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Live Updates

By Ollie Ring

All times stated are UK

  1. Gfinity Elite Series Street Fighter V: Endpoint's unbeaten run comes to an end

    Gfinity Esports Arena
    Image caption: The Gfinity Esports Arena played host to some scintillating Street Fighter V

    Epsilon and exceL are perched at the top of the Street Fighter V table after week four of the Gfinity Elite Series. Epsilon's victory over Endpoint saw the only unbeaten record come to an end.

    The first game saw Rob "Broski" Livingstone sweep aside Anas "Keftaroz" Houmaid and put Endpoint in the lead. His Dhalsim was too hot to handle and Keftaroz just didn't have the answers.

    The lead didn't last long, however. We sadly saw no theatrics from fan-favourite Jermaine "Jester Power" Landell this week as his Vega came agonisingly close to beating Evan "Brick" Slabic' Zangief but the Swede emerged victorious by two fights to one.

    From then on, it was the Takamura show. The youngest player in the series showed that age doesn't matter in Street Fighter V as he won back to back matches, beating both GinoDaCampo and Jester.

    Elsewhere, exceL continued their good form with a 3-2 victory over Team Infused. Prophecy dispatched Method Gaming 3-0 before EnVyUs finally turned up in London to move off the bottom of the table with a 3-0 whitewash of Reason Gaming.

    We will be seeing more of Epsilon tomorrow as they face Infused tomorrow as we turn our attention to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Lauren "Pansy" Scott and Alex "Machine" Richardson are amongst a star-studded talent lineup that also features esteemed commentator James Bardolph.

    Relive all the action from tonight's show below.

  2. That's it from us, folks

    What a night of esports action. Week four of the Gfinity Elite Series Street Fighter V championship ultimately boiled down to unbeaten Endpoint facing an impressive Epsilon.

    Young Takamura's heroics were enough to bring Endpoint's run to an end and propel Epsilon to the top of the pile.

    He took back to back games against GinoDaCampo and Jester Power in truly mesmirising fashion.

    Join us tomorrow as we swap the fast, frenetic Street Fighter V title for the immensely popular FPS title Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

    Immense reactions, impeccable aim and tactical nous are all mere ingredients. Who will best combine them?

    Until tomorrow, cheerio.

    Gfinity Elite Series Dab
  3. The winning moment

    Video content

    Video caption: Takamura shows class to clinch the series
  4. It's far from over

    With four teams at the top separated by just two points it's all to play for in the Street Fighter V Gfinity Elite Series.

    Team EnVyUs looked seriously impressive earlier tonight, too. There's undoubtedly many a twist and tale just waiting to unfold over the next five weeks as we edge ever closer to crowning a deserving champion.

    The Gfinity Elite Series standings
  5. Takamura the MVP

    Quote Message: I feel like they're definitely a force to be reckoned with right now. They've got the right mix of characters and players. from Tyrant Analyst

    Analysts Tyrant and Damascus are both in unanimous agreement that the MVP of week four is Takamura.

    He dismantled both Jester Power and GinoDaCampo to send Epsilon to the top. The desk are seriously impressed by Epsilon this week - and who can blame them?

    Epsilon celebrate
    Image caption: Takamura celebrates guiding Epsilon to victory
  6. Keftaroz emerges with mask in hand

    Quote Message: I can see why they were unbeaten until now. They are very strong. from Anas "Keftaroz" Houmaid Epsilon Player
    Anas "Keftaroz" HoumaidEpsilon Player

    Keftaroz, the elder brother of MVP Takamura emerges from the tunnel to talk to the desk. He comes bearing the mask of Jester Power claiming he found it on the battlefield.


  7. Forget a knee-slide, this is esports

    Video content

    Video caption: Gfinity Elite Series: How about that for a celebration?
  8. The start of the Epsilon comeback

    Video content

    Video caption: Gfinity Elite Series: Brick pounces to level the match-up
  9. All good things come to an end

    A brilliantly strong showing from Epsilon puts them at the summit of the Gfinity Elite Series after week four.

    GinoDaCampo's fighting talk pre-game was all for nothing as young Rabiae "Takamura" Houmaid puts Endpoint firmly in their place. Back down to earth for Jester and co.

  10. BreakingEndpoint 1-3 Epsilon

    Jeser Power 1-2 Takamura

    Takamura at the age of 17 showing the veterans how it's done. Jester Power, ten years his senior is powerless to prevent the Takamura train. He just doesn't miss a combo.

    Epsilon have done it. They join exceL at the top of the table after week four.

  11. Endpoint 1-2 Epsilon

    Jester Power 1-1 Takamrua

    We're still going in this gripping series. Jester brings the dynamite this round as Takamura doesn't even get a chance as Jester destroys him.

    Will this be game, set and match point?

  12. Endpoint 1-2 Epsilon

    Jester Power 0-1 Takamura

    What a start from Jester Power. The early aggression comes out from his Vega and gains a considerable life lead. Takamura's made of tough stuff, though and he quickly flips it back around. With 60 seconds on the clock both are so low.

    Takamura again gets a sniff and takes full advantage. Epsilon on the brink.

  13. Keep your thoughts coming in

    Will Epsilon take the series and bring the Endpoint run to an end?

    Will Jester Power be celebrating again after playing Takamura?

    Use #bbcesports to get involved on Twitter.

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  14. Endpoint 1-2 Epsilon

    Jester Power versus Takamura

    We apologise for the lack of broadcast at the end of the round. We couldn't see it either. Luckily, Logan did a superb job of describing the action and it's now match point Epsilon.

    Can Jester Power come back and avenge his previous defeat or will the composed Takamura continue his exceptional form?

    Gfinity Elite Series analyst desk
    Image caption: The analysts break it down
  15. Endpoint 1-2 Epsilon

    GinoDaCampo 1-2 Takamura

    Quote Message: Is Takamura going to handle the pressure? from Logan Sama Caster
    Logan SamaCaster

    The answer Logan, is yes. Takamura closes out the series with victory over Gino's Ken.

    17 year old Takamura will remain in the hotseat and has the chance to clinch the match for Epsilon and bring the Endpoint honeymoon period to an end.

    Remember here that by winning the coin-flip, Epsilon chose both the home and away side for this fourth matchup.

  16. Endpoint 1-1 Epsilon

    GinoDaCampo 0-1 Takamura

    Takamura is the height of consistency but we all know GinoDaCampo has talent. Takamura's explosive style is too much for Gino's Laura to handle and he blitzes the first round.

    One more for Takamura and Epsilon to take the lead here.

  17. BreakingEndpoint 1-1 Epsilon

    Jester Power 1-2 Brick

    Quote Message: Both players showing incredible patience from Logan Sama Caster
    Logan SamaCaster

    We're witnessing some amazing to and fro action here. Jester Power looks in the driving seat, getting the reverse and having Brick stuck in the corner and looking down and out. Brick sits it out, waits for his opportunity and pounces with scary precision to win the round and match-up.

    The series is level.

  18. Endpoint 1-0 Epsilon

    Jester Power 1-1 Brick

    Jester's not going down without a fight. A whirlwind round where combo after combo lands and Brick's powerless to stop it. Jester decimates him and we're on level terms.

  19. Endpoint 1-0 Epsilon

    Jester Power 0-1 Brick

    What an epic round. Brick lands two HUGE combinations and Jester looks a gonner. He escapes the third and the contest comes down to the clock. With just four seconds left on the clock, Jester is forced to make a move and Brick lands the hit and takes the round.