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An illustrated reading of Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Woman Seated in the Underground, 1941'. The clip begins and ends with animation based on British artist Henry Moore's black and white drawings from the war. Between these sections, sensitively drawn images and simple animation depict the rest of the poem.
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16 October 2009

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to explore the mood (or themes) of uncertainty and mystery in the poem. Students could work in pairs or small groups. They are given a plain sheet of paper, which has a photocopied image of a question mark in the centre. Students trawl a copy of the poem for words and phrases that suggest uncertainty or mystery. Students are then given a copy of the original image used by Duffy, to inspire her poem. What added clues does the style of artwork give to students, about the reasons for Duffy using this mysterious style in her poem? Can students think of any reasons regarding the historical context of 1941, which will have influenced this mood? Can students write a short summary of their views on how effectively this theme is used by the poet?

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