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By Sherlock Holmes, Private Detective

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  1. I'm off

    Well, I was mildly entertained by that. It looks like you seemed to enjoy it, even if it was way over your head. Bye-bye

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  2. OK, I'll tell you the answer

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    A begrudging well done to those of you who actually engaged your brains and got the answer. Especially those of you who got it in the first half an hour. 

  3. Michaela is innocent

    Michaela’s alibi is 100%. We only have James’s girlfriend confirming his whereabouts on Christmas Day.

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  4. The victim’s final tweets

    I mean, really. Could it have been any more obvious? 

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    I’ve confirmed the tweets were sent from Daniel’s IP address at home on Christmas Day. But Sophie is wearing her wedding ring…   

  5. Ring, ring. Hello? Anybody actually there?

    I genuinely can’t believe I’m having to spell this out.

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  6. And another clue, at Mrs Hudson’s insistence

    Mrs Hudson’s my landlady, by the way, but she’s far more than that. If she asks you to share another clue, you share another clue. A serious warning to everyone out there – you do not mess with Mrs Hudson.

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  7. The body

    I had to blur his face. Apparently, people get upset by seeing dead bodies? Utterly bizarre. We’re all going to die at some point.

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    Mrs Hudson’s asking where the killer got the bin bags from as hers always break when she takes the rubbish out and that’s the level of conversation here at Baker Street tonight. 

  8. You clearly need some help

    I’ve now been joined by my landlady Mrs Hudson. She’s printed out the case file and drawn a circle around Sophie’s scarf…

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    Local newspaper reports on party at a restaurant. Clearly a busy news day.

    Oh. Apparently Mrs Hudson doesn’t think the scarf is a clue but is dropping hints for her birthday.    

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    That airhead isn't going to be any help.