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The Korowai tribe live in a remote region of the hot and humid West Papuan rainforest. But, they have adapted perfectly to this hostile environment by building their houses high in the jungle canopy, away from the dangers of flooding and unfriendly animals on the forest floor. This fantastic towering piece of architecture is a perfect illustration of the Korowai’s incredible knowledge, skill and ingenuity in adapting to the demanding jungle environment. The tribe show great resourcefulness as all the materials they build their treehouses from can be found in and around the surrounding jungle.
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16 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used during modules on ecosystems or sustainability. Students should bullet point the challenges for the Korowai people of living in the rainforest in West Papau. They must note down the pros and cons of building houses in the canopy of the forest. Finally students should assess the extent to which this approach to housing is sustainable.

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