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Ousmann Manneh, a 20-year old footballer from the Gambia now living in the UK, looks into the unofficial football academies in Ghana and the potential to exploit boys who dream of playing in the leagues of Europe. The popularity of African players in European leagues has led to a rotten underbelly of youth exploitation of the dreams and aspirations of 1000s of young players. With over 500 unofficial academies in Accra alone, the presenter interviews a coach from one who admits to selling players on for profit. It is suggested that there is too much impatience for players to get to Europe who often end up on the streets as a result – quick wealth is the motivator in a country where poverty is a reality.
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23 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Students can be shown the clip and then asked to create a role-play empathising with the young victims. They should consider how it feels to be sold a dream of becoming a football star, and try to highlight the unscrupulousness of the academies and agents who exploit the children's hopes.