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Dizzee Player

Dizzee Player - Free mobile app

Text 88111 with the word 'player' and we'll send you a link to download a free Dizzee Rascal mobile phone application. The Dizzee Player lets you play Dizzee Rascal samples and mash-up his tunes. Texts will cost between 10 - 12p and standard data rates apply for the download (396 kb).

We've created Dizzee Player to mark Dizzee Rascal's BBC Electric Proms show on Wednesday 21 October. With the Dizzee Player mobile phone users can get into the vibe of his show by mashing up his songs and making some noise. We've designed Dizzee Player to work on as many handsets as possible, so its simple to use.

* Please note this application does not work on all handsets such as the iPhone.


Videos and photos on your mobile device

If you can access the internet on your mobile phone or another wireless device you can get the mobile edition of This includes all the great content from the Electric Proms site like podcasts, interview video downloads, twitters and stunning photos.

Electric Proms 2009 mobile site

The BBC does not charge for its mobile content. However, your operator's charges for using the internet on your phone will apply. Costs vary from operator to operator.

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