BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
21 Mar 2019, Glasgow City Halls
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BBC SSO 2018-19 Season Afternoon Performance: Beethoven’s Fourth

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Afternoon Performance: Beethoven’s Fourth
14:00 Thu 21 Mar 2019 Glasgow City Halls
Alexander Liebreich conducts Beethoven's Fourth Symphony.
Alexander Liebreich conducts Beethoven's Fourth Symphony.



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“Composing is all about creating a utopia that I would like to live in” says Dai Fujikura - “a whole world, not just colour, or scenery, but I hope to stimulate every sense you can imagine”. He’d have got along well with Beethoven, who said that he wanted to “press out a glorious wine to intoxicate all humanity” – and in his joyous, headstrong Fourth Symphony he comes thrillingly close. It’ll feel like a celebration, coming after the exquisitely-imagined soundworld of Fujikura’s new piano concerto (played by the pianist who inspired it), and the haunting, powerfully evocative Meditation by Toshio Hosokawa, directed by the conductor who gave its premiere just twelve months after the tragedy it commemorates.

The concert will be recorded for future broadcast on BBC Radio 3.