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2 Sep 2002, Victoria & Albert Museum
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Proms 2002 Proms Chamber Music 07

Proms Chamber Music 07
13:00 Mon 2 Sep 2002 Victoria & Albert Museum


      • Come, ye sons of art, away, Z 323Sound the Trumpet
      • A Morning Hymn, Z 198 (arr. Benjamin Britten) Proms premiere
      • If music be the food of love, Z 379a (arr. Benjamin Britten) Proms premiere
      • The Indian Queen, Z 630 (arr. Benjamin Britten)Aria 'I attempt from Love's sickness to fly in vain'
      • Pausanias, Z 585 (arr. Benjamin Britten)No. 1 Sweeter than roses
      • Oedipus, King of Thebes, Z 583 (arr. Benjamin Britten)No. 2 Music for a while Proms premiere
      • The Knotting Song, Z 371 (arr. Benjamin Britten) Proms premiere
      • In the black, dismal dungeon of despair, Z 190 (arr. Benjamin Britten) Proms premiere
      • The Queen's Epicedium, Z 383
      • An Evening Hymn, Z 193 (arr. Benjamin Britten)
      • Ox Mountain was Covered by Trees (version with piano) Proms premiere
      • Canticle II 'Abraham and Isaac' Proms premiere


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