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  1. A child-led tour of Füssen in Bavaria

    Duration: 08.35

    Watch Clip duration: 08.35

    The physical and human geography of Füssen in Bavaria, Germany.

  2. Glasgow and the River Clyde

    Duration: 05.14

    Watch Clip duration: 05.14

    The central role of the River Clyde in the development of Glasgow, Scotland.

  3. Guyana's rivers - transportation for local tribespeople

    Duration: 07.57

    Watch Clip duration: 07.57

    Young explorers try using traditional canoes like the ones Raleigh’s team would have used.

  4. How does the River Nile help people survive in Egypt?

    Duration: 04.37

    Watch Clip duration: 04.37

    How the River Nile has supported the lives of people in Egypt for more than 6,000 years.

  5. Journey of the Nile (pt 1/3)

    Duration: 03.00

    Watch Clip duration: 03.00

    A description of the journey of one of the longest rivers in the world, the Nile.

  6. Natural landmarks in the Scottish Southern Uplands

    Duration: 01.44

    Watch Clip duration: 01.44

    A visit to Grey Mare's Tail waterfall and Devil's Beef Tub in the Southern Uplands.

  7. Rivers and the water cycle

    Duration: 02.21

    Watch Clip duration: 02.21

    A short demonstration of the water cycle and the journey of a river.

  8. Rivers and waterfalls in Guyana's rainforests

    Duration: 02.40

    Watch Clip duration: 02.40

    Views of the rivers running through the rainforest of Guyana.

  9. Stirling and the surrounding area

    Duration: 02.23

    Watch Clip duration: 02.23

    An introduction to Stirling in Scotland and the surrounding area.

  10. The lower reaches of the River Clyde

    Duration: 01.18

    Watch Clip duration: 01.18

    The lower reaches of the River Clyde in Scotland are explored by boat.

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