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sigur rós: heima

Director: Dean de Blois
(Iceland, 2007, 97 minutes)

Wednesday 24 October at Cecil Sharp House

BBC Electric Proms were proud to host the UK premiere of Sigur Rós' Heima and welcomed the band for a unique acoustic performance.


Sorry we were only able to keep performance videos online for a week after the festival but you can still watch this special clip from the film:

on the bbc

Radio 1
  • Radio 1
  • Radio 1 hostes Sigór Ros as part of Colin Murray's show

set list

  • Vaka
  • Samskeyti
  • Agaetis Byrjun
  • Staralfur
  • Heima
  • Njosnavellin
  • Von
  • Heysatan

what happened

Minute by minute report, via text message, by the BBC's Lucy Davies

  1. 19.34 - The Cecil Sharp house is packed to the gills in anticipation of an evening of Sigur Rós saturation ...
  2. 19.51 - The first of tonight's triptych is a live set. The Culture Show's Verity Sharp is introducing them.
  3. 19.54 - Goggi, Jonsi, Kjarri and Orri take the stage. Jonsi says they're just gonna play a few songs, and then it's straight in.
  4. 19.56 - A baby grand, dry ice and beautiful scenery visuals for first song, 'Vaka'.
  5. 19.58 - Some tired helium balloons stuck against the ceiling seem strangely fitting.

audience reviews

I'd not heard of Sigur Ros until about a week ago and what beautiful music they play - what a great band. I'm hoping to catch the film 'Heime' if it comes to Norwich. This is why we pay the licence fee - no adverts and programmes like this.

Simon Westley
I have been a Sigur Ros fan for a long time and was absolutely delighted to get a ticket for this event. When Verity Sharp opened the evening she referenced the relationship that we, the audience, already had with the band’s music. Following their intimate set and the film we truly feel we now have a relationship with the band themselves. THANK YOU

the film

Last summer, at the end of an extensive world tour, Sigur Rós returned to Iceland and played a series of free, unannounced concerts around their homeland.

These concerts took place in unexpected venues - from an abandoned fish factory, to a protest camp at the edge of a controversial dam, to a far-flung community hall, with tea and cakes for refreshment.

The entire tour was filmed and the result is Heima, a cinematic and musical feast. Sigur Rós' big, beautiful sound resonates against Iceland's majestic landscapes. This, along with intimate interviews with the band, offers a captivating insight into their music, their inspirations and their sense of home.

story behind the film

John Best, producer of Heima and Sigur Rós' manager:

"I have this idea that because when you go and see Sigur Rós, you kind of watch from Row H Seat 19 (or wherever) and only ever really look at the rectangle of the backdrop and the smattering of players arranged variously across the stage. That is, you see it as a - hopefully impressive - whole rather than the constituent parts that make it up.

"Without wanting to demystify the experience we wanted to reveal a little more of who was actually doing what on stage, be it Georg hammering a drumstick against his bass in 'hafsol', the caul of sweat cloaking Orri at the close of 'poppsong', Jonsi sitting on the floor with an e-bow in 'samskeyti', or Kjartan deep in concentration in his "office", as his huge keyboard riser and bank of analogue gear is known..."

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