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A look at a typical Aztec house on the banks of Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs relied on the maize harvest for food and this clip looks at traditional foods, cooking techniques and methods of making medicines.
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25 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could try plaiting grass or raffia to make mats like the ones they see in the clip. They could also try grinding cobs of maize to make dough for tortillas. Point out that the word 'tortilla' is Spanish. Pupils could discover exactly what it means in Spanish ('small cake'). Ask: "Do you think the Aztecs called this bread a tortilla? How did it end up being called by a Spanish name?" Encourage pupils to research the role of Spain in the Aztec Empire. The children could try making and sampling tortillas, along with indigenous fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, avocados and guavas.

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