BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
22 Feb 2020, Sage Gateshead
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BBC SSO 2019-20 Season BBC SSO at Sage

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
BBC SSO at Sage
15:30 Sat 22 Feb 2020 Sage Gateshead

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Two centuries after his death, Beethoven’s nine revolutionary symphonies continue to define the way we hear classical music. Now, over one extraordinary weekend at Sage Gateshead, hear all nine in one single thrilling rush, played by five of the UK’s finest orchestras under conductors guaranteed to show this world-changing music at its very best. From the youthful rebellion of the first symphony through to the Ode to Joy that crowns the ninth, it’s the greatest story ever told in music, and whether you dip in and out or dive headlong into the full, epic experience, expect music-making that’ll refresh both heart and soul.

Part of Sage Gateshead’s ‘Big Beethoven Weekend 1’

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