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Many film archives used to be restricted to specialist researchers and were not available to the general public. In recent years, this has changed and many film and newsreel archives are now widely accessible to anyone. Presented by Joe Crowley, this is a guide to some of the richest sources of film and newsreel archives including tips on how to find the archives and use the films that they contain as a way of understanding history.
First broadcast:
9 May 2012

Classroom Ideas

After viewing the clip, pupils could visit an online film archive with strong historical content, such as the British Pathé archive. A web search for 'UK film archives' will reveal other sources, too. Pairs or groups of pupils could be tasked with finding out about particular subjects (such as sporting triumphs in the 1930s, or housing in the 1950s). Ask each set of pupils to prepare a brief report, telling the rest of the class what they found out. You could even film these reports and establish your own class film archive.

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