1. Norman trade in Carmarthen

    Duration: 01.13

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    Norman development of trade in Carmarthen.

  2. The history of County Tyrone, from the Normans to the plantations

    Duration: 04.07

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    An interview at Tullahogue about the history of County Tyrone.

  3. The Norman Conquest - Claimants to the throne (pt 1/6)

    Duration: 05.24

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    An exploration of the claims of the four claimants to the throne of England in 1066.

  4. The Norman Conquest - Revolt and resistance (pt 6/6)

    Duration: 05.46

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    An exploration of Anglo-Saxon resistance to Norman rule after 1066.

  5. The Norman Conquest - The Battle of Fulford (pt 2/6)

    Duration: 05.49

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    The first battle between the contenders for the throne of England, in September 1066.

  6. The Norman Conquest - The Battle of Hastings (pt 4/6)

    Duration: 05.56

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    William of Normandy finally arrives in Sussex for the decisive battle.

  7. The Norman Conquest - The Battle of Stamford Bridge (pt 3/6)

    Duration: 05.52

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    The second September battle in 1066, at Stamford Bridge near York.

  8. The Norman Conquest - William secures power (pt 5/6)

    Duration: 04.44

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    How William secured control over England after defeating Harold at Hastings.

  9. Trial by ordeal

    Duration: 06.20

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    Anglo-Saxon trial by ordeal of fire or water and Norman trial by combat.

  10. Welsh archers and the Normans

    Duration: 01.25

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    Description of medieval Welsh archery skills.