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By Team Woman's Hour

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  1. Thank you for celebrating International Women's Day with us

    It's been an inspiration seeing so many supportive messages and photos. Obviously here on Woman's Hour we think it's important to celebrate women every day! Special thanks to Carey Mulligan for joining Jane on Facebook Live to answer your questions. If you missed it earlier you can watch it again here:

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    If you want to hear more inspiring stories from around the world check out our  International Women's Day collection .

  2. #BeBoldForChange

    Here are just a few of our favourite moments from International Women's Day 2017

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    We've come so far! But there's still a long way to go:

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  3. 'Teasing and abuse is increasing everyday'

    Artist and Turkish academic, Zeyno lost her job as a lecturer last year after signing a peace petition. She describes how she feels about being a woman in Turkey today.  

    Video content

    Video caption: Artist and Turkish academic Zeyno on life as a woman in Turkey today.
  4. 'We are alive with power and passion - because we need to be'

    To celebrate #IWD2017 Sandi Toksvig shared her thoughts with us on why it's important to be an activist.

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  5. Meet Scotland's 'outstanding' women

    Ten women have been inducted into the Saltire Society's "Outstanding Women of Scotland" hall of fame, including writer, performer, poet and teacher Jo Clifford and political activist and co-founder of the Glasgow Girls Roza Salih. 

    Scotland's outstanding women

    Find out who else is on the list here .

  6. Budget Day 2017: Fund of £5m to help mothers back to work

          Posed image of woman on phone, at keyboard, with child on lap

    A £5m fund to help mothers return to work after a career break was set out in today's Budget, which fell on International Women's Day.

    Announcing the move, Prime Minister Theresa May said return to work schemes would be extended to industries where women were under-represented.

    She also said domestic violence organisations would receive £20m.

    A £5m fund to mark the centenary, in 2018, of the act that first gave women the vote was also announced.

    International trade lawyer Miriam Gonzalez criticised Theresa May's record on gender equality, saying that gender rights is more than a few flagship policies.  

    Video content

    Video caption: Miriam Gonzalez speaks to 5 live's Emma Barnett

    Follow live coverage of the Budget  here .  

  7. Maria Toorpakai: 'I dressed up like my brother and cut my hair'

    Celebrating the Woman's Hour guests who've inspired us to #BeBoldforChange this year

    Jenni Murray

    Woman's Hour

    Maria Toorpakai was one of the most impressive young women that I've interviewed in recent years. I'm not greatly passionate about sport - it's not really my bag, sport - but here was a young woman born in a quite traditional family in an area of Pakistan where girls are not educated, girls do not play sport. 

    Quote Message: Her family did manage to accept that she should be educated and when she decided she wanted to play sport they let her dress as a boy, because it was the only way she could pursue it. She did that for 16 years and became a worldwide, leading squash player. That's impressive.

    Video content

    Video caption: Pakistan's top female squash player Maria Toorpakai once lived as a boy so she could play.
  8. How would you inspire others?

    Lily Cole leaving note at installation

    An interactive #beboldforchange installation on London's Southbank encourages people to leave empowering messages for others to pick up.

    Here's the model and actress Lily Cole leaving hers.

    Meanwhile Lily also recorded this #InternationalWomensDay message especially for Woman's Hour...

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  9. Strikes and protests around the world #IWD2017

    As part of A Day Without A Woman US congresswomen have walked out of work, joining women around the world who are going on strike to protest against sexism. Meanwhile Turkish women in Ankara held a protest against an upcoming referendum to coincide with International Women's Day. 

    Turkish women in Ankara holding a protest

    Women's Day protests around the world

    Indonesian women perform dance during celebrates International Women"s Day on March 8, 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    US congresswomen walk out of work in solidarity with women around the world who are going on strike.

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  10. For the first time in documented history there are fewer women on earth than men

    Ariel Wengroff on working with Gloria Steinem

    Quote Message: Almost two years ago, feminist activist and writer Gloria Steinem and activist Amy Richards came to discuss with me the critical issue that, for the first time in documented history, there are less women on earth than men. Why? Because of global, systemic violence against females -- from female infanticide to domestic violence, sex trafficking, child marriage, "honour" killings, sexualised violence in war zones and more. The world sex ratio is 101.3 males per 100 women on the planet. Months later, we created Woman. Today, as Gloria says, it's a majority belief that we as people should be equal, something that wasn't true even in the 1960s and 70s. On International Women's Day, we need to celebrate and support girls and women everywhere and keep fighting for equality on every level. The more people who can bear witness to these challenges and inequalities, the more it will change. from Ariel Wengroff Executive producer, Vice
    Ariel WengroffExecutive producer, Vice
    FARC Commander Antonia Simon Narino
    Image caption: FARC Commander Antonia Simon Narino

    Watch a short video from Vice's Woman series featuring FARC Commander Antonia Simon Narino.

  11. Life after FGM: a must-listen any day of the year

    To mark this year's International Women's Day Jane and Jenni looked back at some of the most inspiring women they spoke to in the last year

    Jane Garvey

    Woman's Hour

    Female genital mutilation is one of those subjects that people think Woman’s Hour talks about all the time - and to the programme's credit it is a subject we've talked about consistently over the last 30 years, long before other parts of the media went anywhere near the issue. But we don't talk about it all the time and we've never talked about it as frankly as we did when I interviewed Hibo Wardere. 

    Quote Message: It's not about the theory of FGM, it's about the reality. Hibo talked incredibly frankly and brilliantly, in a very detailed way, about what it's like to undergo female genital mutilation - and she put a human voice to something that most people choose not to know too much about, for a string of good reasons. I found the whole thing incredibly moving.

    Video content

    Video caption: A remarkably frank and honest account of the physical and emotional impact of FGM.

    I think she's a brilliant commentator and a brilliant contributor to the debate in Britain about FGM. And when FGM stops, as it will, one of the people who should take credit for that is Hibo. I think she's just a fantastic woman.

  12. New statue for New York

    State of girl facing bull

    A statue of a young girl has been placed in front of Wall Street's iconic bull, to call attention to gender inequality and the pay gap in the corporate world.

    The statue was commissioned by one of the world's largest fund managers. It says the girl represents the future.

    One in four of the 3,000 largest traded US companies do not have even one woman on their board, the company SSGA says.

  13. 'There should be no barriers to sport'


    Get Inspired

    Get Inspired

    Video content

    Video caption: FA People's Cup: Football mums show daughters how it's done

    Meet the mums who took on the challenge of playing in the FA People's Cup - a nationwide five-a-side tournament, featuring more than 6,000 teams across the country.

    You can watch our show of highlights from the first round of the People's Cup on iPlayer.

    And if you want to get involved in playing football or getting more active, check out our Get Inspired football guide or go to our Activity Finder and find sports and activities in your area, specifically for women.

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  14. What's trending on International Women's Day?

    Women jogging in hijab

    Nike's hijab for Muslim female athletes

    Nike "Pro Hijab" sports clothing line, Nike Women, Running & Training Copyright Nike

    Find out what's buzzing in the social media world today.

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  15. Do you know your female firsts?


    Think you know where the first woman to fly into space was from? Test your knowledge with this short quiz .

  16. 'I think I have witnessed a revolution'

    The wonderful classicist Mary Beard recorded this special #IWD2017 message for you. She celebrates how far we've come and what we have yet to conquer.

    Video content

    Video caption: "I think I have witnessed a revolution"
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  17. Pages through the ages

    If you're compiling a book club list this IWD or working out what best to read next, Caitlin Moran has some advice.

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  18. A moment to remember

    Emma Barnett was out on the Women's March in London on Sunday 5 March

    Emma Barnett

    BBC 5 Live

    Emma Barnett

    I marched arm in arm with Helen Pankhurst and her daughter Laura Pankhurst (great and great great granddaughters respectively of Emmeline Pankhurst - the suffragette leader) - across a specially closed Tower Bridge.

    Quote Message: Two generations of Pankhurst now fighting for women in the developing world to have equality. This was as we were just crossing the bridge and is a moment which I won't forget

    Today, Emma was at Westminster covering Prime Minister's Questions.

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  19. Meet the grannies going to school

    Woman in a pink sari

    Every afternoon, the grandmothers of Phangane village wrap pink saris around themselves and slip abacuses and chalkboard into their backpacks. 

    They live in Maharashtra state in India, a country where  women are nearly a third less likely than men to be able to read and write .

    Today is the one-year anniversary of the school and photographer Satyaki Ghosh has been documenting the women's journey to literacy.

    Women in pink saris at school

    The village where grannies go to school

    women laughing together

    Photos of a special school which has been set up in India for women aged 60 or over.

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  20. The last laugh?

    Video content

    Video caption: The wittiest responses to common sexist comments.

    BBC 100 Women names 100 influential and inspirational women around the world every year. Discover more inspirational stories here .