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4 Sep 2019, Royal Albert Hall
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Proms 2019 Prom 62: Canzionere Grecanico Salentino

Prom 62
Prom 62: Canzionere Grecanico Salentino
22:15 Wed 4 Sep 2019 Royal Albert Hall

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Inspired by the ancient ritual of pizzica tarantata, the frenzied trance-like dance said to purge the bite of the tarantula spider, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino’s shows are an explosion of life that summons up the wildness behind the classical tarantella.

The Italian band creates a spectacle full of dance, passion, rhythm and mystery – as they say, ‘We still have our own demons to exorcise today’. They renew their traditions by inviting musicians to join them at their home in Southern Italy, and two of those guests join them onstage – Robert Plant’s guitarist Justin Adams and legendary kora player Ballaké Sissoko.

There will be no interval

Approx. end time: 23:30

Image: Canzionere Grecanico Salentino © verdedesaturato

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