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International choreographer Supple teaches a Bhangra and street fusion style with the help of ‘Mischief’ dance crew from 'Alesha’s Street Dance Stars'. Supple gives a brief history of Bhangra and Hype (Street style) followed by a demonstration. The warm up is taught in a follow my leader style using Bhangra fusion music. Supple briefly explains the differences in the two styles and introduces basic moves from both styles throughout the warm up. There are three sections; each section contains Sstreet and Bhangra steps and is broken down and repeated with teaching points, counts and music, giving visual and oral directions throughout. Section three focuses on partner work. The group then perform the three sections together with a chosen piece of music using props on their wrists as worn when performing traditional Bhangra dance but with a Street edge. Supple gives three options visually and orally, working creatively with a partner, dancing in unison while mirroring and using levels.
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11 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used as an introduction to street dance and Bhangra for the non-specialist teacher. It can also be used in the classroom as a follow my leader style session, broken down over a 4 or 6 week scheme depending on time and the discretion of the teacher leading the session. This clip could also be used as a research tool for older groups when looking at different street fusion dance styles. It will also introduce a group to a new dance style and show how to fuse different styles together.

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