BBC Symphony Orchestra
6 Feb 2015, Barbican, London
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BBC SO 2014-15 Season Strauss, Kagel & Wigglesworth

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Strauss, Kagel & Wigglesworth
Fri 6 Feb 2015 Barbican Hall
Ryan Wigglesworth conducts the UK premiere of his Études-Tableaux
Ryan Wigglesworth conducts the UK premiere of his Études-Tableaux



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We’re delighted to welcome back one of Britain’s most exciting young composer-conductors, Ryan Wigglesworth, to conduct the UK premiere of his new work. Praised for ‘his conjurer’s ability to cast a spell’, his iridescent music is intricately woven, with a strongly lyric impetus. Orchestral manoeuvres of a different kind are to be found in the mischievous Mauricio Kagel’s orchestral Studies (1992–6), where by witty sleights-of-hand the music turns on a dime from charm to snarling menace. Between the two, one of our brightest young sopranos, Sophie Bevan, joins the orchestra to sing Strauss’s voluptuous songs. ‘Bevan is pure sunshine: like the legendary Elisabeth Schumann, she sings for joy.’ (Daily Telegraph) ¬¬

Please note there has been a change to the programme originally advertised.

BBC SO Plus Intro
6.00pm Fountain Room
A free introduction to the music in tonight’s concert with Professor Laura Tunbridge (Oxford University)