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A consumer report about what clothes people like to wear. Some children go shopping to try on and buy some clothes. We are given phrases useful for shopping and giving opinions.
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30 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

The class could be given a set of flash cards of items of clothing or a Spanish fashion magazine to revise key vocabulary. Students could then ask each other “¿Qué prefieres llevar?” This could be extended as a role-play exercise; in small groups pupils could take it in turn to play a shop assistant and customers. They should try to incorporate the following verbs: ‘ir de compras’, ‘comprar’, ‘coger’, ‘gustar’, ‘ayudar’, ‘aparecer’, ‘probar’, ‘alegrar’, ‘preferir’, ‘llevar’, ‘pasar’ (which need only be used in the ‘tu’ or ‘vosotros’ form at this stage).

Higher level students could try to use vocabulary for seasonal fashion, for example winter clothes: ‘el abrigo’, ‘la bufanda’, ‘los guantes’, ‘los calcetines’, ‘las botas’, ‘el impermeable’, and, summer fashion : ‘la falda’, ‘los pantalones cortes’, ‘un bañador’, ‘un gorro,las sandalias’.