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Illustrates the importance of learning languages by asking how many people speak a different language and how well. Also discusses language learning through gestures. When somebody says a word, it can be gestured.
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11 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

The first part of the clip could be used to find out how many of the interpreters speak Spanish. An extension could be to find how many other languages are mentioned (11 in total). The teacher could provide the pupils with a differentiated grid, with the appropriate amount of help, for pupils to audit which interpreter speaks which language. Pupils could also be given the challenge to understand how many words are registered in the French official dictionary (75600). The teacher could introduce the idea that this figure might well have changed since then, and encourage pupils to research how many new words get added each year, and which criteria are used to select which words get added. The second part of the clip could be used to reinforce the importance of non-spoken language, such as gestures and facial expressions, which can be a hint or a hindrance as far as understanding is concerned. The teacher could draw on pupil experience of this.

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