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Live Updates

By Frankie Ward & Emma Bradshaw

All times stated are UK

  1. This is it - goodbye!

    Quote Message: It's lights out, and good night. Thank you so much for watching. from Emma Willis
    Emma Willis

    Well, this is a bit emotional isn't it. We've got to say goodbye for the last time. *Sniff*.

    In about an hour, you'll be able to download winner Kevin Simm's debut solo single All You Good Friends. If you think Kevin's worth a shot, take a punt on him and go get it - it's our last series, after all.

    Thank you to the team, the amazingly talented contestants, and you lot for your hilarious, insightful and wonderful comments.

    And you can also watch what happened immediately after the show as Marvin quizzed Kevin on Facebook.

    Here's Kevin to sing us out...

    Video content

    Video caption: Kevin performs his winner's single 'All You Good Friends' at the Live Final.
  2. Kevin is your The Voice UK winner!

    We sum up your reactions with a combination of our favourite things so far from this episode. First up, EMOJIS!

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    Next up... CAPITAL LETTERS! (It means you mean it more...)

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    But some people knew from the very beginning that it was always going to be Kevin...

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    Let's take a moment to relive Kevin's incredible Blind Audition... (As if we'd need an excuse!)

    Video content

    Video caption: Kevin Simm's first audition
  3. Your winner reacts!

    Quote Message: I can't believe it! I'm so grateful. I couldn't have dreamed this would happen... I'm so grateful to everyone that's voted, worked on the show and the contestants. from Kevin
  4. Jolan's a worthy runner-up

    Quote Message: It's just a joy. It's been amazing... I couldn't wish anyone better to win. from Jolan
    Quote Message: I've loved having Jolan and I've already got something in place for him. We'll see you Monday morning! from Ricky

    Video content

    Video caption: Jolan performs Gladys Knight & the Pips’ ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’.
  5. And The Voice UK champion is...


    Video content

    Video caption: The moment that Kevin Simm was announced as the winner of The Voice 2016.
  6. Shawn Mendes is LIVE! And he did ok.

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    That's Shawn MENDES, Katiee... who is this KSDIWOOFIDKWKFKSKWT?

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    MENDES! IT'S MENDES! Oh we give up. On to the emojis!

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  7. Are you ready? It's nearly time for the result...

  8. Voting is now closed!

    Which of these two incredible performers will be your champion? Tell us who you're rooting for - #TheVoiceUKFinal.

    Jolan and Ricky
    Kevin and Ricky
  9. Shawn Mendes is on the stage...

    ...It's been a tough wait for some of you super fans. Thanks for bearing with us and not breaking your TVs with anticipation!

  10. It's #PalomaAsks!

    "I'm very proud of them... Misplaced - they did all the hard work!" Ricky says, before Paloma takes over the V Room. "You really deserve this Kevin. It was the best possible comeback for you and I'm excited to hear your album," our new host says.

    Boy George reveals he needs to find his sense of humour, Will estimates he's lived 20 years without internet, but he avoids saying if he could survive now.

    Ricky says he'd take both Boy George and to the Costa del Sol. (Can we stowaway in that suitcase and go with them!?)

  11. The coaches praise Kevin one last time

    Quote Message: The greatest singers always sing every song like they've got nothing left after it. You put your heart and soul into that. from Ricky
    Quote Message: I think he's proved himself to be a star. You were in a big pop band and it's insane that you were in that band and no-one knew you could sing... For me you're the winner. from Boy George
    Boy George
    Quote Message: I totally agree with George. I can't believe a talent like that was squashed in... To perform and risk losing, you're risking a lot. You're a fighter and you need to take that spirit and wear that as your armor. from Will
  12. Vote for the winner!


  13. Kevin pitches his debut album

    Quote Message: I suppose if you mash all the stuff I've done, it would probably have elements of that... Real instruments, not processed beats, honest lyrics, stuff like that.
    Quote Message: I've got lots of songs I've written before, but I think after this I couldn't relate to them. This experience has given me so much more to work with than I've ever had before... the ups and the downs, and things like that. from Kevin Simm
    Kevin Simm

    And just for fun, Kevin gave his album a cheeky working title...

    Quote Message: The title of the album is... "You Can (Teach An Old Dog New Tricks)... And it's cheap. Real cheap. Poundshops!
  14. What does Kevin think the winner's single means?

    Quote Message: I suppose it's about determination, about not giving up and reaching the goal you want to reach. I guess that's what I'm putting into it - regardless of whether I win or not, I feel like I've done that. If I do [get to] perform it, that's what I'll be thinking about it.
    Quote Message: I'm happy with the arrangement of the song. A lot of tracks I've done on the show have been piano driven, so I like that side of it, and it's in a nice place for me to be able to belt it out a bit as well. from Kevin Simm
    Kevin Simm
  15. The coaches react to Jolan

    Quote Message: You can't disagree with a voice like that... Flawless. from Ricky
    Quote Message: It was really fresh from Will
    Quote Message: I love your voice Jolan. I'm not mad about the song, but I've already said that. You were born to sing.
    Quote Message: Thank you - it was great from Paloma

    And a humble Jolan was full of praise for his coach.

    Quote Message: Ricky, you've been amazing from Jolan
  16. What can we expect from Jolan's debut LP?

    First off, what would it be called?

    Quote Message: It's called er... "Blue Snow!" [Laughs] I can't copyright Purple Rain, so I'll go with some sort of different precipitation.

    Joking aside, what will it actually sound like?

    Quote Message: I think it won't be pinned to one genre, so they'll probably be some edgy rock in there, a lovely ballad. We'll funk it up a bit, something a bit poppy.