BBC Singers
12 May 2017, Curve Theatre, Leicester
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BBC Singers 2016-17 Season Ravi Shankar's opera: Sukanya

BBC Singers
Ravi Shankar's opera: Sukanya
19:30 Fri 12 May 2017 Curve Theatre, Leicester
A mythical love story told through music & dance
A mythical love story told through music & dance




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After a terrible mistake leaves the ancient sage Chyavana blinded, the beautiful princess Sukanya finds herself marrying for the sake of her kingdom. As a pair of swaggering, meddling gods watch this unlikely union blossom, will love grow in the strangest of circumstances?

Taken from the legendary Sanskrit texts of the Mahābhārata, the story of Sukanya has been brought to life in this innovative production with music by Indian music legend Ravi Shankar and combines traditional Indian instruments with Western orchestra and singers.

This performance is directed by Curve Associate Director Suba Das and unites dance choreographed by the Aakash Odedra Company, production by the Royal Opera and the musicians of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Come and experience Ravi Shankar’s Sukanya. This special event combining myth, music and dance brings Ravi Shankar’s opera to life for the very first time.