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  1. Ae fond kiss and then we sever

    And that, ladies and gents, is that for the penultimate Saturday of the 2015 Edinburgh Festivals. You can continue to watch all of the BBC's live webcasts until next Sunday via the BBC Arts homepage and the BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals homepage

    And you can still catch up with today's BBC coverage at the top of this page, including tonight's '4 Extra Stands Up with Fred MacAulay' which showcased the best of 2015's comedy Fringe festival, including Dane Baptiste, Hal Cruttenden, Glen Wool, Sarah Franken, Mick Ferry, Larry Dean, Eleanor Morton and Elaine Malcolmson.

    We're off to put up our feet and catch a few shows, just like this young fan...

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  2. Frankie's Fringe round-up

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    Over the past few days I have attempted to throw myself into the shoes of a Fringe performer - that is to say, I've exhausted myself running all over the city filming and taking photos of a variety of different performers.

    As there's such an impressive range of performers here, it was impossible to bring you them all individually in just three days, but I couldn't leave here without sharing more of the amazing faces I've met since Thursday.

    So here we go, prepare yourselves for a BUMPER photo spectacular...

    The cast of Dickens Abridged
    Image caption: The cast of Dickens Abridged storm through Bleak House in just 25 seconds!
    The cast of The Wild Man of Orford
    Image caption: The cast of The Wild Man of Orford brought along their merman puppet Bob!
    Sharron Spice and Jade Rambaut
    Image caption: Femmetamorphosis writer and performer Sharron Spice with her co-star Jade Rambaut
    John Robins
    Image caption: Stand-up John Robins came to talk to me about his show Speakeasy
    Box Revolution Productions
    Image caption: Tom Moriaty (far right) of Box Revolution wrote Detached after recovering from life-changing meningitis
    Charlie Stockman and Chuck Armstrong
    Image caption: Charlie Stockman and Chuck Armstrong donned their spacesuits to chat about their comedy Moby Alpha
    Quote Message: We wanted to set Sherlock Holmes in the modern day, but we didn't think the world was ready for it... from Charlie Stockman
    Charlie Stockman
    Operation Perfect Teaset
    Image caption: Bonkers sketch group Operation Perfect Teaset were one of my favourite groups to photograph
    William McGeough
    Image caption: In Mistaken, William McGeough quickly transitions between four different plays (and subsequently, four different characters)
    The cast of Jane Austen's Forgotten Stories
    Image caption: Jane Austen's Forgotten Stories transforms the author's early short stories into a series of comedy sketches
    Helen Sorren
    Image caption: Helen Sorren told me her comedy partner Sam Baines was languishing in bed - get well soon, Sam!
    Marie Clerkin
    Image caption: Marie Clerkin revealed that the last time she performed at the Fringe was in 1986 (and she camped!)
    Sofie Hagen
    Image caption: Sofie Hagen's Bubblewrap has helped raise the confidence of teenage girls - and my own!
    Lindsay Benner
    Image caption: Lindsay Benner is possibly the only silent movie comedy juggler performing at this year's festival...
    Rosie Bennett and Samuel Freeman
    Image caption: Rosie Bennett and Samuel Freeman from After We Danced were ridiculously photogenic
    The cast of La Ronde
    Image caption: La Ronde brought a lot of spice to the BBC's Potterrow home!
    Jason, George and Phil from Daphne
    Image caption: Note to self: steal sketch group Daphne's poses
    The cast of Confessional
    Image caption: The cast of Tennessee Williams' Confessional made the canny move of staging their performance in a bar!
    Steve Bugeja
    Image caption: Taking Steve Bugeja's photo was the perfect excuse to catch up - we first met when he won the BBC New Comedy Award in 2014!
    Lisa Verlo
    Image caption: Lisa Verlo's Sex Rated G is all about being honest about what we want...
    Image caption: I heart Bebe+Luna - they're in my Royal Mile video and their personalities shine brighter than their gazillions of sequins
  3. A sonic feast for the senses

    A tour of the Edinburgh Art Festival

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    I was a bit scared about filming with the Edinburgh Art Festival's director Sorcha Carey, due to my limited visual arts knowledge, but I needn't have worried - Sorcha gently guided me through three superb artworks; Tree No. 5 by Charles Avery, Holoturian by Ariel Guzik, and SING SIGN: a close duet by Hanna Tuulikki.

    We started off our tour at Edinburgh Waverley station, surrounded by the roaring engines of trains, but if you find the sound distracting, please move on to our next location, Trinity Apse, where the soothing sounds of Holoturian await to transport you away.

    You can also watch this video in the Live Coverage tab at the top of this page.

    Tree No. 5 by Charles Avery on platform 2 at Edinburgh Waverley station
    Image caption: Tree No. 5 by Charles Avery on platform 2 at Edinburgh Waverley station
    With Sorcha Carey outside Ariel Guzik's Holoturian
    Image caption: With Sorcha Carey outside Ariel Guzik's Holoturian
  4. Tough question from the audience

    The word narrative proves tricky for Limmy.

  5. Falconhoof the sitcom!

    Could this be his next big project? The audience seem to approve!

  6. Any requests?

    After a 'megamix' of his catchphrases and characters, Limmy is now reading from his book! The room is still...

  7. Books! Books! Books!

    Limmy has arrived on stage. We are off...

  8. The excitement is building for our next live stream

    Limmy will be live from the Edinburgh International Book Festival in the next few minutes. Watch the stream at the top of this page.

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  9. Faces from the Fringe: Sarah Callaghan

    Sarah Callaghan has been building up her sterling reputation for over five years, and it looks like it's paying off big time - her debut hour-long Fringe show is picking up rave reviews, cementing 2015 as her breakout year.

    Her show, Elephant, rather aptly looks at the feeling of being trapped and breaking beyond her Uxbridge roots.

    Sarah Callaghan
    Quote Message: One year I didn't have a show, but I came up and gigged. It's addictive... I have to come here every year! from Sarah Callaghan
    Sarah Callaghan

    Sarah Callaghan is performing at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August.

  10. Faces from the Fringe: Dane Baptiste

    Last year, Dane was Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee and this year he’s back and full of apprehension. His show ‘Reasonable Doubts’ exposes us to his rational - and irrational - fears and what happens when they spin out of control.

    Dane Baptiste at the Edinburgh festivals
    Quote Message: On the totem pole of entertainers, comedians aren’t that high - somewhere above kid’s party magician but below mobile disco. So it’s great being in Edinburgh where comedy is really respected.

    'Reasonable Doubts’ is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August.

  11. Tattoo parlance

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is now in its 66th year. It combines military spectacle, cultural performance, vibrant music and international colour at Edinburgh Castle during a three-week pageant, which ends on 29 August.

    Roving BBC Festivals reporter Frankie Ward marched up the hill to watch 250 performers practising and spoke to Alisdair Hutton, the Storyteller of the Tattoo since 1992.

    He reveals the origin of the name 'Tattoo' and it has nothing to do with "those drawings people have on their arms" as Alasdair puts it in his inimitable style.

    You can watch this video in the Highlights section at the top of this page.

    Frankie Ward at the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo
  12. More live streaming soon (very soon!)

    That's all from our live session with Jesse Jackson, you'll be able to watch it all over again on BBC iPlayer very soon. 

    And don't go anywhere - we'll be back with more live streaming at 9:45pm with Limmy and his Daft Wee Stories.

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  13. Inspirational words

    Quote Message: We must hold on to the rope of hope and defeat those who hold on to the rope of hurt. from The Reverend Jesse Jackson
    The Reverend Jesse Jackson
  14. What an entrance!

    The Edinburgh International Book Festival has welcomed The Reverend Jesse Jackson with rapturous applause! Watch the session at the top of this page.

  15. It's almost time for Jesse J

    No, not her. The Reverend Jesse Jackson will be live on this page in a matter of moments. Stand by.

  16. 'Just Say Jesse'

    And now for some quotes from arguably one of the greatest orators in American political history...

    Jesse Jackson addressing a campaign rally on the Capitol steps during his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988
    Image caption: Jesse Jackson addressing a campaign rally on the Capitol steps during his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988
    Quote Message: Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy, sweat will get you change
    Quote Message: Many have fought for and even lost their lives to end segregation, to win the right to vote. It disappoints me to now have to cajole people to register and to vote
    Quote Message: A man must be willing to die for justice. Death is an inescapable reality and men die daily, but good deeds live forever
    Quote Message: If there are occasions when my grape turned into a raisin and my joy bell lost its resonance, please forgive me. Charge it to my head and not to my heart
    Quote Message: At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division
  17. Jesse Jackson in pictures

    A selection of fantastic Jesse Jackson pictures from the archive ahead of his live appearance in half an hour...

    Speaking at a demo against the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014
    Image caption: Speaking at a demo against the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014
    Delivering a speech for the Rainbow Coalition in 1985
    Image caption: Delivering a speech for the Rainbow Coalition in 1985
    Delivering a speech during his 1984 presidential campaign in Chicago, Illinois
    Image caption: In full flow during his 1984 presidential campaign in Chicago, Illinois
    In a hotel room during the 1984 Democratic National Convention with singer Michael Jackson and Michael's father Joe
    Image caption: In a hotel room during the 1984 Democratic National Convention with singer Michael Jackson and Michael's father Joe
    At the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1976
    Image caption: At the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1976
    Speaking at an Operation Breadbasket rally at Mt. Pisgah Church in 1969
    Image caption: Speaking at an Operation Breadbasket rally at Mt. Pisgah Church in 1969
  18. Puddles in the portaloo

    Puddles the Clown has been brightening up the set of Sue Perkins' 'Big Night Out' today, including some tuneful running commentaries of his activities in the Potterrow portaloo...

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  19. Excuse me!

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    I couldn't resist catching up with Lou Sanders, who has a real talent for crafting eye-catching Edinburgh Fringe show titles (it's so hard to be seen among the 3,000 plus shows that this is a prized asset), and she's also incredibly funny too! Her show 'Excuse Me You're Sitting On My Penis Again' is at Laughing Horse @ City Cafe until 30 August.

    I should warn viewers of a sensitive disposition that this video contains biological references to male genitalia.

    You can also watch the interview in the Highlights area at the top of this page.

    Frankie Ward interviews Lou Sanders
  20. Faces from the Fringe: Adam Scott Pringle

    This year Adam is taking on the almighty feat of performing in two shows at the Fringe. With parts in ‘Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’ and ‘There’s a Guy Who Works At the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’, Adam tells us he has resorted to protein bars to keep his energy levels up.

    Adam Scott Pringle at the Edinburgh festivals
    Quote Message: Having to finish the first performance and then run to the next venue to start the next show has been, er, challenging.

    ‘Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’ is at Just the Tonic at the Caves until 29 August and ‘There’s a Guy Who Works At the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’ is at Momentum Venues @ St Stephens until 30 August.

  21. Live now: Saturday Review

    If you click on the audio play icon above you can tune in to today's edition of BBCc Radio 4's 'Saturday Review'.

    Ian Rankin, Louise Welsh and James Runcie review Theatre de Complicite's 'The Encounter', Robert LePage's '887 Ex Machina', Adam Mars Jones' book about his father and dealing with Alzheimer's and Netflix's series 'Narcos' about drug lord Pablo Escobar.

  22. Jesse Jackson is in town

    The legendary civil rights activist and former Senator has arrived in Edinburgh ahead of his live appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival this evening. He's also picking up an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh...

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  23. Faces from the Fringe: Monica Salvi

    Monica tells us her one-woman show is a cabaret of musical lunacy, full of songs on the subject of insanity in all its weird and wonderful forms.

    Monica Salvi at the Edinburgh Festivals
    Quote Message: I’m not really on my own because I have all my multiple personalities.

    ‘Mad Women in my Attic’ is at the Just Festival at St John’s until 31 August.

  24. Robin Williams remembered at the Fringe

    Pauline McLean

    BBC Scotland Arts Correspondent

    Comedian and actor Robin Williams died in August 2014 and mental health is a key theme at this year's Edinburgh Fringe festival.

    A number of comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe have been paying tribute to him with a special benefit gig. 

    BBC Scotland arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports

  25. The sound of art

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    Earlier today I was treated to a tour around some of Edinburgh Art Festival's festival projects by the festival's director, Sorcha Carey.

    The festival is perhaps the baby of the Edinburgh Festivals, having been established in 2004, but it is by no means small, being the UK's largest annual festival of visual art.

    We'll be bringing you a video of our trip later this evening, but here's a photo of myself and Sorcha with Ariel Guzik's utterly entrancing Holoturian, which sings ambient notes that echo around its equally captivating host, Trinity Apse, a church that was moved to make way for Edinburgh Waverley station, losing a number of stones as it waited 30 years to be reassembled. You can even see the numbers given to the stones etched on their sides.

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    We also visited Charles Avery's Tree No. 5 on platform 2 of Edinburgh Waverley Station and Hanna Tuulikki's SING SING: a close duet.

  26. Faces from the Fringe: Maddy Anholt

    Maddy’s show ‘Diary of a Dating Addict’ is about a woman approaching 30 embarking on a year of dating, mating and hating in a bid to find Mr Right.

    Maddy Anholt at the Edinburgh Festivals
    Quote Message: When I was writing the show I was kind of having a quarter life crisis. I was panicking, trying spinning classes, considering things like beekeeping... and through writing the show I realised that it was all fine and I shouldn't be worrying about what I'm doing with my life.

    'Diary of a Dating Addict' is at the Gilded Balloon until 31 August.

  27. Coming up at 6.15pm: Loose Ends

    Clive Anderson and Arthur Smith are joined in Edinburgh for a BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends special with Juliette Binoche, Tony Singh, David Greig, Tom Allen and Eimear McBride.

    And there's music from Kathryn Joseph and RM Hubbert too.

    You can listen in the Live Coverage tab at the top of this page.

  28. Alan Johnson backs Yvette Cooper

    Former Home Secretary and author  Alan Johnson MP spoke live on the BBC yesterday as part of the BBC Arts series of web exclusive live streams during the Festivals. 

    Here he gives his backing to Yvette Cooper in the current Labour leadership contest. You can also watch excerpts from the interview in the Highlights tab above.

    You can read about all the candidates for the Labour leadership on the BBC News website.

  29. Faces from the Fringe: Nish Kumar

    Nish tells us that the title of this year’s show, Long Word…Long Word…Blah Blah Blah…I’m so Clever' is an in-joke for people who know that his 2014 show was called Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity. 

    Nish Kumar at the Edinburgh Festivals
    Quote Message: I’m getting better at managing my drunkenness. Turns out if you get drunk every day for a month, you can get very tired.

    'Long Word…Long Word…Blah Blah Blah…I’m so Clever' is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August. 

  30. I am Kirsty K

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    Frankie Ward with Holly Burn aka Kirsty K

    "Hilarious... Holly Burn is an extraordinary, fresh, strange new talent. Definitely one to watch" says Kate Copstick in The Scotsman.

    "Burn is so adorable that both the men and the women in the audience fall in love with her. A natural with physical comedy... her writing reveals some absolute gems", says

    Watch our interview with comedian Holly Burn - or is it Kirsty K? - in the glamorous surrounds of an Edinburgh Portakabin. 

    You can also watch this video in the Highlights area at the top of this page.

    Holly Burn is appearing at Just The Tonic at the Mash House (Venue 288) at 6.20pm every day until 30 August.

  31. Faces from the Fringe: Claire Lenahan

    Here for her first ever Fringe festival with a show that combines laughter, card tricks and escapology, Lenahan’s 'Cassandra: Mary Canary' is the tale of an ex-convict seeking fame… and a husband.

    Cassandra: Mary Canary
    Quote Message: It’s a fun show with a lot of audience interaction – sometimes the audience can go too far!

    'Cassandra: Mary Canary' is at Just the Tonic at the Caves until 29 August.

  32. Gulliver's travels

    A quick tour of the Ed Book Fest

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    BBC reporter Frankie Ward has been given a whistle-stop tour of the Edinburgh International Book Festival by associate director Roland Gulliver. 

    You can watch this video in the Highlights tab at the top of this page.

    Quote Message: Authors can be nervous, even the very famous ones... but we're very lucky that lots of them want to come here... and they love meeting their readers
    Frankie Ward with Edinburgh International Book Festival associate director Roland Gulliver
    Image caption: Frankie Ward with Edinburgh International Book Festival associate director Roland Gulliver
  33. Meanwhile on the Meadows

    A quiet game of cricket is underway...

    Cricket match on the Meadows

    You can follow England's fortunes in the fifth and final Test at the Oval here, although you may wish to avert your eyes.

  34. It's getting busy out there

    The crowds are out in force as Saturday at the Edinburgh festivals gets into full swing.

    Crowds at Edinburgh festivals
  35. AC Grayling: The danger of assumptions

    Quote Message: It is the business of philosophy to unearth assumptions. Such assumptions can destroy whole societies for centuries. from AC Grayling Philosopher
    AC GraylingPhilosopher
  36. AC Grayling on China: Political tyranny & untrammelled economic freedom

    Industrial explosions illustrate country's position

    Quote Message: Official claim from Chinese authorities that 10 people have died in industrial accidents this year... is plainly not true. from AC Grayling Philosopher
    AC GraylingPhilosopher
  37. Live now: AC Grayling

    We're live now from the Edinburgh International Book Festival with philosopher AC Grayling. Click on the play icon at the top of this page to start watching.

  38. Desert Island Philosophy

    Brahms, The Kinks & ‘a good piano’

    Ahead of our live Book Festival discussion with the philosopher, why not peruse AC Grayling’s Desert Island Disc choices here.

    As the DID website says,’ he has tried his hand at composing music, writing plays and painting - not because he wanted to master those skills, but to acquire a greater understanding of the talents of musicians, writers and artists’.

    Our live session starts at 3.15pm

  39. Comic clips

    Check out new highlights from Radio 4's Fresh from the Fringe including James Acaster, Aisling Bea, Dane Baptiste and Emma Sidi.

  40. George the Poet highlights

    We have some new clips from last night's Edinburgh International Book Festival event including George the Poet discussing his teenage years and reading some of his poems. Watch in the Highlights tab at the top of this page.

  41. Faces from the Fringe: Tez Ilyas

    Tez’s show, TEZ Talks, is an hour-long lecture on life in Britain. After telling the audience that they’re all potential converts to Islam, Tez guides them through the 'Tez Commandments' on how to integrate into British society.

    Tez Ilyas at the Edinburgh Festivals
    Quote Message: The people who would really benefit from seeing this show are bigots. I don’t know how many of them there are around at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but they should head down. And also, fans of comedy.

    TEZ Talks is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August.

  42. 'This comment has been removed'

    Coming up later on BBC World Service

    Over the past year online pranks have continued to spiral and go viral. Pranksters like Vitaly, Joey Salads, FouseyTube and Prank vs Prank get billions of views but some of the videos have been pushing the boundaries and causing controversy. Punches have been pulled, slaps dealt out, and the authorities have stepped in.

    Is all fair in love, war and pranking? Or are the boundaries of funny bound to be broken? Mukul Devichand is joined at the Edinburgh Festival by three obliging comedians; wind-up critic Nish Kumar , cheeky prank lover Kai Humphries and hoax sceptic Anna Morris .

    There will also be interviews with Vitaly , the Etayyim Brothers and Trigger Happy TV’s Dom Joly

    View more on twitter
  43. Aisling Bea - 'Tart for a laugh'

    The prize-winning comedianhas been interviewed by the Independentabout bringing her second stand-up show to the Fringe.

    Quote Message: Some people get into comedy because they love comedy... Then there are people who have a message and have realised that if they can be funny, maybe people will listen to it. And then there are people like me, who are just addicted to making people laugh. My friend calls it a 'tart for a laugh'. You'll do anything - you'd jump off a bridge if you thought you'd get a laugh
    Comedian Aisling Bea in the BBC Radio 1 studio
    Image caption: Comedian Aisling Bea in the BBC Radio 1 studio

    Catch Aisling Bea's 'Plan Bea' at the Gilded Balloon (Venue 14) at 9.30pm every day until 30 August.

  44. Mini review: Steve Bugeja

    "Solid writing [with] the delivery of a circuit veteran"

    Since winning the BBC Radio New Comedy Award in 2013, Steve Bugeja has been quietly working his way towards his hour-long Fringe debut, having previously shared time slots with his up-and-coming peers.

    Happily, reviews for Day Release, which Bugeja is performing daily until 30 August at Just the Tonic venue The Mash House, have spoken warmly of the comic's tale of how he styled out giving a lift to his best mate's father - from prison. And if you're familiar with Bugeja's charming, nerdy persona, you'll know exactly how out of his comfort zone he must have been...

    Steve Bugeja
    Quote Message: Some comics’ shows are easy to review in the sense that the effort that goes into crafting the hour is plain to see. Budeja is a pro – solid writing [with] the delivery of a circuit veteran. from Ryan O'Connor, Broadway Baby
    Ryan O'Connor, Broadway Baby
    Quote Message: The show plays out like a breezy rom com with Bugeja the unlikely, dorky hero of the piece. You can picture Jay Baruchel playing the role in the Hollywood remake, so well written is the script and awkward the ‘character’ of Steve. from John Stansfield, The Skinny
    John Stansfield, The Skinny
    Quote Message: The 2013 BBC New Comedy Award winner packs the hour with solid gags coming from the place of a well-defined persona. The script in the first half is drum-tight, as if polished by a sitcom writers’ room to cram as many jokes in as humanly possible. from Steve Bennett, Chortle
    Steve Bennett, Chortle

    Read the reviews in full here:

    Follow Steve on Twitter: @SteveBugeja

  45. Edinburgh Fringe fuses sound and art for Olympic artist

    Pauline McLean

    BBC Scotland Arts Correspondent

    One of the stars of the opening ceremony at the London Olympics has been staging a spectacular show of her own at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    Dame Evelyn Glennie fuses sound and visual art using one the 17th Century George Heriot's School as a canvas.

    BBC Scotland arts correspondent Pauline McLean reports.

  46. Mini review: Joseph Morpurgo

    "A marvellous piece of innovative multi-character work"

    Joseph Morpurgois multi-tasking at this year's festival as he performs daily with Jane Austen-inspired improv troupe Austenatious and his own solo effort, the multimedia extravaganza Soothing Sounds for Baby (Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August).

    A chameleon when it comes to bringing the characters he creates to life, Morpurgo uses Desert Island Discs and a heap of obscure records as the basis of what reviewers have found to be a complex and engaging experience, made all the better for the presence of a carefully edited KirstyYoung. Whether she is aware of her presence in this hit Fringe performance, is not currently known...

    Joseph Morpurgo
    Quote Message: Morpurgo spins out a story of love and loss, with each record choice advancing the story and producing a wonderfully inventive standalone character sketch. from Steve Bennett, Chortle
    Steve Bennett, Chortle
    Quote Message: Morpurgo might have made a show paying fond tribute to obscure, bargain-bucket LPs, or a show about a forlorn teenage love affair, or a show in the style of Desert Island Discs, and had a perfectly successful Fringe, thanks very much. In the event, he’s made all three and ended up with one of the richest and best-worked comedy shows in town. from Brian Logan, The Guardian
    Brian Logan, The Guardian
    Quote Message: Consistently very funny and weirdly beautiful, Soothing Sounds For Baby confirms Joseph Morpurgo as an ingeniously creative talent, the UK’s foremost alchemist of “found” comedy and irreverent, cross-media mash-up humour. from Jay Richardson, Wow 24/7
    Jay Richardson, Wow 24/7

    Read the reviews in full here

    Follow Joseph on Twitter:@JosephIsMissing

  47. Faces from the Fringe: Jack Barry & Annie McGrath

    Quote Message: We are Jack Barry and Annie McGrath and we are completely identical twins. Our show is called Twins: Pret A Comedy and it’s on at midnight at the Pleasance Courtyard. It is a deliberately shambolic sketch comedy show for people who hate sketch comedy.
    Jack Barry and Annie McGrath in Twins
    Quote Message: As it is a free late show, we’ve been contending with some very hammered audience members. The other day a man left ten minutes before the end, saying he’d taken too many drugs. We also had a power cut in the show the other night, which made it difficult to find all of our stupid props.

    'Twins: Pret A Comedy' is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 30 August.

  48. Mini review: Minor Delays

    "This show couldn't get much better"

    Sketch trio Minor Delays picked up critical acclaim for their Fringe debut in 2014, but have garnered even more coverage this year for their unique brand of no-frills, face-forward sketch comedy. Yes, even when conversing in their pacey sketches, Abi Tedder, Harry Michell and Joe Barnes consistently face their audience; not each other. 

    Reviewers have remarked their surprise at how the three successfully maintain their gaze throughout the board, in what has been another healthy year for sketch groups at the Fringe; Daphne, Lazy Susan, The Pin, Twisted Loaf, Gein's Family Giftshop, Sheeps and Massive Dad have, according to reviewers, turned in strong performances that have got audiences chuckling in their droves.

    Minor Delays can be seen at the Gilded Balloon daily until 30 August.

    You can also watch our interview with them.

    Minor Delays
    Quote Message: This well-written material feels completely fresh. [Minor Delays] hit you repeatedly with clever twists and fast-paced punch lines. The show is a display of both intellect and silliness in the appropriate blend, which leaves the audience pleasantly impressed from Kayleigh Blair, Broadway Baby
    Kayleigh Blair, Broadway Baby
    Quote Message: These guys have taken sketch comedy and made it entirely their own, which is a hugely impressive thing to do. No tricks, no technical fireworks, just talent. There is a lot to be said for it. from Kate Copstick, Wow 24/7
    Kate Copstick, Wow 24/7
    Quote Message: The threesome have clearly poured all their energies instead into writing and rehearsal, and the result is a show of remarkable pizzazz, with build-ups so amusing that the punchlines, though generally strong, feel like icing on already scrumptious little cakes. from Mark Monahan, The Telegraph
    Mark Monahan, The Telegraph

    Read the reviews in full:

    Follow Minor Delays on Twitter: @MinorDelays

  49. Sad Faces get serious at the Fringe

    Frankie Ward

    BBC Edinburgh Mole

    Our roving reporter Frankie Ward, aka The Edinburgh Mole, interviewed sketch groupSad Faces about their adaptation of the JR Chapterhouse masterpiece, The Dawn Chorus.

    (If you're scratching your heads and wondering why you've never seen The Dawn Chorus on the GCSE curriculum, that's because it may not exist...)

    You can also watch this video in the Highlights tab at the top of this page.

    Sad Faces
  50. Faces from the Fringe: Lila Whelan

    Lila Whelan is in Edinburgh with Sprocket Theatre’s new play that explores what happens when serial killers fall in love. Dark comedy guaranteed.

    Quote Message: The Edinburgh Festivals is like the Cannes Film Festival of the theatre world. We’re all here, all supporting each other, you just don’t get that concentrated vibe at any other point in the year.
    Lila Whelan of Sprocket Theatre

    'The Rules: Sex, Lies and Serial Killers' is at theSpace on the Mile until 29 August.

  51. "Armed only with a roll of bubble wrap"

    Mike Peter

    The BBC's Mike Peter is out and about on the Fringe. Last night he saw Trygve Wakenshaw...

    "Rapunzel. A shoot-out in a Wild West tavern. A series of vengeful farm animals. Mime Trygve Wakenshaw skilfully transitions between all these and more at his packed-out show Nautilus at the Pleasance Courtyard. Armed with only a roll of bubble wrap and a can of Coke, Wakenshaw weaves together his set-pieces skilfully over the course of 90 minutes, there's no chance for his late-night audience to nod off as he reduces them to gales of laughter. And for those wanting more than one mime show in their evening, the New Zealander is also performing his show from last year, Kraken, at the Underbelly."

  52. Lost Howard's way

    Technical difficulties

    Apologies to anyone awaiting our live coverage of Howard Jacobson's session at the Book Festival. Some technical problems at the site mean that this live session won't be coming your way.

    However, we'll have clips and the full event on-demand later. 

  53. Also live later today

    At 3.15pm, the British philosopher and academic AC Grayling will explain his views on the role philosophy should play in society.

    AC Grayling
    Image caption: AC Grayling

    At 8.15pm, one of the most respected and formidable civil rights activists of the 20th century, Jesse Jackson, will discuss a life of campaigning for black rights and human understanding.

    Jesse Jackson
    Image caption: Jesse Jackson

    And at 9.45pm, cult Glasgow comedian Brian Limond, aka Limmy, reads from his first book, Daft Wee Stories - an original, unnerving, hilarious collection of tales told in his inimitable manner.

    David Limond aka Limmy
    Image caption: David Limond aka Limmy
  54. "I've reached Peak Hamlet"

    Howard Jacobson risked the wrath of Benedict Cumberbatch fans in yesterday's Independent by revealing that "he won’t be braving the frothing fans to see Sherlock metamorphosing into Hamlet".

    Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's 'Sherlock'
    Image caption: Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's 'Sherlock'
    Quote Message: I doubt I'll bother to see Cumberbatch in Hamlet - I don't want it marred by screaming fans... It doesn’t kill a work of art to want it left alone temporarily. I've reached Peak Hamlet
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  55. It's Saturday at Ed Fest 2015!

    A very happy Edinburgh brunchtime to one and all.

    Today we're focusing a great deal of our attention on the Edinburgh International Book Festival with a series of exclusive live webcasts throughout the day.

    At 11.45am, you can watch a conversation with the winner of the 2010 Man Booker Prize, Howard Jacobson, who was also shortlisted last year for his acclaimed Huxley-esque dystopian drama, J.

    Howard Jacobson
    Image caption: Howard Jacobson