BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
27 Feb 2014, City Halls
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BBC SSO 2013-14 Season Osborne plays Beethoven

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Osborne plays Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.3
Thu 27 Feb 2014 Grand Hall
Osborne plays Beethoven.
Osborne plays Beethoven.



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The path of the artist can be lonely. Aaron Copland knew what it was to be alone in a great American city, and distilled it into haunting poetry. Robert Schumann drew strength from his beloved Clara, and the example of Beethoven, and wrote one of the noblest of all Romantic symphonies. The masterly Scottish pianist Steven Osborne continues his Beethoven piano concerto cycle with the Third Concerto, while Andrew Manze proves that whether we're in 20th century Manhattan or 18th century Vienna, the creative spirit will find a way.

Prelude: 6.45pm in the Recital Room (free to ticket-holders, limited seating availability)
Novelist Louise Welsh reads a specially written piece, which takes Quiet City as its starting point.

Post-Concert Coda (approximately 10 minutes after the main concert)
Steven Osborne plays Prokofiev's Visions Fugitives.

The main concert will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, presented by Ian Skelly.