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Cardboard Citizens is a company that works with homeless performers. In moments from the production 'Three Blind Mice' we see actors play characters who are struggling to deal with difficult lives. The play's director Tony McBride and Artistic Director Adrian Jackson talk about their rehearsal process. We see them rehearse the same scene in a number of ways trying out a range of extreme emotions. This is based on an Augusto Boal technique: the analytical rehearsal of emotion. They talk about how the actors' physicality changes depending on their different emotions. We see the scene in performance with the emotional choices the actors have made.
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2 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

Look at the emotional significance of gestures. Is a hand on a shoulder comforting or threatening? How can you tell how someone is feeling? How does confidence look different in movement from fear or depression? Draw up a wide list of emotions possible in a scene. Try playing the scene with one single emotion throughout. Try it again with an opposite emotion. Experiment with all of them however unlikely they may seem and see what happens. Then take the best bits to form a fully rounded emotional character. You might like to investigate Boal's 'Games for Actors and Non-Actors' for further exploration. This is useful for exploring play texts, which includes 'developing performance skills and rehearsal techniques' and 'approaches to developing characters and roles'.

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