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A group of young Muslims describe what it means to follow Islam. Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in the world. The word ‘Islam’ comes from Arabic and means ‘peace achieved through a willing obedience to Allah's divine guidance’.
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1 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

Convert the clip into text and the class could write a factual review. Pupils can then draw a simple 'pyramid' (triangle) shape in their books. Explain that most non-fiction text contains hierarchies of information, and finding these provides a good structure for notes. Newspapers make this explicit with headlines, bold paragraphs, sub-headings and smaller print. Ask pupils to find the 'Big Idea' in their text from the clip: the headline. They can write this in the apex of the pyramid. Pupils can then work out the next layer of information, the main points, and write them in the next layer of the pyramid. Finally, the details can be written into the base of the pyramid. In engaging with the question, "what does it mean to be a Muslim?" the shape of the triangle will encourage pupils to recognize that there is usually one big idea, two or three main points and lots of detail. Pupils can memorize the material by covering up different layers, recalling it and then checking. In time, the higher levels alone should prompt the recall of the detail.

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