USA were dominant in the first set taking it, 25-21. The UK battled back in the second set winning 27-25. But, with the energy sapped from the big effort in the previous set, America capitalised, winning the gold medal with a 15-8 victory in the final set.

Rory Carson

We spoke to the UK's libero (defensive player) Netra Rana after the game:

Libero Netra Rana talks about the UK team's performance in the sitting volleyball.

Read the full report on the BBC website

Flo Rida had a blast at the closing ceremony

Prince Harry's speech at the closing ceremony

Good evening everybody and everybody watching at home.

 Wow, what a ride the last four days has been – I said you would be moved, inspired and entertained – was I right? As the great Stevie Wonder says: Team work makes the dream work!

 4 days, 10 sports, 13 support dogs, 14 nations, 149 events, 410 medals, 485 competitors, 836 volunteers, 1008 friends and family, hundreds of hours of gruelling competition - and more smiles, tears, hugs and cheers than you could ever count.

 I’d like to begin by thanking Ken Fisher for taking up the challenge of hosting the games here in the US and also to thank his team, led by Vicky Gosling, for delivering a remarkable event. We’re all so grateful for all you’ve done.

 I’ve been hugely honoured to hand out gold silver and bronze medals over the course of this competition, but what meant the most to me, was handing out your Invictus Foundation medallions this evening. Those medallions are the real prizes, for the years of intense rehabilitation you’ve put yourselves through to be here. 

 The competition has been fierce with performances of the highest international standard across a number of events. But what inspired me, was the courage to make it to the starting line, to take to the field or to dive into that pool, motivated by the goal of giving your all - medal or no medal. You showed your families, your friends and yourselves, just how far you’ve come, regardless of the result.

 I know by your nature you all want to win, but these games are so much more than that – Invictus is so much more than that.

 What could explain the remarkable sportsmanship of Mark Urquart in sacrificing gold on the track to push Stephen Simmons into first place? Invictus! 

 How else could I describe the way I felt seeing Tim Payne, a man I met three years ago to the day, in his hospital bed at Walter Reed, beaming as he wore his gold medal round his neck? Invictus! 

 What defines the spirit of Denmark’s Jonas Andersen, who loaded the coffin of his friend onto the flight which changed my life in 2008, and then fought through his own dark days to compete in London and Orlando? Invictus!  

What is the force that drives Elizabeth Marks to return to these games after nearly dying two years ago, to compete now, at the highest level, in a sport that renders her blind and faint? Invictus! 

 What makes us cheer for Luke Synott, who took up wheelchair tennis, not just to represent his country again, but so he could play the sport with his children? Invictus! 

 Why did we stand in our seats, cheering our hearts out as Jordanian Wheelchair racer – Ulfat Al-Zwiri – fought, inch by inch, to the finish line? Invictus! 

 What else could we say about the woman who wrote to me after watching the opening ceremony on Sunday night, to say she’d realised the time had come for her husband to get help for his depression? Invictus. 

 Why did the 9/11 hero, Sarah Rudder, pick herself up when she fell, just meters from the finish line, and push on for a silver medal and into the embrace of her French rival? Invictus!

You are all Invictus. You are now ambassadors for the spirit of these games. Spread the word. Never stop fighting. And do all you can to lift up everyone around you.

 I’ll see you in Toronto!

Jayant Mistry's got some gossip on Glenn Barnes

A cheeky little extra from the former top ten wheelchair tennis pro

Jayant Mistry reveals a story about New Zealand wheelchair tennis star Glenn Barnes.

The grass was very green for the UK field team

  • Vicky Parrett did the double with golds in the IF5 discus and shotput
  • Kelly Layden-Farrer took silver in the IF5 discus and bronze in the IF5 shot put
  • Nerys Pearce won gold in the IF6/7 discus
  • Joanna Martin took bronze in the IF6/7 discus
  • Lamin Manneh took bronze in the IF6 shot put
  • Fergus Hurst won silver in the IF1 discus and silver in the shot put

Double gold medallist Vicky Platten celebrated her win with us:

The field athlete discusses her discus and shotput gold medals.

A view from inside the stadium

Those brilliant archery results again

Frankie Ward met the prolific medal hauling UK archery squad

Archery team captain Chris spills the beans on his talented squad.
  • Gold for Gareth Paterson and bronze for Martin Clapton in the novice recurve
  • Silver for archery team captain Chris Macfadyen in the open recurve
  • Gold for the UK in the novice recurve team event
  • Gold for the UK in the open recurve team event
  • Silver for the UK in the open compound team event

And Martin Clapton, who releases his arrows with a mouth tab, was also awarded a prize for "most inspirational archer" - something he only discovered he'd won after he'd picked up his gold medal for the novice recurve team event!

Frankie Ward spoke to the award-winner about the surprise honour and how archery got him through his "darkest hour".

Frankie Ward asks Martin Clapton about his special "inspirational archer" award.

Toronto's got a lot to live up to...

...But we think they can made 2017 a very special event indeed!

The UK track medals in full

  • Luke Sinnot took silver in the IT2 100m and gold in the IT2 400m
  • Jen Warren took silver in all four IT4/5 distances
  • Nerys Pearce took bronze in all four IT4/5 distances
  • Dave Henson set a new personal best and the gold for the IT2 200m
  • Andrew Bracey won silvers in the 100m and the 200m IT4 and bronze in the 400m
  • Craig Preece won gold in the IT1 1500m
  • Ibrar Ali took bronze medals in the IT3 1500m and 400m
  • Andrew Bracey won bronze in the IT4 1500m
  • Donna Davies won bronze in the IT7 1500m
  • Luke Wigman won gold in the IT7 1500m and bronze in the 400m
  • Sam Stocks took gold in the IT7 200m
  • James McGill, Paul Vice, Sean Gaffney and Chibueze Nduka came third in the 4x100m relay

We spoke to Luke Sinnott about the "warmth of the crowd" after he'd collected his first silver medal - before he blew the competition out of the water, taking gold in the IT2 400m.

Double medallist Luke Sinnott discusses the amazing support from the public in Orlando.

Remember when Dave Henson smashed his personal best in the IT2 200m?

The gold medallist talks about successfully defending his IT2 200m title.

Read the full story here

Those incredible powerlifting results

It was Sean Gaffney who took gold in the men's heavyweight, with Ross Austen following with silver

  • Bronze for Sarah Claricoates in the lightweight women's category lifting 31 KG
  • Silver for Nerys Peace in the heavyweight women's category, lifting 73 KG
  • Gold for Micky Yule, lifting 190 KG in the men's lightweight competition
  • And it was a clean sweep for the UK in the men's heavyweight with gold for Sean Gaffney (171 KG) silver for Ross Austen (150 KG) and bronze for Ian Taylor (142 KG)

We spoke to man of the moment Micky Yule after he brought that gold medal home with an incredible 190KG lift!

Powerlifting gold medallist Micky Yule reflects on his epic win.

How did the UK do in the rowing?

  • Josh Boggi won gold in both the IR1 Men 4 Min and 1 Min races
  • Lamin Manneh took silver in the IR1 Men 4 Min
  • In the IR2 Women 4 Min, Nerys Pearce won silver and Joanna Martin, bronze. They upped their game in the 1 Min race, Pearce winning gold and Martin taking silver.
  • Jordan Beecher lived up to expectations in the IR5 Men 4 Min, winning gold, with Sean Gaffney taking silver. They later swapped positions in the IR5 Men 1 Min.
  • The IR4 Men 4 Min saw Scott Meenagh win gold and William Prosser take silver. In the 1 Min, Meenagh rowed his way to bronze, while Prosser triumphed with silver
  • Laura Knowles won silver in the IR6 Women 4 Min and bronze in the 1 Min
  • Fergus Hurst came out on top in both the IR6 Men 4 Min and 1 Min races

We spoke to Josh Boggi about his unexpected medal wins after he picked up his two gold medals.

JJ's got nothing but praise for Dave Henson

The runner aced the 200m IT2 dash to take gold and a new PB

Vicey's going home happy

With his slew of medals from the, track, cycling and swimming, Paul Vice is going to have a very satisfying return to the UK.

View more on twitter

What happened in the cycling?

Britain made a superb start to the Invictus Games with a series of cycling triumphs.

Team UK made a superb start to the Invictus Games with a series of cycling triumphs.

  • Josh Boggi took siver and David Sandles bronze in the IHB1 Men's Hand Bike Time Trial, replicating their success in the IHB1 Men's Hand Bike Race
  • Jen Warren won gold and Joanna Martin earned bronze in the IHB1 Women's Hand BikeTime Trial. Warren went on to win silver in the IHB2 Women's Hand Bike Race
  • In the IRB1 Men's Road Bike Time Trial, Andrew Kelsey took bronze
  • Jaco Van Gass led the pack in the IRB2 Men's Road Bike Time Trial, with Craig Preece following his victory up with a silver in the same race - their gold and silver medals were reversed in the IRB2 Men's Road Bike Circuit Race
  • The IRB3 Women's Road Bike Time Trial saw Donna Davies taking bronze. She went one medal bettter in the IRB3 Women's Road Bike Circuit Race, with Sally Orange taking bronze behind her
  • Michael Westwell won gold and Andrew Perrin took silver in the IRB3 Men's Road Bike Time Trial. They then swapped positions in the IRB3 Men's Road Bike Circuit, leaving them with one gold and one silver medal apiece.
  • Following on from the UK domination in 2014,  Robert Cromey-Hawke, Paul Vice and Michael Matthews took the top three places in the IRecB1 Men's Recumbent Bike
  • Cromey-Hawke and Vice repeated their gold and silver positions in the IRecB1 Men's Recumbent Bike Race

But it wasn't all about the winning for the triumphant UK cycling team - as Jaco Van Gass explains...

Jaco Van Gass reflects on what the Invictus Games mean to him.

'I am Dutch'

Welcome to Orlando

A star-studded opening ceremony saw the athletes dance to an on-form James Blunt - who called Prince Harry "hot", but First Lady Michelle Obama "even fitter", nefore dedicating his worldwide smash hit You're Beautiful to her.

Going for gold

We also caught up with 2014 UK team captain David Henson about coming back to defend his 200m IT2 title and Tom Stimpson, who we met in the documentary The Road to the Games.

And of course, Gareth Malone led his Invictus Choir in a stunning debut performance. He spoke to us the next day about how the project has changed his outlook on life...

Gareth Malone talks about the mission of his Invictus Choir.

Ade Adepitan: 'USA came out and they dominated... They were unbelievable!'

Ade's review of the wheelchair basketball final

Ade talks through the epic wheelchair basketball bouts that ended the 2016 Invictus Games.

Wheelchair basketball captain Simon Gibbs spoke about how the USA were the better team on the day:

The UK wheelchair basketball team captain talks us through a tough final against the USA.

And Kirsty Wallace introduced us to her unbelievably cute team mascot!

The wheelchair basketball player introduces us to her incredibly cute team mascot!

The Aussies want to take the Invictus Games Down Under!

Earlier this week, we caught up with some of the 40-strong Australian team to chat about their ambitions to host the event in the near future.

Cyclist Dani Moffitt wants to see the rest of the competing nations brave the 20 hour flight back to her native country!

The Australian athlete wants to bring the Invictus spirit home.

And sitting volleyball team captain Brendan Dover reveals the squad were only put together a few weeks ago.

The Aussie sitting volleyball team captain has loved competing in the games.

The Cake Lady's inspired a new troupe of volunteers!

Kath Ryan the Cake Lady, has inspired a whole new group of bakers with her efforts baking for injured soldiers back in the UK.

Frankie Ward meets them.

Kath the Cake Lady has been joined by a whole squad in Florida!

We are all looking to build on this volunteering experience to support the Invictus Games 2017 in Toronto, with likely many more ex-WRAF who have seen the amazing time we've had, and want to join us next year

The ex-WRAF ladies

Here's a bit about the ex-WRAF ladies:

Nicola Willis-Jones is an ex-RAF chef. After leaving RAF she has lived and cooked across the world; in Germany, Australia, and now Virginia, USA, where she is the head chef in bakery The Pure Pastry Co, bringing the taste of home to ex-pats.

Tina Harrison is an ex-RAF chef. After travelling the world she's now living in Florida with her son Josh and works in private aviation.

Sara Musson served across the UK, Germany and Cyprus for 23 years as an RAF Dental Nurse. She now lives in the Northwest Territories, Canada. 

Former RAF Catering Officer Amanda Meehan now lives in Toronto, Canada and works at Toronto Pearson airport as an Emergency Management Officer.

Alex Meehan works with her mum Amanda at Toronto Pearson airport as a shift scheduling coordinator in the operations centre. Although she hasn't personally served in the RAF, her parents both did and her brother is currently in the RAF, so she's keen to help however she can. She says; "Meeting the amazing athletes and families while watching the games is magical and completely inspiring. I'm stoked to help in Toronto next year and make it even better for the teams."

Watch our original interview with Kath below:

Kath Ryan, founder of Cakes4Casualties, shares a piece of her story.

Is Lisa's son the youngest Invictus fan?

Let us know - #BBCInvictus

Golden McDaniel helps US defeat UK in wheelchair basketball final

Report by Rory Carson and Kris Bramwell

We wanted to do this for everybody else

Anthony McDaniel

Anthony McDaniel produced a dazzling performance as the hosts claimed the wheelchair basketball gold with victory over the UK.

In a repeat of the 2014 final, USA got revenge over the UK with a 48-16 win inside a packed HP Field House.

The victory took USA's gold medal tally to 51 and confirmed their dominance in the team sport events as they added to their sitting volleyball and wheelchair rugby titles.

Read the report in full

'I am... cake!'

Just look at those beautiful cupcakes! They've been presented to the UK team by Nicola, Sara and a whole troupe of ex-WRAF ladies, inspired by the original Cake Lady, Kath Ryan.

We'll be introducing you to them properly a little later on in the blog...

Nicola Willis-Jones and Sara Musson with I Am cupcakes
Nicola Willis-Jones and Sara Musson

Missed our live chat with JJ Chalmers and Cassidy Little?

Frankie Ward spoke to the 2014 medallist and the Strictly People's Champion Cassidy Little about what Invictus means for the athletes in Florida.

Catch the chat on Facebook

The UK ran rings around the competition in the wheelchair basketball semi-final

Kris Bramwell reports

Team UK produced a dominant display to beat Denmark 29-10 and set up a repeat of the 2014 final against the USA.  

Prince Harry with team UK

The Danish squad was made up mainly of players who had defeated the UK in the wheelchair rugby semi-final on Thursday, so this was sweet revenge for the 2014 hosts.

Captain and talisman Simon Gibbs scored the first point inside the opening minute and that set the tone, as his side raced into an 18-3 half-time lead.

Nerys Pearce, who was playing after recovering from a hand injury that had prevented her from participating in the swimming finals, turned in an impressive performance.

Kris BramwellOnline reporter

Earlier in the day, the USA beat Holland 42-9, leaving them ready to rumble in the final against the UK.

Read more news on the BBC Invictus Games website

Simon Gibbs: 'You're gonna do it for every member of the nation that's behind us!'

Bring on the UK vs USA grudge match!

The UK, led by team captain Simon Gibbs, are the reigning wheelchair basketball champions - but they'll have a tough fight on their hands if they want to beat the hosting USA side in the final.

To show how hard they've been training, we filmed them in action on the HMS Diamond.

See who came out on top in tonight's show.

Team UK prepare to take on arch rivals USA - on board HMS Diamond.

A quick briefing on wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Teams are mixed and consist of five players at any one time, shooting baskets at the same height as in its non-wheelchair equivalent.

The categories  

There are three categories of player and each player equates to a number of points.10 is the maximum amount of points allowed on the court at any one time.

Maximum (one point): Players with two or more limbs significantly impaired and have limited stability.

Moderate (two points): Players with moderate physical or functional impairment.

Open (three points): Players with non-permanent disabilities or illness. This can include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Here we go!

On the live page, we'll be bringing you video highlights and reports from sports across the week.

And on BBC One, we're bringing you highlights from the clash of the titans in the wheelchair basketball final and the closing ceremony.

We're live in one minute!

Get in touch - #BBCInvictus.