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Live Updates

By Hugo Pettitt

All times stated are UK

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Closing words from Eddie

Eddie Izzard

It has been the hardest thing I've ever done...

Thank you to everyone who's donated... this has been tough.

eddie holding south africa flag in front of statue of nelson mandela

We leave you with the moment Eddie crossed the finish line after 27 days of running...

Eddie completes 27 marathons in 27 days for Sports Relief

Thank you for running with our marathon man


To say that running over 700 miles in 27 days is gruelling is a major understatement. Eddie has shown huge physical and mental resolve, but he's also had a little help from his friends. Whether the crew, locals or well-wishers travelling to support him, Eddie has often had company on this incredible challenge. Thank you for your support.

You can still support Eddie and donate to Sport Relief.

Eddie running with people comp

I don't think I can say much more...


Here's the first interview with Eddie since completing his challenge.

Eddie Izzard: "Thank you to everyone... this was tough"

Final total: £1,351,722


Eddie is thrilled...

eddie being interviewed

...and tired.

eddie on union building steps

Thank you all.

He's done it!


Eddie Izzard has completed his final marathon on the steps of the Union Buildings, Pretoria. He has completed his target of 27 in 27 days.

Thank you for all your support.

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How are you feeling, Eddie?

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There's still time to sponsor Eddie and donate to Sport Relief

donate graphic
Sport Relief

Watch Eddie finish LIVE on BBC One


Tune in to BBC One now and at the top of this page!

Double marathons is tough. But so is Eddie


Watch back over some highlights from this afternoon during Eddie's second marathon today.

He's been really struggling...

Eddie has so far raised over 1 million with another 11 hours to go

Final stretch!


Tune in to BBC One for The Sport Relief Games Show and we'll be speaking with Eddie LIVE.

Coming up!

eddie running
Sport Relief

Are you watching Eddie LIVE?

To watch, just click the play button at the top of this page.

Post your messages using #MarathonMan

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@bbcthree @eddieizzard @sportrelief Watching live makes me appreciate the crew effort to bring #MarathonMan to the world, to Charleston SC!

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Watch Eddie LIVE


We're going to be live streaming Eddie's final miles.

Just click on or press the play button at the top of this page.

eddie live cam

Marathon 26 is done - one more to go!

(Day 27, Marathon 26 & 27)

Watch the moment where Eddie completes his 26th marathon. He can't rest just yet though - he has one more to do. Come on Eddie!

Support Eddie - donate to Sport Relief

Follow Eddie to the end of his Marathon Man mission on Sport Relief Live

Eddie completes his first of two marathons on the last day

The Sport Relief Games Show


Tune in to BBC One now using the Live Coverage tab at the top of this page and watch The Sport Relief Games Show presented by Matt Baker, Alex Jones and John Inverdale.

We'll be catching up with Eddie LIVE on his home-stretch, too!

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Time for some fast food


Steady Eddie is running a good pace. The 20km mark means it is time for some energy boosting refreshments. Our marathon man is such a pro that he is able to do this without even breaking stride. Go Eddie!

Support Eddie - donate to Sport Relief

20k done on the last day

You've donated over £1m to the Marathon Man challenge!


As if Eddie wasn't motivated enough, as of this morning the total that he has raised for Sport Relief through doing this crazy challenge has passed ONE MILLION POUNDS! Wow! Thank you so much - this money will make a real difference to people's lives.

Eddie has so far raised over 1 million with another 11 hours to go

A word from the ground


Mark Woods

Sport Relief

Eddie is approaching the halfway point of his second marathon of the day, his 27th in as many days & the final one of this astonishing challenge...

He's hurting though, and has just had some painful physio on his screaming calf muscles. This final push is going to be the toughest test of all for the #MarathonMan

20km to the finish!


Eddie is pushing hard and now counting down from 20km...


eddie running with physio and dr gary

In-between marathons


Take a look back at when Eddie was live on Periscope in-between marathons.

He's now ran over one thousand kilometres...

Warning: this video contains very strong language

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Everything has been leading up to this point...


Have a look back over this morning below.

Eddie sets off to do 2 marathons.

What a testament...

Starting to struggle


Eddie is into his 2nd marathon of the day and is starting to struggle. He's incredibly determined, though...

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Keep it coming

You can do it, Eddie!

Post your support using #MarathonMan

Words cannot express the respect I have for @eddieizzard for what he is doing right now. Good luck Eddie 🍀 @sportrelief @bbcthree

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Brits district


Eddie is hoping to complete his 27 marathons by running up the steps of the Union Buildings in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela gave his inaugural speech as the first democratically elected President of South Africa in 1994.

Find out more about the Union Buildings in Pretoria

eddie izzard running

Or why not check out this 360 video experience of Union Buildings

union buildings

Where's Eddie?


Would you like to see Eddie's routes past and present?

Check out Eddie's route maps

Sport Relief

Marathon 26: Complete

One more to go!

Post your support using #MarathonMan

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Words from Tim


Tim Cruse-Drew


Eddie says he's not nervous about today, but he had an unsettled stomach yesterday afternoon...

...that's his body telling him he's nervous!

Meet the wonderful crew who've helped make this happen

We've seen every day how strong Eddie's spirit and determination is in getting through marathon after marathon. But from keeping Eddie safe and healthy to getting to us the footage of this extraordinary challenge, there is a whole team of brilliant people who've helped make this happen. Thanks everyone!

Support Eddie - donate to Sport Relief

Follow Eddie to the end of his Marathon Man mission on Sport Relief Live

100th film of this project. Thanks to the crew and everyone involved

Two marathons today


Today will see Eddie run his final two marathons in Johannesburg. A very early start means he's made good ground already.

Come on Eddie!

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Eddie flies to Johannesburg...


This afternoon Eddie will fly to Johannesburg to prepare for his double marathons tomorrow.

Thanks for having us, Cape Town.

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We'll be back in the morning to bring you the latest updates from the finale of Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

You don't have long left left toundefinedsponsor Eddie and donate to Sport Relief

eddie running my beach

For now, why don't you check out today's highlights below.

There's a big day ahead...

Eddie finishes his last single marathon before the double marathon tomorrow

Marathon 25: Complete


Watch the moment Eddie finishes his 25th marathon below.

Two consecutive marathons to go...

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Could I endure endurance?

Greg Whyte

It's amazing what you can achieve with the right vision, the right plan and of course... training.


Do celebrities have any particular qualities that enable them to push past their limits? Are they super human? 

Judge for yourself as Greg Whyte lets you in on how the likes of Eddie Izzard and Davina McCall manage to endure tremendous challenges.

Read Greg's full guide with BBC iWonder

A word from the physio

Tim Cruse-Drew


Before a big run I'd usually advise a couple of taper runs - dropping down to 30% of regular training for a reduction in fatigue. Eddie doesn't have time for that sort of recovery though...

I need him to appreciate the enormity of what he's doing on tomorrow. He'll need to draw on whatever reserves he has left...

Meet Eddie's photographer

Check out this profile of Eddie's photographer, Amanda.

Profile of on location photographer


This incredible total was revealed at the Sport Relief Night of TV last night... although we are still counting!

Would you like to contribute to this tremendous effort?

Sponsor Eddie and donate to Sport Relief

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Our marathon man speaks to our space man!

Over dinner last night Eddie got a call from Tim Peake, the British astronaut who is currently up in the International Space Station. We knew Eddie has support all across the globe, but now we see he has support beyond it! It can't be bad knowing you've got someone looking down from the stars on your progress.

Support Eddie - donate to Sport Relief.

Follow Eddie to the end of his Marathon Man mission on Sport Relief Live.

Eddie talks to Tim Peake from space

Wow, thanks Palace


Crystal Palace have just donated £10k to Sport Relief ahead of their important game today against Premiere League table toppers Leicester City.

Would you like to sponsor Eddie, too?

Sponsor Eddie and and donate to Sport Relief

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