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  1. Discussion Panel: new and mass market accessible tech

    Gareth Ford Williams

    Head of Accessibility, BBC Design and Engineering

    Gareth Ford Williams chairs a panel discussion with Robin Christopherson of AbilityNet, Mel Wood from the BBC's Blue Room that researches and explores the latest tech, Rob Scott from– BBC User Experience & Design and Manchester VR, and Mike Armstrong from BBC Research & Development.

    Video content

    Video caption: Gareth, BBC Head of Accessibility, discusses future tech with our panel of experts.
  2. David Bailey & Bruno Maag: BBC Reith

    Bruno Maag

    Typographer and Co-founder of Dalton Maag

    David is the Creative Director heading up the BBC's Global Experience Language (GEL). David lead the project, working with Bruno and his colleagues at Dalton Maag, to design a new official font for the BBC. David and Bruno explain the process and considerations of a project with multiple stakeholders and a lot at stake.

    Video content

    Video caption: David, CD BBC GEL, and Bruno, Dalton Maag, explain what went into the BBC Reith font.
  3. Saqib Shaikh: Microsoft - Seeing AI

    Saqib Shaikh

    Tech Lead at Microsoft - Seeing AI

    Saqib is the lead software engineer on Microsoft's Seeing AI, an award winning app for the low vision community that narrates the world around them. Saqib talks us through the history of the app and demonstrates what it is capable of, both features and impact.

    Video content

    Video caption: Saqib Shaikh, Microsoft, explains his vision for inclusive AI and demos the Seeing AI app.
  4. Sarah Challis: BBC Voice and Conversation

    Sarah Challis

    Sarah Challis: Creative Director, BBC Voice and Conversation

    Sarah is the Creative Director heading up the design team for the BBC's new Voice and Conversation product. Sarah talks us through a brief history of human interfaces, and some of the challenges and opportunities designing for a new type of interface.

    Video content

    Video caption: Sarah Challis, CD BBC Voice, explains about story telling and the shift to voice control.
  5. Robin Christopherson: Voice assistants and spoken interfaces

    Robin Christopherson

    Robin Christopherson MBE, Head of Digital Inclusion, AbilityNet

    Robin heads up the globally-acclaimed accessibility and tech team at AbilityNet. Robin shares insights on the life changing opportunities technology affords the disabled community, and his thoughts on the impact voice assistants and spoken interfaces could have.

    Video content

    Video caption: Robin Christopherson, AbilityNet, explains how technology continues to open opportunities.
  6. Sean Gilroy: BBC Cape and workplace design

    Sean Gilroy & Leena Haque


    Sean heads up the UX&D neurodiversity, who work on CAPE - Creating a Positive Environment. Sean talked about work they have been doing to explore ways to make work related training more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

    Find out more at BBC Taster: Zombie Learning Challange.

    Video content

    Video caption: Sean Gilroy, BBC CAPE, explains how to accommodate neurodiversity and zombies at work.
  7. Esmail Patel: Deaf awareness in the workplace

    Esmail Patel

    CEO, D.E.A.F.

    After garnering a little empathy, Esmail talked about the importance of being deaf aware in the workplace, and the significance of learning even a little sign language.

    Video content

    Video caption: Esmail Patel, D.E.A.F., explains how to be more deaf aware and supportive.
  8. Vanessa Amberleigh: CBeebies Swashbuckle

    Vanessa Amberleigh

    Producer, BBC

    Vanessa is Executive Producer of Swashbuckle, a CBeebies live physical gameshow for preschoolers, and explained how any child can join in as the games and challenges are designed to be completely inclusive.

    Video content

    Video caption: Vanessa Amberleigh, Executive Producer, explains how Swachbuckle is inclusive.
  9. Mike Armstrong: Reusing subtitles

    Mike Armstrong

    Senior Technologist, R&D

    During our technical problems, Mike stepped in and talked about some innovative research and development that enabled The Story of Life app to subtitle over a thousand clips.

    Find out more about automatic recovery and verification of subtitles.

    Video content

    Video caption: Mike Armstrong, BBC R&D, relates the story of the Story of Life subtitles.
  10. Jack Goodfellow: Assistive technology and access services

    Jack Goodfellow

    Assistive Technology Specialist

    During our technical problems, Jack stepped in and talked about BBC Assistive Technology and Access Services for staff.

    Video content

    Video caption: Jack Goodfellow explains how the Assistive Technology team support BBC staff.
  11. Kay Ashton: BBC Ability network

    Kay Ashton

    Co-chair, BBC Ability

    During our technical problems, Kay stepped in and talked about BBC Ability, the BBC's network for disabled staff.

    Find out more at

    Video content

    Video caption: Kay Ashton, co-chair, explains purpose and work of BBC Ability network.
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  14. Find out how TV & Radio are improving access

    Video content

    Video caption: How iPlayer and AV teams are making things even more accessible.
  15. Thank you

    Roll credits....

    There are so many people to thank!

    Palentypists: Julia Jacobie, Norma MacHaye, Joanne Naughton, and Gillian Croft.

    BSL interpreters and helpers: Joe Howard and Alun Jones. Charles Gentry, Nourdine Arsalane, Joanna Keily.

    Editorial and runners: Tim Joki, Kirsty Morrissey, Andy Smith, Kris Bramwell, Catharine Green, Tafwah and Biily.

    Accessibility champions: who contributed show reels and for all they do to increase awareness and improving the BBC's digital accessibility.

    Blue room & VR Hub: Lindsey Suter, Spencer Marsden, Mel Wood, Tara Bedi and everyone helping with the Blue Room and VR experiences.

    Events, AV & Tech Support: Heroes all of them... Oliver Doward, Kate Lamb, Lukasz Ziabka, Andrew Hitchcock, Libby Willis, Tony McDermott, Chloe Higgs, Caroline Antoinette, Eng Ops Support North AV Team, Sport RM, The Farm, Salford Events. London Events, and London Eng Ops. Richard Stevenson and the crew from One Box Television. Tommy Weir and team in Glasgow. Marvin McKenzie and team in Birmingham.

    Subtitles: Richard Kurzik and team at Ericsson.

    Catering: always ready on time in London, Salford and Glasgow.

    Internal comms.

    UX&D Admin team for unfailing support.

    Skiddle customer support.

    Exhibitors: Hypertec, Freedom of Speech, Remtek, Iansyst, Genius Within, Microlink UK.

    Speakers: especially those who stepped up at short notice. In London Anne Bulford, Nancy Doyle, Hector Minto, Lauren West, Lindsay Fraser, Sadiq Shaikh, David Bailey and Bruno Maag. In Salford – Kay Ashton, Jack Goodfellow, Mike Armstrong, Vanessa Amberleigh, Esmail Patel, Sean Gilroy, Robin Christopherson, and Sarah Challis. And our additional panel, Rob Scott and Mel Wood.

    All the organising team … and anyone else who has helped, given advise, or suggested someone who could help us.

  16. Goodbye for now!

    What a day! We've definitely got lots of insights and ideas to process after all these brilliant talks - we hope you have too.

    Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. Our incredible speakers, event organisers across the BBC, technical support, accessibility champions, signers, subtitlers, front of house staff and young ambassadors.

    And thank you all for turning up or tuning in!

    We'll be back next week with subtitled videos of most of our speakers so please come back if you missed any.

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