1. Childhood of James VI

    Duration: 00.33

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    A brief account of the childhood and education of James VI.

  2. Henry VIII and the 'Rough Wooing' of Scotland

    Duration: 01.06

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    Henry VIII attempted to arrange a marriage between Mary and his son Edward.

  3. Imprisonment and execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

    Duration: 03.27

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    Description of events leading up to the death of Mary, Queen of Scots.

  4. Mary I - Can a baby change history?

    Duration: 04.42

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    An overview of Mary I’s reign and the need for a succession to secure the Catholic faith.

  5. Mary marries Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley

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    The marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots to her cousin, Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley.

  6. Mary of Guise attempts to govern Scotland

    Duration: 01.16

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    The issues facing Mary's mother, Mary of Guise, as she attempted to govern Scotland.

  7. Mary Queen of Scots in England

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    The relationship between Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth. I.

  8. Mary, Queen of Scots abdicates

    Duration: 01.45

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    The marriage of Mary to the Earl of Bothwell and the events leading to her abdication.

  9. Mary, Queen of Scots and the aftermath of Darnley's death

    Duration: 03.48

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    Darnley is murdered and Mary marries the man who may have been responsible for his death.

  10. Mary, Queen of Scots and the Battle of Langside

    Duration: 01.57

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    After defeat at the Battle of Langside, Mary fled from Scotland.