Proms 2019
22 Jul 2019, Cadogan Hall
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Proms 2019 Proms at … Cadogan Hall 1: VOCES8

Proms at … Cadogan Hall 1
Proms at … Cadogan Hall 1: VOCES8
13:00 Mon 22 Jul 2019 Cadogan Hall

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This year’s Monday-lunchtime Proms at … Cadogan Hall series takes listeners through over 800 years of musical history over the course of just eight concerts.

Proms debut artists VOCES8 launch the series in a programme ranging from the supple chant melodies of Hildegard of Bingen to the sophisticated choral polyphony of Palestrina, Lassus and William Byrd.

There will be no interval

Image: VOCES8 © Andy Staples

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