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13 Aug 2019, Royal Albert Hall
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Proms 2019 Prom 36: Late-Night Mixtape

Prom 36
Prom 36: Late-Night Mixtape
22:15 Tue 13 Aug 2019 Royal Albert Hall

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In the spirit of Radio 3’s popular In Tune Mixtape - joining together an eclectic range of classical and contemporary sounds - we present a live, late-night wind-down, exploring the fringes of Minimalism and meditative listening.

With radiant choral sounds and heavenly strings plus guest soloists, the Royal Albert Hall transforms into a vast ambient resonator.

Pieces by the godfathers of ‘holy’ Minimalism, Arvo Part and Pēteris Vasks, emerge out of the sublime classicism of J. S. Bach and Schubert, in a Prom to calm the mind and nourish the soul.

There will be no interval

Approx. end time: 23:30

Image: Tenebrae © Sim Cannetty-Clarke

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