1. Alexander II's brutality in the creation of Scotland

    Duration: 04.23

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    The brutality of Alexander II in forcing the unification of Scotland.

  2. Claimants to the Scottish throne

    Duration: 03.56

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    King Edward I of England decides the future of the Scottish crown at Norham.

  3. Death of King James II of Scotland

    Duration: 01.07

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    The death of James II left James III, a boy king, in charge of Scotland.

  4. Edward I and Caernarfon castle

    Duration: 00.46

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    Castle building by Edward I in medieval Wales.

  5. Henry II, Thomas Becket and the church courts

    Duration: 03.59

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    Henry II’s attempts to deal with the problem of church courts and the murder of Becket.

  6. Henry VII wins at the Battle of Bosworth

    Duration: 00.52

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    Reconstruction of the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

  7. How Nur Jahan ruled the Mughal Empire

    Duration: 06.14

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    Analysis of Nur Jahan’s realignment of women’s position in 16th century Mughal society.

  8. James I and Scotland's role in the 100 Year War

    Duration: 05.46

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    Scotland's support for France in the 100 Year War and how Henry V used James I.

  9. James III of Scotland

    Duration: 04.26

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    How and why James III is viewed as Scotland's first renaissance king.

  10. Kenneth MacAlpine, King of Pictland

    Duration: 01.45

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    A look at Kenneth MacAlpine, the king of the Picts.